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Spike is celebrating his eighteenth birthday. He received a lot of gifts on this day, but one in particular made him really excited: a full blown (quite literally) bouncy castle. Lots of ponies were attending his party, but one in particular also liked bouncy castles. Put two and two together and it was a magical cocktail waiting for someone to be launched into the stratosphere…

Spike didn’t think it would literally happen.

I don't even know what to say about this one. This just happened thanks to FamousLastWords. Written in two hours.

Red tags are pretty tame just fyi. General shitpost.

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Twilight’s castle is on fire, and she doesn’t know what to do. So, she logically goes with old reliable: get Spike to write a letter to Celestia.

Celestia is unsure if her former student is sane. Spike is just wanting to put the fire out.

Luna just wants to ensure that her sister doesn't predict the Third Griffin Invasion.

Based on a true story. I wish I was joking.

Pre-read/edited by: Muggonny.

Cover art by: omegajim, which was then edited by Crowley.

Profanity tag only because of one line that's not even in English lmao.

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Flurry Heart learns some new words. Shining Armor is worried.

Cadance just wants to make sure she's not going to make her foal a mute.

Luna just wants to buy nuclear laxatives.

Was going to be a submission to Muggonny's Princess Cadance is a Terrible Mother contest. Shitpost galore inbound. Hope you all enjoy!

Pre-read by FamousLastWords.

First part written on my birthday. Second part written the day after.

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Normally in fanfiction, the human gets to Equestria and gets to shag loads and loads of mares. Unfortunately for Devin, he gets thrown off course, landing square into the Frozen North, where the snow is aplenty, the lack of life is high, and the only ones to save him, are yaks. They like to smash...

...and smash again.

Hopefully Devin will survive the initiation ritual, or die trying.

Another idea that was inspired by FamousLastWords's brainstorming session. Maybe he needs to write more HiY/HiE on his main instead of shipping an aged-up Spike with every female character in the show. Nah that's not going to happen.

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Rick, a very enthusiastic human, meets Twilight, a curious pony who wants to know his name.

Rick isn't having any of it.

A shitpost written in a hour. Will be updated semi-regularly to springboard me into writing actively. Criticism appreciated, except from Mike White, because he's above this story.

Edited and inspired by FamousLastWords.

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio! (Currently CH1 & First part of CH2)

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After Gilda's last encounter with Rainbow Dash and her friends, the griffon hadn't heard anything from her pony friend for a long time. It made Gilda think that Rainbow Dash forgot about her. Fortunately for Gilda, Rainbow Dash was hard-headed. Unfortunately for Gilda, Rainbow Dash was also high-strung and so stressed out of her mind that her train of thought was completely out of whack. With a few letters detailing Rainbow Dash's situation among other things, will Gilda be able to help salvage her friend's relationship? Or will Rainbow Dash leave Gilda's place as a husk of who she once was?

Gilda couldn't imagine Rainbow Dash failing. She'd do anything in her power to fix this, even if it meant admitting that she liked Rainbow Dash too.

Wait, what?

Submission to the RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN! contest under the prompt of 'first breakup'. Judges who take part in the contest will not have their stories counted towards placement. Just fyi.

Edited by: Muggonny, Not Enough Coffee, and Jack of a Few Trades.

Cover Art by: norang94.

Pre-read by: FamousLastWords.

Content warnings: a high-stress situation that involves a bit of cheating, some sexual references, and plenty of shipping moments of between a pony and a birb.

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Princess Luna recalled her life with the company of her favorite treat: coffee. She drank it whenever something bothered her, like the looming threat of day court in the morning.

Only, she wished it was just that.

Pre-read by Not Enough Coffee.

A rework of the 2014 fanfic, since the original account that the story was ported to was deleted by accident. Check this blog for more information.

Sad tag for the second chapter.

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Spike hates himself. One morning, he says it out loud for his best friend to hear. That morning would soon turn into one of the most challenging self-reflections he would ever face, one that would send him on a day filled with anxiety, heart-to-heart conversations about the mind, and the possibility of changing for the better.

Edited by: TheWraithWriter.

A total revamp of the original, Spike Hates Himself. The concept is very similar (obviously), but the story-line is not the same.

WARNING: Absurd humor, laced with a real serious perspective of suicide. If you can't handle these two intermixing, you might not want to read this story. You have been warned.

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Dyson, a Northern Mississippi slave, wakes up alone in the Ghastly Gorge, a place where eeriness lurks around every corner. Luckily for him, a colorful pegasus runs into him. Will Dyson and his new companion escape from the hell of the Gorge, or will they succumb to its lifeless prison?

Special thanks to Barracuda Cyborg for helping me with editing this story!

Warning: If you can't handle the n-word, then you shouldn't be reading this story. It does pop up sparingly.

Reposted due to the accidental deletion of the account this was posted on. For more details, see this blog.

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Berry Punch has a horrible drinking problem, but all she sees is a cycle that she indulges in. She wants to get out of it now, but why move on from something that tastes so good? Why move on from something that becomes natural to do?

Chaos and death have the answers, and it sure isn't pretty.

Inspired by anonpencil's series of Berry Punch stories.

Please check out the artist of the coverart, Lupiarts!

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