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Ok there's another Fanfiction I couldn't find again...
Basically there's This Dad who made a Fanfiction for their Kids to read with a MLP & Disney Crossover.

I remember how BadAss Minnie Mouse was trying to save a Pony from a Talking Cartoon Snake who Hate Dogs while Spike & Puto are trying to Help, The Maid Pony has a Very Old Pet Dog and he is her Best Friend. Also my favorite part is when Minnie Literally Jumps out of the Window 🪟 (I think 🤔 it's a Windows) and used their Fan or Umbrella 🌂 to Float Down Safely.

(I think she's a maid I don't remember, probably a caretaker.)

Micky Teaches Rarity how to use the Magic of Imagination while Twilight feels bad for not being able to Help, since she's literally the Element of Magic why is she having a hard time doing it she thought.

What else do I remember...

The reason why Minnie is with Spike is because she saw him going into the forest seeing 👀 him through the Magic Mirror 🪞 jump or triped in realizing that the Dragon is a Darn Child going alone in the Forest following him worried about his safety.

That's all I can remember so far...
Good Luck

I remember typing down a comment in one of the chapters saying that Minnie is so Damb Cool 😎 in thus Fanfiction.

I'm very glad you're enjoying my story, expect more to come!

Thank you for adding The Grime Behind The Diamond to your folder!

i see u on every fanfic i read lol! :trollestia:

No problemo.
Tough, it could get some update soon.

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