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Over twenty years ago, the greatest scientific project in the world began its development. Sadly, it's creators were struck apart, leaving its care in the only remaining member of the development team. In secret and over the course of many years, this scientist labored, hoping to turn the world on its head.

Assuming, of course, the world isn't already turning on its head.

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I'd say that this might become quite an excellent story, with the idea of a revolutionary Cybernetic Pony Android that will do anything to put those who accused Dr.Transistor to PURE ABSOLUTE SHAME...:moustache:

Nice Intro!:pinkiehappy:

Dude man bro this is amazing! Don't ever give this up! I'm going to plant my butt right here in your comment section so I can keep telling you how good this looks and to never stop. I might give ideas or offer my editing skills if I think they'll help (or if you ask) but for now I'm happy to just see where you take this.


4896468 If it was installed within Circuit, then yes. :pinkiesmile:

LOL, Celestia's brain is literally MIND BLOWN.:derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:

So far, Celestia's or Luna's humor may have met it's match against Circuit's Superior Logic Systems.:twilightsmile::trollestia:

In case it's not obvious, I am having a LOT of fun with Circuit's character.

Emotion vs logic. I suffer this dilemma every day due to the way my brain works.

I'll be watching for more. This is good.

I just want to see what happens when Circuit encounters Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy:

Also, what exactly does Circuit look like? And what does he sound like when he moves? Is his default some sort of Cyberman like stomping?

Because him waking up various nobleponies as he moves down that hallways would just be funny.

Damn. I was hoping I described Circuit properly in the first chapter. My inspiration basically came primarily from the Crysis nanosuit with some personal adaptations. And I'm sorry, but no, it doesn't really make any special sound effects when it walks.

As for its voice... Just imagine a really high quality voice synthesizer. Complete monotone, no emotion, but otherwise normal. And note that it doesn't use any contractions at all in its speech. I mean, even when I try reading it, I break a literary bone in my body.

Huh. Interesting. Also, the "what does he look like question" was less surface description and more size description. How big is he, how bulky, etc.

Ah... my bad. Imagine if Big Mac were hitting the gym and was scaled up to Celestia's height.

So basically he absolutely towers over everypony in the room except for the really old alicorns. Got it.

How fast can he move? What is his effective reaction time to, say, a Royal Guardspony throwing a spear at him? Also, how durable is he? Would he just let the spear hit him because it wouldn't do anything?

And now we're getting into stuff for later chapters. Never fear, my friend! You shall see Circuit's true abilities soon enough.

4936758 that is a very cool mental image. I want to draw him. though you are third in line as far as fan art plans go. i should be getting a replacement tablet tomorrow or the day after.

Much appreciated, and thanks for the support.

I'd draw Circuit myself, but my drawing skill is limited to little doodles in my notebook.

This has got to be one of the best written androids I have read on fimfiction. I could see people falling in love with this guy, like commander Data from star trek.

Seriously man, you've done a good job. Get a pat on the back or something.

It's incredible how this story only has 24 likes.


Quite a few good stories have far too few likes. Tis the nature of the thing; they can't ALL have 2k likes.

Finally a new chapter!

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


They could if more people had procrastination problems and spent far too much time reading fanfiction.

Can I donate a thousand of my accrued likes to you? I would I'd I could. You deserve them.

When shall the next chapter be posted?

Sometime soon?

"I thought so. For now, I think it best that you go to Ponyville, where you will be in the capable hooves of the Elements of Harmony and Princess Twilight Sparkle. Before you ask why, it is because I believe you will best learn and prepare yourself for whatever may come in the future. Do you both agree?" Celestia asked.


Now if only the author were here to read my comment...

Hey, this is a great story, well written with great characters, hope this hasn’t been abandoned, if looking forward to future chapters

It seems Celestia's planning is taking over 5 years.

I hope this will be updated soon.

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