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I forgot I needed to write stuff and here we are


My name's Screwball! And I just gained sentience, much to ""Daddy"" Discord's dismay. But who cares! He got turned into stupid stone anyways! What is he gonna do? Somehow convince the ponies that sealed him that he got reformed? Sure hope not!

But... Something's nagging me at the back of my stupid mind... But it's just stupid! Or so I told myself.

"This isn't you Screwball! You aren't just Discord 2.0! Use your powers for good! Not evil! Not chaos! Use it for harmony!"

Bleh, disgusting. Stupid reasonable mind, with it's good points.

[Cover art is modified form the source to not include the fake transparent background as of july 14 24]

Human-to-pony story, but not really? It's technically that but it's like the ship paradox all over again. Is it really still human if it barely remembers it's a human?


Screwball awakens much, much earlier than canon. She gets thrown smack dab in the middle of the S2 premier and watched in a haze as her ""Dad"" gets turned into a very heavy paperweight.

After the sealing of Discord, chaos finally gets booted out of Equestria! Well, the ponies thought so. In reality all of the chaos that Discord unleashed gets push inside of Screwball's tiny body- wait that sounded so wrong.

Anyways, she gets slightly mad with the sudden influx of chaos magic and goes absolutely nuts cracking insane! Fun!

Thankfully, she hasn't completely lost her sanity and slowly pieces it back together while also trying to not cause a grandiose spectacle. Can she do it though? Find out next time on


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Yes a screwball fic, I love these, cant wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I can't believe this fic come out as soon as i finished it's a screwed up life! I have high expectations for this one.

Neat, there's three of them now

They're multiplying I tell you! They're multiplying!

I have achieved greatness. Guacamole man is here. Also thanks for the compliment.

Ooh, this looks really promising.
I looks forward to the next chapter!

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