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Levi, the only human in Equestria at this point in time, had been living peacefully for a couple months now. He has made many friends along the way, and has been staying at Twilight's Castle in Ponyville. However, one day, he is brought into the castle, unconscious. The ponies thought he was simply sick and was suffering from heat stroke, but what they discover will haunt them for the rest of their lives. This will make ponies realize who they really are...

...and why magic is such a worrisome source of power.

Told in perspective of Sweetie Belle.

A re-write/reimagination of the 2014-2015 classic. Will be posting this one regularly to finally get the story I wanted out back then.

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Cool, so far.

ohh? I remember this.

How it feels to chew Five Gum.


That is you after posting your comment.

Happy to see people recognize the fic. Hope you enjoy it when it's completed!

Thank you!


235, huh? Yeah, that's not something you want to have around or inside you. :twilightoops:

A re-write/reimagination of the 2014-2015 classic.

Where can I read that story?

Unfortunately not anymore. Original drafts were removed and rewritten over. The Fimfetch version shows a rewrite that doesn't relate to what's going to happen in this fic.

Wait. Is this the story we talked about in voice recently?

Blue words (or numbers in this case) are your friend. :twilightsmile:

Let’s just say it’s very very bad like way up in the defcon level of bad and below 1 bad.

Basically highly radioactive

“It means that they need some time to see what’s going on with him,” Rarity said to me. She sighed. “We need to give them all the time they need to fix him.”

Something tells me they aren’t going to fix him or he not going to be around for much longer

I often link to things being referenced, which causes the relevant text to be blue. It was just a slightly more circuitous way to say "I literally linked to a Wikipedia page for that".

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