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Twilight was willing to forgive Tempest and move on. But Tempest felt she needed to face consequences for her actions against Equestria and asked the princesses to pass judgement. But her sentence wasn't anything she could have expected, and where it takes her even less so.

Shipping: Twilight x Tempest

WARNING: May contain some spoilers as to The MLP Movie. Nothing major, but just a heads up for people that are trying to avoid *anything* spoilery.

Traducción al español de mi fanfic por SPANIARD KIWI: La Sentencia

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I liked this, short and sweet

Very sweet and warm. Twi/Pop is a nice ship! Very nicely done.

heads up, you don't need to use the "Other" tag for tempest stories anymore!

I don't see her in character list. Something I'm missing?

Glad you each enjoyed it. I just wish I'd not been so tired and had more time to really flesh it out the way I originally wanted. Oh well, some fluff is better than no fluff, right? :twilightsmile:

I like the idea of Tempest Fizzlepop heading a royal guard for Twilight. Even being the Princess of Friendship, she really should have one.

One bit that would have been in longer writing was of Celestia sending a few combat instructors to learn along with the troops Tempest recruited so they could in turn expand the Royal Guard's training regimen. After all, she's got some serious skills when it comes to weaponless fighting.

As though the pause had occurred only for these thoughts to run their course, Celestia finally continued. “Your sentence is as follows: Life… as Captain of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s personal guard.”

I kind of expected this to get a random turn of events like "marry princess twilight or date her".
The guard thing....not bad but I have seen it already.

“Not really. Remembering my sentencing.” Her own leg wrapped around Twilight and she tilted her head to place a light kiss on the alicorn’s forehead.

While this is cute the timeskip came at a bad time for me, I usually hate them anyway.

Nice enough, I guess I just expected something totally different and yes I admit that I hate timeskips that skipp the moments where Tempest would really get to know everyone. I like to watch the characters making bonds and everything. I also hoped this would end in a way that would make a sequel feel better in my eyes. Now I'm not sure if I want a sequel....I guess if you should write one I would like it to cover an adoption, maybe including some flashbacks on stuff like Tempest meeting Twilights parents. However that could still happen, with Twilight I would think she might even forgets to tell her family and the princesses that she has a lover.

Fresh Meat!

Simple, fluffy, and sweet. Just how I like it.

I'm not surprised that it's been done before, it's been in cold storage for a while. First got the idea a few days after movie hit theaters. Held on to it because I wanted to sit down and really give it everything, but life being life I never got the time and was worried it might never get up in any form. At least this way I hoped people might get a little enjoyment from the concept, and it serves as a logged reminder if I ever *do* have time to flesh it out the way I originally planned.

I've no plans for a sequel of any kind for this. If I revisit it, it will be to rewrite from scratch and really expand it. There's a lot of flaws I see, but that's a result of the compression that happened with punching it out so fast. Frankly, I'm surprised it's gotten the attention it has given how little effort was spent on it.

she is listed under tempest shadow not fizzlepop if that's what made you miss her?

Aalso nice little story, while other have written similar ones this may just be my favorite of these type of shorts as of yet. :twilightsmile:

Finally figured out where she is. Just shows as a 5px wide vertical line in the character list for me, so I didn't see it as option.

Also, thanks for the kind words.

I love it.

Have a fave.

Well, that is certainly a good way to use her skills. Who better to train your soldiers than the one who was able to best them?
Eh... even if we disregard the army, she'd be probably able to beat every single one. So yeah, talents well used.

And how sweet an ending! Indeed, nothing glorious, but this was still a lovely short story :twilightsmile:

This story reeks of the horribly beautiful scent of romance, I love it.

Very well written. Very cute, and you certainly know how to handle details and descriptions.

This might be a stretch but... forgiving someone who wanted to conquer your land and imprisoned you for the purpose of restoring her horn... and then falling in love with said person...

Is it just me or does this reek of "Stockholm Syndrome"?

I for one have always suspected that the reason twilight is so forgiving is a lot less innocent that the show lets on considering how she was like before season one.

I like to call this my "Original sin theory" in which she did something so horrible right after she got into Celestia's school for Gifted Unicorns that every villain whom she has forgiven personally has been a mirror to when she was first Celestia's student.

Not really its just Twilight. Friendship above all else.

This is really good this site needs more Tempest. :twilightsmile:
Im Impressed with how much story you managed to fit into less than 2000 words without making it feel rushed.
Really well done. Left me wanting more. :twilightsmile:

I don't really ship them, but this is still a pretty cute fic that was worth reading. +1 from moi. :scootangel:

Might wanna work on the whole grammar and punctuation thing. I'll give it a read, but that description needs some work.

"Frienship". Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

Stockholm Syndrome is a touch more sophisticated than that. And S.S. is not based criteria like the victim falling in love with the assailant.

At its root, S.S. is inherently a form of survival instinct that not only generates sympathy from the captive to the captor, but inverts their opinion of authority figures. It requires both time, face-time, and an extreme sense on the victim's part to feel they are not simply powerless, but question their very survival at the hands of their captor.

While Tempest DID capture Twilight, the Trauma she inflicted was pretty much nil and Twilight wasn't really rendered hopeless and questioning if she would even live to the end of the day on the whims of her captor.

Consider the titular event that coined the term:

In 1973, Jan-Erik Olsson, a convict on parole, took four employees of the bank (three women and one man) hostage during a failed bank robbery in Kreditbanken, one of the largest banks in Stockholm, Sweden. He negotiated the release from prison of his friend Clark Olofsson to assist him. They held the hostages captive for six days (August 23–28) in one of the bank’s vaults while torturing them with nooses and dynamite. When they were released, none of them would testify against either captor in court; instead they began raising money for their defense.[4]

-Wikipedia snip

If anything, Tempest more likely suffered less commonly considered variant known as 'Lima' syndrome, in which the captor becomes sympathetic to the prisoner.

However, one thing should be considered, and that is that Stockholm Syndrome and its reverse counterpart are controversial and their status as actual psychological disorders are questionable. There are definitely some underlying survival instincts kicking in, but I doubt the situation present in the MLP-movie comes even close to textbook S.S. If anything, it's more likely just a factor of Tempest having a genuinely pitiable situation warranting actual sympathy, and that Ponies like Twilight are very forgiving and have a track record for giving villains who do really nasty things a second chance if said villain is willing to take it.

After all, consider that Tempest did everything she did on the promise of her horn being repaired. Translate that to human terms, that's like having your ARM ripped off in the 1700s, and someone telling you they could FIX that arm if you'd just lead their armies. Granted, us genre savvy humans would probably look at that and call BS on the spot, but we're genre savvy humans and grew up ingesting media that all but goes 'trust nobody'.

At the very least it's disturbing. As forgiving as Twilight and the rest is the entirety of the cast is forgiving to a fault. At least in the case of Sunset Shimmer it wasn't so offputting because she had the community backlash. The very fact that let's say Starlight Glimmer was not only forgiven but also encouraged to re-lead the people she had enforced in her rule is mind-boggling and breaks my immersion/suspension of disbelief.

Not to mention that falling in love so quickly with your former enemy is disturbing. I'm not going to stop anyone from writing stuff like this, but at the same time I won't stop saying these things are BAD.

And trust me I'm not alien to stories of forgiveness. The saint that has the same name with mine forgave his brother's killer. But no matter how many forgiveness stories I've read none of them had the one who was forgiven fall in love with the other. Certainly not in such a quick amount of time.

Sympathy I can understand. Love no.

This is like the third fic in the last month that has used this same premise.

Uhhh... To say it was short... May an understatement.

This ship is realy growing on me.
Luckily I never truly shiped Princess Twilight whit anyone before.

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Author Interviewer

Want more, darnit D:

that was absolutely perfect. I love a great fluffy story every once in a while. #Wholesome

Now that is an adorable story. What do you recommend for romance stories? Cuz I definitely need some work on it XD

*sees title*

*sees BerryxTwilight shipping*

"I am" is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English Equestrian language. Could it be that "I do" is the longest sentence?

All things considered? Not bad.

“Yes.” Twilight nodded emphatically, a gleam in her eyes. “Your princess demands cuddles, and as captain of her personal guard you are duty-bound to provide them.”

I love this paragraph. It struck something within me. :heart:

Well, I was aiming for something that felt natural to a comfortable relationship where both are relaxed. It's actually very close to (and inspired by) something my niece once said to me:
Used to call her my princess kitty (she liked to dress in princess gown with kitty ears and face makeup), and once she came over to me with her neko-headband on and goes: “Your princess demands head-pets, and as princess kitty's servant you have to give them.”

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