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Anon gets turned into a colt that has no home and no friends or family, but he is happy. The reason he is happy he could do anything he please. And also he could make friends on the way. He could get stronger who knows?

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Finally a story where anon is turned into a pony with the anatomy he is used to.

This is great! I can't wait to read more this.

Two more things Granny Smith has three ponys with her named Appleboom, Applejack, and Big Mac. And lastly when could clouds turn pink and pour out chocolate milk. I mean am not complaining.


This just goes to show, don't meet your heros.

Interesting so far, writing flow still need some work, at least you you seem to know where to put your punctuations. You might want to use a Text to speech program like Balabolka(yes it's free), to help review your own writing. Seeing it's Annon as the protagonist I am assuming he will get into a lot of comical and confusion situations with Ponyvillians to give any local adults have massive headache worst then the CMC. What tribe is he? I am assuming he is a green hearth pony. I wonder who will be his guardian, of does having a cutie mark makes his already considered an adult and is eligible to live on his own and take an aprentiship?

The grammar is pretty rough, but I like the story so far. :pinkiesmile:

The tree was coming faster. Could I survive the impact? Probably not, I was eating only apples for two weeks. I could barely drink the water without getting chased by those monsters.

Two weeks has passed by? Wow. I did not realize this. Guy must have had a real rough go of it.

Bro got knocked out what? 3 times? New record.

I think one or two areas need some minor adjustments with sentence structure. But overall nice to see another chapter.

Thank you for the post. Good luck with your finals.

Looks like the big event is resolved. Now we get some aftermath.

Lots of ponies died, huh? That sucks. Will they be remembered? I always suspected that those early background ponies who looked like they were just copies weren’t actually copies or animation errors. I think they were related -because there’s only so many color combinations- but slowly dwindled from the hijinks. Does Pinkie do somber memorial parties?

Lucky it was in Anons dream and not in real life

I think Rarity might be embarrassed about her behavior. :duck:

Nothing wrong with a cuddly Pinkie. :pinkiesmile:

I'm sorry ti say but it is kaMEhaMEHA not kaMAhaMAHEA.

Is ‘CA’ a reference? At first I thought the title was a clever way to infer the canon material. CA vs Anon -> CA-Anon. See?

CA stands for CAnon. You'll probably figure what the C means in like two weeks maybe.

I admit that I tapped out when I saw chaos spelled choas.

i think anon wouldnt like Rarity, Even without discord's influence (please be a clasist, please please please)

in terms of pinkie, anon understands

also a question, anon was a unicorn right???

ohohoho, they Will be worried about all the blood! (now that i think about it, they didn't Even saw the ribs right??)

They did see the ribs, also for his ears, it was only a few drops of blood.

don't know why i thought he was a unicorn
oh, My memory must be falling me again thanks for replying btw

Since Anon was sleeping on Pinkie in the balloon, was he dragged out with her and Rarity when she forgot to secure the rope?

This was the second time that Twlight and the others tried to get Rainbow Dash, so no he did not get dragged with Rarity nor Pinkie.

Dang, Twilight. You have no scruples right now. :duck: The others seem like they recovered from the chaos better.

This Pinkie is super sweet. :twilightsmile:

Good luck, Anon!

Why is this in the update section with nothing new added?

As far I can see there is nothing new added to the story yet it is in the updated section.

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