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Rainbow Dash finds... something on her early morning flight over the Everfree Forest. She's not exactly sure what this something is, but she sure will make sure to not only keep him safe, but also away from anypony! She doesn't need the whole town freaking out about him!

After all, who would believe her story that a deformed ghost was wanting to burn down the whole Everfree Forest as retribution?

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Back and ready to slam out horsewords.

Yes. Yes we are HIM.


True. I forgor you were the main character!

I really like how Dash’s mind is depicted. Very hyperactive, suits her

Was cooking in the studio with this one. πŸ”₯

Thank you! This was one of the choices I made when I wanted to approach a fic like this. Super estatic to really push the envelope with this narration style!

Will do. Next chapter very soonβ„’.

He is HIM.

β€œWhere’s that at?”

Generally towards the southerly side of the other Dakota. :trollestia:

She did her little tappies, her little hops as she landed, before she stretched those wings and cracked her neck. She furled those speedy pups back to her sides and grinned.

Love this. Tappies, speedy pups, so good. Do more words please

You ask, and I shall provide. Hope you enjoy this chapter too! :twilightsmile:

β€œRainbow Dash, I have never in my life heard of someone needing a pass just to talk to someone else.”

Different species, different culture, different legal system. Could be like a passport. :applejackunsure: You don’t know, Brick.

Looks like Rainbow has a new secret pet. Don’t tell Tank. :raritywink:

He waved her off with his hand. β€œDon’t worry, I don’t plan on wrestling a bear. Not even once.”

Okay, there'll probably be no german suplexing of bears in this story, but that's reasonable, and I still like this.

I have never in my life been more certain that two people are going to kiss. Keep up the good work wordpone ;p

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