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He was just a man, who lost everything, but in the cold hug of death, a second chance is given to him and now he will make sure to enjoy it, while evading isekai tropes.

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Two things. Calling his pony birth parents his adoptive parents is confusing and incorrect. And look up Stockholm Syndrome. That didn't happen here.

Otherwise not a bad start.

Yeah, ik, what i mean for the thing of calling is pony birth parent his adoptive parent is because he didn't recognized them as his parent until that moment and for the Stockholm syndrome, i mean it like he became attached to them not only for his interaction with him but also because they were the only people he saw for most of the time, not counting his nanny or other kids, that's why i said "a little because of Stockholm syndrome".

Stockholm Syndrome involves a hostage and their captors, usually there is abuse involved. Is being a child with parents a hostage situation? Were his parents abusive? If not then this is nothing like Stockholm Syndrome.

Intersting start fav liked and followed ;)

Not bad so far. You probably don’t need that bit at the front every chapter or at least put it in the author box as it might be considered word padding.

Another nice chapter. Will be interesting to see what kind of relationship you give the two after not showing it for so many years.

I feel like English isn't your first language? No problem with that, but it means you could do with some extra proofreading. Early on you mention Twilight putting a helmet on Platinum's face. Pretty sure you meant hoof. And you have ponies with paws a lot. Those should be hooves. That's just what I remember.

Is more than sometimes i forgot what they have, like i'm not used to write mlp fics, more about human fics and is kinda weird, and i kinda forgot to change it after finished this chapter, because it was a very long chapter

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