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There's so much to do and so much time. So I waste it reading and writing and you waste yours reading the results of my boredom and wild imagination.


Supernova Shadow, a friend that the princesses missed with pain and sorrow, she returned, along with new threats and mysteries, just as thousands of years ago she will suffer the prejudices of her mental nature and connection to evil and black magic. Can she find a place among the ponies? Can she learn about the magic of friendship? Or, does she not need it? Can the world see that "Darkness does not turn you into a monster as long as it is not in your heart"?

(Here are other tags that I couldn't include in the categories: Drama, Romance, Sad, dark and some mentions about sex)

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Twilight looked at Starlight with a smile on her face "well, I wanted to study time travel spells, I wanted to improve the modified Starswirl spell you created to destroy us, and mix it with Zecora's potion and time loop magic. in which Sunset was trapped to make a more stable and manipulable spell which can detect and avoid those annoying paradoxes, loops and alterations to the timeline, thanks to Zecora's potion, anything you affect in the past does not change, because it seems like you didn't alter anything, what do you think? "

I think you are just making alternatr universes that are separate from yours. You can't control time, manipulate it? yes, control it? No. You can't just get rid of changes in the past.

Out of joke.
A more complex explanation would be that since Zecora's potion makes you travel through time in viewer mode and you cannot alter anything, my idea is that the spell would make the universe not "register" the changes you make because it seems that you were in viewer mode, and it would seem that you did nothing.
Or at least that's my idea, it surely has flaws, but time travel is very difficult to write without making mistakes.

Didn't get a notification for this but this was rly nice.

Sorry for the lack of chapters, but I have been stuck in a blockage with a chapter which I did not want to do, but once I manage to finish it the next chapter will be the meeting in Canterlot which will bring some explanations.

suddenly the leader got up and took out a Laumarenn gun

Eeyup, Equestria has guns and I have proof! In the episode "May the Best Pet Win" Rainbow Dash says:

"I need something real fast like a bullet to keep up with me."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHf-YnY9k7k&feature=emb_err_woyt (look it here at 0:31)

Which for me makes sense there are species like Dragons and Griffons that cannot use magic directly so it makes sense that they have weapons technology, it is also not like in a chapter I am going to take out a griffon with a UZI in each hand, of course not. The "Laumarenn" is a name inspired by the Laumann 1891, the first semi-automatic gun with automatic reloading capable of firing five bullets, as you see a primitive weapon, I am not going to show anything very advanced.

Is English your first language, if so you need to work slower or get an editor because the perspective changes didnt make sense, one sentence we, the readers, are the protagonist, then then the next sentence we are someone else. Some times this happens in the middle of the sentence.

And work on your grammar

Spike put the bits on a table and looked into the kitchen he saw Supernova standing on her two legs looking for some cooking utensils, she took out a frying pan, a cutting board and the largest knife in the kitchen, she began to cut what I found a salad of lettuce, cucumber, salt and lemon. Then she put it aside and cut several slices of something she had in one of the bags but I couldn't know what it was, she bathed it with a little oil and seasoned it, then put it in the pan and began to grill it, “Spike I know that you are there go to sleep please, I know you think it is bad that I have no emotions but it is fine for me seriously, I can live like this, I like to live like this and I am not going to do anything to anyone, I just want to see my friends again and then I'll go, you two will not have to worry about me, go to rest, you will need your strength tomorrow, I promise that I will give you some of the best gems I can find if you sleep now and help me tomorrow"

Also is the protagonist a her, him, or it?

Thanks, I always check what I write before publishing it but sometimes I overlook some errors and they reach the final edition, I will try to get an editor.

So is Supernova a boy or girl? Cause in the first few chapters it was a girl, but in this it said they were a boy?

Really?, it's my error, fix it soon. She's a mare.

I already fixed all the errors I could find, thanks for telling me.

"We can't leave it there, we have to get it out" Twiligt showed pure concern on his face.

Tell what is wrong with the line hint
look at "twiligt" and at the end

I felt how the heat of the sun caressed my eyelids, I was already awake, but I didn't want to open my eyes, knowing very well wath I was going to find 'it didn't work, as always ...' I thought, why did I keep trying? It may be because there is nothing else I can do, after all, thousands of years(?) had proven to me that there was no escape, so I think I kept repeating it because I had already done it all, a mind cannot go long without something to entertain itself , and much less mine 'what would I give for a bit of entertainment! or to be able to escape!' I sighed in defeat (again) and put my hands behind my head waiting for him to knock on the door, in that moment I realized the bandages, I had bandages on my head!, I got up as fast as I could, at that moment I noticed the pain and fatigue, my body felt like a sore and hanging mass, I dropped on the bed, I tried to see my surroundings but my vision was blurry, when I tried to speak, only a hoarse scream came out, my throat was dry and I felt too weak to pass air through my mouth cords, suddenly a lavender stain settled in front of my eyes.

Mouth cords, what

Thanks for telling me, I already fixed it.

Thanks for telling me, I already fixed it.

“I know what you are thinking” said Supernova “'foals cannot speak' well actually they can, apparently foals can speak and repeat words from 10 hours old, it is a kind of temporary survival reflex, for example, baby monkeys can swim perfectly if you throw them into a lake, but after the first month and a half of being born they forget it, the instinct disappears because it is no longer necessary since their mother protects them all that time, the same with the foals, they can talk but nobody teaches them because well. . . they are foals ” she said with a shrug again.

I have proofs of that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlbeQxBBrJE
that's a foal talking!

Before I read this, I must know: What is the species of that thing in the cover art?

It's complicated, it is a draconequus with changeling parts, but we will delve into that in the next chapters, enjoy reading!

"Right, whatever I came back from the school trip the next morning and of course the first thing I wanted to do was see Luna, she was sleeping on a pillow" Celestia smiled slightly "I loved her from the moment I saw her for the first time. Once, even if she grew up without those cute spots and freckles. ”Celestia and Luna looked at each other, blushing a bit but with a wistful smile on their faces.


“Since I was a newborn, I don't remember when we met for the first time. But according to our parents, my first reaction to Celestia apparently was “Mom! Help! I'm being attacked!” ” Luna said, blushing slightly.


I loved this. Especially Celestia not denying or trying to defend herself just

"He asked for it!

Expositions data dump

I'm sorry but I had to, luckily what comes will not be like that.

Comment posted by professor space n time deleted Feb 1st, 2021

Thanks for reading, I have been a bit busy and I could not finish the new chapter earlier, I had to write a blog, create a fictional language for dragons that I will use later, I also moved, re-started school, but calm the next chapter will be out as soon as possible.:twilightsmile:

Postscript: Sorry.:fluttershysad::fluttercry:

“It is called deduction, deduction is a method of reasoning that starts from a known general principle to arrive at an unknown particular principle, in other words, deduction is applied to discover truths that we do not appreciate with the naked eye, for this we apply what that we already know and evaluate things according to what is safe, probable or possible to interpret the unknown, deducing is nothing more than taking one truth from another, you see, all knowledge is based on a premise, like a chain with hundreds of links If you know those links, the rest is very simple, examples of deduction are the following; If it's Saturday you don't have to work, if it's a pony it's a mortal, if the fruit is ripe it's a healthy and edible food. To deduce correctly I must avoid mistaking my judgment, for this I must know the following two things; conclusive reasoning and presumptive reasoning, who does not know the difference between these two will surely fail; the conclusive reasoning is supported by indubitable affirmations in this section the physical, magical, and mathematical laws can be included, as well as indubitable scientific definitions; Well, with such premises I can develop more solid arguments, if such premises are true the conclusion is irrefutable, the deductions that will never fail me are the ones I make with the conclusive reasoning since these are undoubted and could not be otherwise. A is equal to B, Z is equal to A, result, Z is necessarily equal to B. Mammals are vertebrates, the dolphin is a mammal, therefore the dolphin is undoubtedly a vertebrate animal and since the first premise does not admit exceptions, I can also conclude in cases that do not adhere to the rule, if it is not a vertebrate it is not a mammal, if the fruit is not ripe then it is not a healthy and edible food, definitely a deductive argument is correct or false whether or not it has the protection of the second premise to jump to a conclusion and to make a correct deduction, When they offer me reasons to justify a circumstance, I demand that they be related to it, a common mistake is to make the facts conform to the theory, when the correct thing is that the theory conform to the facts. Presumptive reasoning is when my first premise affirms things that are not certain, summarizes that things happen as they usually do, this is the case of generalities, beliefs and most definitions produce presumptive deductions, plausible reasoning, probable in greater or less degree, that is why it is called presumptive or plausible reasoning, almost all our deductive arguments belong to this type since memory existed, if the first premise is more or less probable but the second does not offer doubts, then the conclusion will be more or less probable to the extent that it is the first, if the second premise is also doubtful the conclusion is more doubtful than both; of a probable argument the premise will have to be firmer than the conclusion so that its probability compensates for its improbability, as it is obvious deductive reasoning allows exceptions, therefore they are not safe, from a probable judgment I cannot affirm anything of the individual cases, the difficult thing is that in reality everything is probable and almost nothing is necessarily necessary, I rarely have sufficient or sure data, my most frequent deductive reasoning does not start from the necessary premises, but possible ones, these do not deal with the true, but the plausible things, this is what makes it more difficult, but once you learn to recognize patterns and argue your premises with observation and physical evidence, and once you compare them to the facts, the result once the impossible is ruled out. As illogical as it may sound, it is certainly the truth. ”Twilight gave Supernova her full attention, delighting in her words.

Uhh...could i get a shortened version cause thats just excessive

No:ajbemused:, sorry but I worked hard in that part.
Enjoy the reading.:twilightsmile:

This is a good piece and a very interesting premise. The writing however has some mistakes that needs correction to make the story more engaging.

The changing perspective makes the point of view a bit confusing sometimes. There's also the wrong use of pronouns that makes it confusing who is speaking. You can try using more description rather than he or she.

There's also the main character. Her personalities keep shifting without much reasoning. Further reading will reveal it to be her adapting to the speaker but an earlier reasoning would help explain to the readers the reason for shifts.

Then there's also the long paragraphs. Long paragraphs makes it seems dry and require more reading. As a little rule, it's best to stick with a max of six sentences in a paragraph and 4 is optimal. Hopefully this reaches you and you will use this for future chapters. I may still point out some more mistakes in the other chapters tho.

Thanks! I'm actually thinking on rewriting the whole thing, it was my wirst work so it was really raw.

Seems like our protag here is based on the sociopathic Holmes portrayed by a certain Belinsky Crawlersnatch.

extremely self-centered for simply being engineers, they believe they are the most important in construction, although architects are the ones who do the most work

I will not stand for this engineer slander. Sure this may be over generalisation of character but engineers are the ones that have to make the architects blueprints work and tell them when it doesn't. Architects also have to consult engineers sometimes to check whether their design is doable or not. When it comes to the construction business, engineers also work as supervisors to make sure the job is done correctly. So no, engineers are just as important as architects.

yes, that was an "inside joke" my dad is an architect and he always tells me that sermon. When I was writing this I was very stressed and bored so I put it here to have a good laugh, my idea was that in the future I would talk about how Shadow had a trauma with the engineers, but well that never happened.

Your still uploading right ...right

this is good so far wonder why it is canceled found this yesterday and finished it yesterday thought i left a comment on it but must have forgotten to

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