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Just some random fella who's got a couple of ideas. (I have no idea what I'm doing)


A particularly unbearable summer afternoon in Phoenix Arizona.

An idiot who thinks he looks cool wearing sweaters in summer.

In an ironic twist of fate, after passing away due to a heat stroke, our boy Micheal wakes up in a strange land as what he assumes to be a horse of his opposite gender.

Not only that, he has wings, and a horn?

Stuff only gets more confusing for the poor bastard as his days in a new body go on.

Partially inspired by a twilights twinlight.

If your wondering, I don't know who made the cover art, and the badly drawn over white rectangle just covers up a color key.

Might add romance later on in the story idk though.

Another goofy ahh idea to come out of my noggin. Hopefully you enjoy.

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Not a bad start, I read Twilights Twinlight and I loved that story so I'll be following this story as well :3 also as someone who likes to wear jackets and sweaters in hot weather I feel called out xD maybe if I had actually passed out the times I was close to getting a heat stroke back in highschool I might've been isekaied? XD (anyone wondering why someone wears jackets or sweaters during summer, personally its because I like wearing them backwards and using the hoodie as a holder of sorts to place my phone and other things)

Me gusto la historia :p

oh my onh no no no

Interesting start but so short . :raritydespair:

Who is the pony in the picture? She almost looks like Princess Celestia, but the colors are all wrong.

Likely a Celestia redesign, or maybe even a young Celestia design made by someone

Gotta love it when you get whacky and goofy human-pony-clones instead of angsty ones!

Well it has potential. Lets see what you do with it.

Liking this, pretty funny

This kinda sucks don't it? Lol 💀

Nah listen, this premise is hilarious. Him asking if Alicorn was a slur sent me. If this were a serious story meant to be taken seriously and not a comedy I'd complain about the main character being a bit too snarky and chill with this incredibly weird situation. But this is a comedy/random/slice of life story. We don't need HIE angst.

You're doin great.

It's funny,
I really like this story

Eh, kinda bland so far. Also, please capitalize proper names like Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia.

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