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Fizzlepop Berrytwist, now acclimated to Ponyville by Twilight's recommendation, was invited to a party for Gummy's birthday. She didn't want to go, but she went anyway, and found herself being alone, again. Like always.

Fortunately for her, a human by the name of Anon was not a fan of being alone. And he was going to make sure she wasn't alone any longer, even if it meant embarrassing her the whole time.

Art by TenebrisNoctus (source for direct link to picture).

Inspired by The Darkest Moment - Say Your Sorries (And Goodbyes).

Pre-read by: Chaospaladin and Rikkity.

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First fic of Feb for me, and my hands are feeling it. :raritydespair:

Glad to finally get this one out. Shoutout to Chaos for helping me get this one out the door. Without his advice, I wouldn't have realized what I needed to get sorted. Hope you all enjoy! :twilightsmile:

even if it meant embarrassing her the whole time

Does he just follow her around, talking about his favorite stepsister videos on xHamster and justifying why Spike is actually an adult so he can date anyone he wants? That'd be really embarrassing to be with someone like that.

It'd really suck to be that loser...

Muggonny #4 · 3 weeks ago · · 8 ·

Tempest is overrated. I refuse to read anything she's in.

For some reason, I have a feeling you're being sarcastic here, Muggonny.

DUDE???? :rainbowlaugh:

This in a nutshell.

This is absolutely amazing! It's a good way to start the day!

😁 Glad to have read through her experience a d thoughts throughout the story.

Dude back to back with the great stories! Good stuff!

You and I both. Thank you again, Chaos. Without what you said, this fic wouldn't have been the same.

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed the fic! :twilightsmile:

:twilightblush: Thank you, Metrotexas. Happy you enjoyed the fic!

Loved this a lot. I've never really read a good Tempest story and this was one really well done. Not surprising considering how you've very quickly become one of my favourite authors on the entire site.

Great work.

I loved that fanfic haven't read to many good fizzlexanon fanfics

Dan #12 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

I really shouldn't have read that a week before...

Damn Weltschmerz.

A Fizzy story? On my birthday? How thoughtful!

Happy birthday!

No, I just think she sucks. She has the most lackluster story out of any of the side characters and holds no real weight in the plot of the movie.

Well good on you for clicking on a story specifically about Fizzy just to cry about her, genius.

Damn dude, this is some well written shit. Ion typically see a lot of tempest fics, but you did your thing with this one. Props!

I mean, yeah, it's annoying because I see her almost everywhere now, and I'm saying my piece. This site would drastically improve if people stopped writing Tempest.

Don't worry, I'm pretty certain Muggonny is only saying this because he wants to steal Mike White's thunder. To be honest, it's par the course. Memes are to be had here.

Speaking of memes: unbelievable. Can't believe you actually hate Tempest! SMH.

YOOOOO. Happy birthday, boss! Hope you had a wonderful day today, and hope you enjoyed the fic!

I genuinely had to look up "Weltschmerz". Now I understand your comment entirely. Hope you're doing well, Dan. Also hope you enjoyed the fic.

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed this one too. Also, genuinely surprised by the lack of legit T rated/E Rated Anon x Tempest. Glad that I was able to fill the void there.

MaN, I'm always happy to see a Wingman comment on my fics. Happy you enjoyed this one, and wow... that's very tall praise. I don't think I've ever been told that before. I'm not crying, you're crying!

Been saying it in this comments section, but I am blessed to have pre-readers who care. Dude, if it weren't for ChaosPaladin, I would've had issues with the version I was planning on posting. However, two hours of reading/critiquing/mulling over what needed to be done, and another three hours of editing/writing later and here's the end result. Goes to show that writing is never easy, and posting my second-ish draft (let alone first ones) would be a huge mistake. It's great to have people I can go to that'll tell me the honest truth about my writing. So yeah, while I wrote and edited this myself, they too had a major role in getting this one out there (as well as for my other fics as of late).

By the way, Rikkity helped too but he was too busy being stunned by "how adorable Tempest was" to see my previous goofups. Pretty valid excuse.


Thank you! :twilightsmile: Happy you enjoyed the fic. Yeah, I'm surprised too and I hope more people give writing Tempest/Fizzlepop a shot. Fun character to write!


Don't worry, I'm pretty certain Muggonny is only saying this because he wants to steal Mike White's thunder.

I'm saying this because your story is shit. Learn to write something original.

What the fuck? Are you even taking my criticism seriously?

Big facts. It would be dope to see more people try it.

That derrick rose meme 🤣 I’m DYING bro


I'm keeping on eye on those updates on Warm btdubs!


This site would drastically improve if people stopped clicking on stories that contain characters they greatly dislike, no? :raritywink:

I think this site would be drastically improved if everybody had better taste.

I believe you'd find the site much improved if everyone had the same taste as you, not simply better taste in general.

A touch small minded, no?


Thank you! I hope you like what I have in store for that story!

What criticism? All you're doing is insulting him for writing a story about a character you dislike. You're either just trolling or in serious need of something better to do with your life than bitch about what character people write about on a pony fanfiction website lmao

Fizzlepop ‘Fizzy’ Berrytwist giggle-snorted as she picked up her jaw, her hoof locking it in place. “ Shu re, Anon. But… how did you know I went here?”

Giggle-snorts are my weakness. It's so fucking cute to me. Loved every bit of this fic

You straight dawg? Can't tell if you genuinely out here hatin' or if this is just jokes. If you really don't like the fic though, just don't click on it, like the other dude said.

I was going to triple down and go into more detail, but I'm not good enough at trolling for that lol. This is my friend's story. I was providing some entertainment for him. Tempest is honestly really cool.

lmao Soaring told me that you were just messing with him haha. You had me really unsure there for a bit lol

Aight I figured 😂 you good fam, your comments were honestly pretty funny. I know I was entertained fs

Very sweet. Really liked that opening section and the transition to the more intimate side of things.

11818827 yeah I hope that people will write more fanfics about underrated ponies and you sure filled the void a little both with tempest and spitfire


You and I both, giggle-snorts are great. I'm happy you enjoyed the fic!


Thank you, Reckless! Happy that you enjoyed those sections as that's where those 3k-4k words came from that I told you about in Discord. Onto the next fic! :twilightsmile:

I usually don't read anon fics, but I was glad I read this one. I just love how you delve into Tempest mind after the movie and how she feels out of place. It did get pretty heated but it fit the story. Well done!

Thank you for giving a story the chance despite it not being something you'd normally read. I'm happy you enjoyed the angle I took with this one, as it took a lot of theory crafting and a re-watch of the movie to get Tempest's character down. Hope to see you more in any of my future works! Got a couple nearly finished.

This was surprisingly well-written for an Anon story. Like Jymbroni, I rarely read Anon stories, because the character is either a bumbling idiot, or they devolve into mindless clop, or they're so badly written that they're unreadable. Sometimes, they're all three. :facehoof:

Having said that, my favorite Anon story is Anon Falls Down a Flight of Stairs and Dies.

Have a Spikestache. :moustache:

Thank you! I try to write Anon in a more serious yet still somewhat comedic fashion, so my stories tend to lend themselves towards the comedy side. However, felt wrong tagging this one as a comedy. Also I read that fic actually. It's a pretty good one. :twilightsmile:

This was sweet, and baffling, and i think this line is important:

Even though you’re totally allowed to feel that way, you shouldn’t

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