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Controversial in more ways than one.


Dyson, a Northern Mississippi slave, wakes up alone in the Ghastly Gorge, a place where eeriness lurks around every corner. Luckily for him, a colorful pegasus runs into him. Will Dyson and his new companion escape from the hell of the Gorge, or will they succumb to its lifeless prison?

Special thanks to Barracuda Cyborg for helping me with editing this story!

Warning: If you can't handle the n-word, then you shouldn't be reading this story. It does pop up sparingly.

Reposted due to the accidental deletion of the account this was posted on. For more details, see this blog.

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I could have sworn I've seen this before...

This is what happens when you request deletion of your account a few months ago and forget you even sent one in the first place! I messed up badly, but it happened. Glad to see you back, Venerable!

Yeah I've made mistakes like those before

Strange. I thought I had this in my favorites folder. Not the first time I’ve seen this happen. I’mma gonna read it anyway.

Good start. That first section had something of the feel of Uncle Tom's Cabin to it.

Glad to see this back up!

I like when a good team is put together.

For a Slave, he's real quick to trust.


Not to say I don't have complaints though, the chapters are a bit too short and the Plantation Owners feel just that bit comically evil. Yeah, I get it, racism is bad but they feel like cartoon villains in some regards. Maybe it's just me.

There's a long tradition of framing slaveowners that way. Uncle Tom's Cabin paints Simon Legree in such a manner, to name one example.

Fair enough, it's just... Maybe I'm nitpicking here, but maybe making them more human in a few ways. Not saying make them completely sympathetic, but just turn down on the mustache-twirling villainy.

As far as I can see, the only one who could be considered a bastard is that one guy, what's-his-name; The visitor to the plantation.

I'm using a lot of reference material both from the time and some after the American Civil War (even as far as the Civil Rights Movement) to paint this picture. Glad you picked up on that feel.

That being said, I see what 10150696 is saying. I'll try to tone it down a bit over future installments of the story. As for the chapters, it's a habit of mine, since I'm more of a short burst writer, but I also think that if I wrote each section longer, I'd be forcing words out instead of getting my point across. Don't worry, the chapters do get a bit longer. These first few are a bit short.

I remember you! Glad to see you back. Story got wiped because of my account getting deleted by complete accident. I don't blame the staff or anything, it was my fault for even submitting the request, let alone forgetting to ask them to remove said request. I'm just glad to be able to post my content again. Only will be this story for a while, since I don't want to flood the new stories tab with my stories. I'd rather take this slow and work on my projects over time instead of getting bogged down. :)

An unintended third time. Aaaaaaaa!


Thank you, and ooooh I do love the word counts.

This is my first encounter with this story, and I think this is good. I'll set this to track.

They mentioned in the opening description that they had to repost it because of an accident with the original account getting deleted, so maybe you saw it there.

You're not wrong. This story HAS been published before.

Mr. Stockton is a horrible man and I'm glad our dude got away from him. Mr. Burr seems as good as you could hope for in a slave owner, treating his slaves like respected hired servants instead of property. It wasn't perfect because they were still slaves, but it was a big step in the right direction; that's the kind of slave owner who was more likely to come around to freeing their slaves.

This is interesting! I find I really like historical human/pony crossovers better than modern-day ones, gives it an extra dimension. Maybe because fantasy and historical fiction are so commonly crossed, it feels more natural to me. I'm interested to see where this goes!

I disagree with the sentiment that you aren't making the plantation owner more human. Mr. Stockton is a bit of a caricature, yes, but I find myself appreciating the balanced portrayal of Mr. Burr. Yes, he owns slaves and is okay with owning slaves, yet he clearly sees them as more than slaves, shows kindness to them, treats them as a bit more than property. It's not the same as being anti-slavery, but it's a nice reminder that many people who owned slaves in that time weren't inherently evil to their slaves, and many simply didn't understand the scope of how bad it was to keep slaves because that was how they had been raised. Usually slave owners are ALL shown to be like Mr. Stockton: completely callous, treating Africans as nothing but unruly livestock. But life is rarely so black and white.

That's the thing, when you delete your account, EVERYTHING gets WIPED from the servers. They don't have a backup to bring back up, Crimmar. I asked a mod about my account in general and how the deletion of accounts work, if you're curious, here's the convo:
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

I asked a few of my friends on the site as well on what should I do, since I was deterred from posting approximately 28,000 words onto the site at once, and since I had changed portions of the story in how it was written (and certain scenes with Leo in it which are important for the plot), I decided to post three chapters each day until I get to where I was at. I'm just wanting to finish what I started. :)


The delete-resub rule mostly exists to stop people from getting upset that their story got downvoted, and then deleting it to "try again." Deleting your entire account as a way of getting another roll of the dice on one specific story is pretty extreme and even more counter-productive than spamming the same story multiple times on the same account. Somebody who legitimately made a mistake and doesn't appear to be trying to cheat the system, I'm inclined to cut some slack.

If people start doing this maliciously then that's a whole other ball game, and we'll deal with it then. But I don't think that's the case here.

10150920 10150869
Oh, it was an account deletion. I'm sorry for the whole thing, then. My bad.

If my story does become an issue, I wouldn't mind conceding to having my story taken off the box, since I wouldn't want to impede on other writers who have written completely new content compared to what I'm dishing out. If you think I need to post my story up to where the content is completely new, then I could also concede in doing that. I want to comply with the rules itself, so whatever you think is best for enforcing the story posting rules, I will go with.

Yeah it's a very odd situation. No hard feelings! I'd like to see what the site staff think would be the best way of proceeding is, since I know I have my schedule, but if they prefer to enforce this with more than just what I've done (i.e. tweaking/changing certain scenes that are important to the story), then I don't mind complying.

With all that in mind, I'm gonna edit my comments so I take these parts out so I don't give anyone the wrong idea. Again, my apologies, and I'm glad I was wrong!

EDIT: Also, if I remember correctly, I had it upvoted the last time I read it, so have it back.

10150682 Another human, maybe not, but the 'teddy bear effect' is probably in full force. She's not human, she's friendly, therefore she doesn't fit in the same box as a human. People will tell their dog, or a teddy bear things they'd never tell anyone else.

I felt it was fitting for the somber world that was the slaveholding South.


Not to mention she comes from a world where color is irrelevant to her social status.

Unlike that horrible Stockton, who likes the power of stomping on someone's neck, Rainbow hasn't said anything remotely bigoted.

“Dyson, when we get back, I need you to talk to my friend, Twilight, because if you don’t know what a clinic is… I wonder if you even know what medicine is.”

I shook my head. “Can’t tell ya that either.”

I really shed a tear over that. It shows you how the slave system robbed human beings of their dignity.

And Rainbow doesn't understand this because she can't imagine a world where a sentient being can be made into property.


Well, as Oscar Wilde once said, the kindest slaveowners were the worst ones. They prevented the evils of the system from being apparent to others.

Sure Burr is a decent man, but he also enables men like Stockton, an empty monster who just likes to dominate others.

By way everyone, this is the only story to show up when you type the n-word into search.

Again, Im not defending owning slaves, period. Im saying it is good to have a more balanced view. Youre quite right that passive acceptance of the status quo was damaging, but the people themselves werent being actively malicious. Which is a lesson in itself - sometimes the things we accept as normal ARE extremely bad, and the fact we dont realize it doesnt spare us from some culpability in spreading it.

I thought this synopsis sounded familiar, wondered where it ran off to


But he doesn't know that. For all he knows, the small talking horse could be a figment of his imagination (because seriously, even a 'low educated slave' would find it hard to believe that there exists talking dwarf horses). Mind you, I'm not criticizing the author, I find that I quite enjoy it so far, but it just came across as weird to me.

Especially when someone lives such a hostile life as a black slave in America.

I don't think we're in kans- mississippi anymore!

Thank goodness this got featured, I would have missed its absence otherwise. Looking forward to the next chapter!

I do love that extra dimension history brings to a crossover. Me being a history person i fell sometimes tho i get those times more than my own


Good point. A world where no one sneers at him would seem to good to be true.


Yeah. Normal people can be brought up to believe terrible things.

Warning: If you can't handle the word 'nigger', then you shouldn't be reading this story. It does pop up sparingly in this story.

I will endure in the name of Etika.


this is a very interesting story--I like this!

Damn who do I see. Man its good to see you and this story back.

I miss Etika so much. His streams were one of a kind.

Glad to be back once again! How've you been?

Welcome aboard! The next three chapters should be in a few hours! Much love! :heart:

You know, I never knew it was called the Teddy Bear Effect. Thanks for the insight! Yeah, I tell my dog some things, mostly I tell her not to run into the street even though she smells something so over-powering. Cars aren't that forgiving if they're speeding over 30 miles per hour in a residential zone. She's a work in progress.

To be honest, (not to spoil too much) there are context clues that tell you a bit as to why (since Dyson is so used to horses on the plantation, this slight switch might not seem as jarring to him). I mean the talking aspect and the wings? Yeah, that's jarring, and he does acknowledge that, but he still sees her as a horse, struggling to even see her as a pony. That's just how I viewed it.

This conversation is the main reason why I love to write. Love the insight you two put out there. Appreciate you both! I'll keep in mind what you said about Mr. Stockton and Mr. Burr as I continue to write this, River Babble. Much love! :heart:

Let's get this out of the way: This fic is still the only result when you search up the forbidden gamer word.

I' know this is a repost and all, but weren't there more chapters?

Mr Burr and company now ooooozee a form of menace, and I do love these little insights into 1800 language. Bet they'd be shocked to see how we've butchered things, at least from their perspective. Also, this plantation subplot keeps getting more and more interesting. So, wonder when things will all go to a head?

So, wonder who this Nat Turner is...?

Dyson thinks he was saved... something tells me that's just a nicer view of things. Granted, he could have gone to a worse owner so...

You know, as an honest to god Southerner I do love this story, gives us a little reminder of a part of our past that some parts would like to whitewash, pun fully intended,

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