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Do you know, I actually began writing this before Curiosity Maintenance Crew?

Anyway, this is just me doing a serious exploration of Sweetie Bot as a character. And really... what's there to say? I don't think that people are defined by their species or lack thereof, but by their personalities. Heck, you're reading this on a site devoted to fictional quadrupeds with biologically improbable genetic castes who nevertheless have a mostly equal social system and somehow develop specialized individual abilities upon puberty which causes the abrupt appearance of a mark on their bodies.

But if you met a pony, wouldn't you consider them a person?

Does this unit have a soul?

But seriously, this was good.

Damn, this story is good.

Has this got something to do with FiW?

Wow, that was really good.
A sentient, emotional robot... in a dumpster?
So, Sweetie Belle is a Chobits! That makes sense! :D

Well... now THAT was a strange :unsuresweetie: story... but a sweet one.

I'm not sure what to label this as:

Short and sweet, Short and sad, or Sad and sweet.



That was.....nice:yay:



Good job, it was weird, but a good weird. I liked it. :unsuresweetie::raritywink:

Who throws away a perfectly good robot?

Sweetie Bot is best Robopony :raritywink:


Please don't advertise in the comments. Only the author is allowed to do that.

Wonderful. :pinkiehappy: Very good and touching story.




Why? Sweetie-Bot fics is rare and hard to find, more the merrier!

I know.
I'm shamed. :fluttershysad:
But hey, might aswell figure out how she works. :scootangel:

The first child to come with an instruction manual, and someone threw her out.
Horrible person/people.

I'm glad Sweetie-Bot - er, Belle - has a loving family.
And such wonderful friends.

As for next nightmare night... Carefully remove the skin and she can go as a robot!
Okay, that was a little tactless, but the principal stands. And, best of all, her friends would still be her friends.

The only issue I have with this is that throwing a functioning robot into a dumpster seems like an awfully silly thing to do. I can see a sympathetic creator raising her themselves or putting her up for adoption, but I imagine a cruel one just breaking her down for parts. But this is a very sweet story. Did I detect a hint of Kamina in Scootaloo's speech?


The only thing I know about Kamina is that his glasses ended up in Homestuck.

Enjoyed 100%. This was one of the better stories I've read. Only under Her Weight In Affection. Good job. One stache for you!:moustache: :pinkiehappy:

This story was really touching.:yay:

>But if you met a pony, wouldn't you consider them a person?
But of course! Personhood has nothing to do with biology (or in this case, mechanics).

You know, I rather consider this work mis-tagged. I would call it bittersweet at most, but then there's no tag for that, nor for touching .

An interesting move, not having the parents know. I didn't see that coming, nor Pinkie's interest in robotics. The latter seemed a bit forced, but given that that's literally my only complaint I'll let it slide. :raritywink:

Well done. Liked and faved.

I never thought of it that way. I really felt the emotion between Rarity and her supposed sister, and Pinkie's knowledge of robots was a great combination of humor and usual Pinkie-ness.

5/5, my good brony. :pinkiesmile:



In all seriousness, though, there aren't that many Sweetie Bot stories out there. Which is a shame since she's such an interesting concept and character. So keep at yours!

A great shame indeed. :applejackunsure:

964174 Yeah, I definitely will. Just gotta make sure I don't do what I usually do when it comes to technology in a story. Since I work with robotics, computers, hydraulics, and other technology, I tend to REALLY over-complicate things in a story. Gotta watch that dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Sweetie_Belle_lolface.png

I support Oreon's movement.
Sweetie Bot is awesome - just like this fic. :raritywink:


Oh yeah, I like this.

This is really good. If you wanted to, you could continue this, there's plenty of things to go with. But regardless, great story :pinkiehappy:

So awesome!!! Make a sequel please!!!!!!!

961408 Great story!:pinkiehappy: and yes i would consider them, as well as any sentinent being, as a person. For that is what makes us human in the first place. Sentience, being self aware, and all that. Also, really loved the Sweetie Bot concept. i also noticed that sweetie belle is put in the weirdest situations and/or has the most odd of abilities. like this one story i saw called Like Me, where Sweetie Belle had found her talent to be - oh wait i should mention this first:

Ok. As i was saying, Sweetie Belle finds out her talent to be able to know When and how ponies are going to DIE! Weird huh?

P.S. Please make a sequel of this!! I think that the others Crusaders' reaction to this would be good!

Okay, I'll gladly see reaction of CMC to Sweetie beings robot, but if you aren't going to do it that's okay too :ajsmug:
For now it's perfect as one-shot, maybe too short for my tastes, but great nonetheless. Keep it up!

As Rarity says IDEA. Instead of a human (biological variety) in Equesteria how about
Data (Star Trek N. G.) in Equesteria. He and Sweetie Bot ought to be friends right off.
First refusal given to MasterWeaver. After that its open to anyone. Rarities answer to who Sweetie Bot is comes out much like Jean- Luc's about Data. Good story, would like to see more about her adapting to this knowledge.

This is a fantastic little fic and I don't really consider it all that sad. The middle bits, sure, but by the end Sweetie and everypony who knows her seem willing to accept who she really is now that they know. :raritywink:

I think there's plenty of opportunity for a sequel, too. I liked how you arranged for Sweetie Belle to slide into pony society without even her parents knowing what she is, but it leaves the question of where exactly she came from open - somepony built her, and somepony dumped her in that dumpster for some reason. Pinkie's freaky knowledge of robotics raises some interesting questions too (though oddly enough it fits well with her character given her predilection towards "crazy contraptions" in the show) but I'm sure the only way to find out the full truth is via the Cutie Mark Crusader Robot Detectives Yay!

964174 964157

I think that the idea of Sweetie Bot could and should be extended into a whole concept.

I came up with this idea a while ago:


Cyponies. Created by a mysterious company known as Factory Gen. The Cyponies have been found all across Equestria; many of them found have had some sort of robotic defect.

(Note that what I just stated above was BEFORE I read this story, but it's cool because in your story you had that Sweetie Belle was found, which links perfectly with my idea on Cyborg Ponies, or Cyponies.) I just wanted to put that out there, because I am fascinated by the concept as well, and I am very delighted that you have a similar fascination :unsuresweetie:


Did you just make the image or is there a story of some sort? Cause it's linking nowhere.


I made the image for the story, but I didn't published the story yet. But, even though, I just found it very entertaining how you provided a sort of background to Sweetie Bot.


Even better, I know where she comes from.... well, in my CMC story anyway. This is good as a standalone or a prequel.


Is Curiousity Maintentance Crew the story that you are referring to?


I am reading it right now, just to let you know.

And also, I will submit my story soon; you've inspired me to continue working on it.

My god..this was amazing
I'm always a sucker for happy endings, and this was no exception. Seeing the family continue on with being sisters and still loving each other made my day today. Thank you.

Wow, you took Sweetie Bot and you... made it into something that can make a man cry. :fluttercry: Absolutely beautiful, here.

This was beutiful, man. All we need now is a Scootaling story and I'll have the whole set! :scootangel:

Sparkle-Twilight... Does this... unit... have... *thud*


Sorry what? I don't get the reference.

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