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The Fire of Friendship has all but faded. One thousand years ago, Equestria fractured... those who disagreed with Celestia's rule left under the leadership of Princess Luna to found their own nation, their own way of life. Seventy years later, Celestia and Luna both disappeared during the first war, leaving the battered nations leaderless in their absence.

Over the last nine hundred years wars have frequently waged between Equestria and Lunaria, each seeking to unite ponykind under their own ideals. Equestria's mastery of magic often gave it the edge in battle, but never enough for a decisive victory. Peace reigns for now, but recent developments in Lunaria signal a shift in the balance between the two divided nations...

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A luna left fic with a sci-fi twist? The adventure tag is also interesting. I love AUs...

Edit: I just read the long description... The plot thickens... more than Celestia's plot after judging in pinkie's national cake competition... I can imagine luna saying that.

Very intriguing can’t wait for more.

Oof, only one chapter in and there are red flags everywhere- just as you'd expect in a premise such as this. I highly doubt that the other side is without their own warning signs, however. "The unwanted of Lunaria" comes to mind, unless Pinkie was simply kidnapped. Slave by way of conquest and all that goodness. /s

Also, Twilight's parents, especially the mom, seem kind of like hardasses. Probably a product of their vastly different raising, I'd imagine. Just interesting to note.

Also, I've always seriously hated the "wing fingers" thing that the show came up with, probably as a visual gag. I mean, wings for hands, sure; and I guess that that has to work out somehow... At least let them be smaller than canon implies, bc otherwise I don't even think they'd be able to fly. Or, make them like actual wing digits; dinosaurs had them, and there's at least one species of bird that has wing claws, at least up until a certain age. It's a cool concept, if you do it right. (And there's no way that pegasi especially aren't some form of predatory or opportunistic omnivores, given both their apparent biology and habitats, and their fierce, energetic, and in this case, downright warmongering natures. Give the girls some Claws™.)

what I get from this is that *demicorns as they're called in this* supremacy meant that earth ponies and maybe pegasus became slaves since unicorns/alicorns hybrids had magic to do everything. Think of the slavery thing that happened a long time ago in the ancient times where there were perverted nobles that did unspeakable things to their servants/slaves. Pinkie probably conditioned herself to face such things since maybe something happened in her family to her mother or sisters.


Demicorns in this are unicorn/other tribe halfbreeds within Equestria. Most prominently Uncorks (thanks autocorrect...) Unicorns and Pegasus. It's not a superiority thing in this. More often than not it's a hindrance.

wanted to try to guess why celestia aka queen corona would allow slavery to exist. Seems like I'd need to wait until its explained in story.

If they cannot serve the state they are not desired.


.... *scratches head* I think we're talking about two different things...

No I know. I'm just adding my 2 cents.

Just from the description and the title, there is a heavy "Twilight's Kingdom of Steam" feel. Is that intentional? Will place in my Tentative bookshelf for now.


I'm afraid I'm still a bit lost. I was pointing out to toshibafox that there is no "Demicorn supremacy" as they seemed to think. Demicorns aren't considered "superior" in this. It is in fact a bit of a hindrance. Being a Unicorn/Pegasus hybrid like Twilight, they have a unicorn horn with magic they can't control, and wings they cannot fly with.

Unless you were referring to Twilight's rejection from Celestia's School as the "not desired" part?

Interesting. Looking forward to reading more.

There will be little similarity with Twilight's kingdom of steam with this fic.

So wondrous the mind of a child is. How malleable they can be.

This line makes me think that maybe they foalnapped Pinkie Pie from her home. I really hope that I'm mistaken.

Of course magic is already highly developed and probably won't improve much over the coming decades, machines will, and the Lunarians will use that to their advantage. Twilight will be the only one to see this happening though, not until many more lives will be lost at least.

That's my prediction anyway.

oh those little glimpses of Celestia popping up from within Corona was endearing and makes me wonder wtf started this war.

Also going to take note that Twilight's horn doesn't work or not as well as normal as others, so she's pretty much like an earth pony engineer.

When twilight because a gear works wizard it's gonna be Nightlights fault oh sweet irony

Let’s hope the gala goes smoothly...

there was hints of Twilgiht getting/making an engine, is that a sign for an airship.
oh wait should comment on guns being a thing in this equestria and that Pinkamena has one.

Pinkamena doesn't have a gun though.

Something tells me Twilight is going to start looking for ways to break those stripes eventually.

Twilgiht think Pinkamena can fight the power of the stripes by thinking she's serving an alicorn.

I think Pinkamena has a particular set of skills that make her highly dangerous one of which is excellent marksmanship meaning she has a gun or can fire rocks at high speeds rivaling a gunshot. '

If Pinkamena can make up stuff about her situation then I should be able to as well. Its far better than the more darker implications of what's really going on. There's a reason why this isn't Pinkie, but Pinkamena in control of the body.

There's a huge problem here. The Lunarians are fighting slavers. It doesn't matter that Equestria has an alicorn, the other side is fighting for their freedom. Plus the sheer arrogance that Equestria has is going to really bite them in the rump. All it takes is for Lunaria to have a more portable null engine and it will be a slaughter.

I'm curious on where this goes and on where luna is in all this in her kingdom

So, with Twilight seeking freedom, and Ponyville having been name-dropped, how far out is a move likely to be?

Twilight talking about how less than sane having the capital city held onto the side of a mountain with magic is a definite point about how doomed Equestria is if they keep relying on magic only. Right now the disruptive effects of Lunarian machines is a side effect. It's a safe bet that there's work towards making a dedicated magical disruption engine. And wouldn't it just suck if they made it portable enough to smuggle into range of Canterlot's supports...

“Touch her like that again, and I’ll turn you into cupcakes.”
“I’d like ta see you try,”

I'd rather not see her "try".

The Rules of Acquisition exist, or in this case the Merchant Creed, same thing.
I love a good Star Trek reference when I see one and the Rules of Acquisition is one of the most entertaining aspects of Star Trek.
That being said, I can't wait to see how the new Equestrian "Industrialization" plays out. I dearly enjoy stories of building and progress.
I also dread the many hardships that Twilight is going to go through to force Equestria in a progressive future.

+1 party member:applejack

skills: due to working on a ship gained the ability to pilot a ship along with how to take care of it.

no fair, there was a pegasus that attacked Twilight and PInkamena, who else but rainbow dash would be in on something like that.

No cupcakes, cupcakes BAD.

I love the rules as well. As SA said, they have plenty of applications beyond trade.
:pinkiecrazy: says the soon to be cupcake!

AJ is technically the 4th to be shown. The actual 3rd has not been named yet.

I dislike doing these short comment chains on my stories. But I’ll leave it to the readers to find that answer, should they wish to search for it.

During the Gala:

The beige unicorn stallion had a casual ease in his poise, like a sated falcon flying over prey. He wore a long white and gold trimmed coat of a style Twilight was unfamiliar with. He also had a wide brimmed hat with one half of the brim clipped to the crown. On his lapel was a golden clip or perhaps a badge of a rearing alicorn with wings flared. The filly was also a unicorn with white fur and a curled purple mane. She lacked the hat, but had a similar jacket that was bereft of any identifying trimming.

Rarity is standing next to her father Hondo.

Back away Pink Demon! Begone from this dimension!

Things just got really complicated.

I just saw that this was update. Haven't even started it yet. Let's hope it's good cause I'm gonna bet it is.

I mean okay?

Twilight you dummy. That hat is probably bugged to the gills. And unfortunately looks like we'll need a replacement Rarity if there's to be a Mane 6 in this 'verse.

We don't know Rarity's backstory. She might secretly be an abolitionist herself. Some of her comments, to me, make her sound like she has sympathies that way.

Maybe, but Twilight could easily be on the money about her too. Don't forget there's an official timeline where Rarity is an power seeking opportunist (and a racist) and doesn't even have the excuse of growing up in a corrupt nation.

True. but this is an Alternate Universe setting, so it's really up to the author. Personally, I'm inclined to believe that Rarity does in fact have Abolitionist tendencies.

I wonder now about the other races and nations, and their relationship with Lunaria and Solaria.

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