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Fluttershy enjoys the oneness with nature of being able to take off her clothes and spend time away from civilization, but she considers it a guilty pleasure and fears anyone else finding out. And then someone does.

* Rating is for nudity and discussion on the topic.
* No shipping in this story, which can stand alone. However, sequels will develop a Fluttershy x Sunset relationship.

Traducción al español de mi fanfic por SPANIARD KIWI: Hojas Que Caen

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So far this is looking like a very interesting read. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Interesting start! Eager to see where it's going!

Okay, I'm extremely interested. Though if this has nudity, you may want to rate this M, not T.


Though if this has nudity, you may want to rate this M, not T.

From faq:

If a character only makes reference to having sex, that would typically be fine with a ‘Teen’ rating. If characters in the story actually have sex, that would require a ‘Mature’ rating.

...use ‘Sex' when there's... well... sex. On a Teen-rated story, ‘Sex' can be used to indicate sexual humor or situations that are heated but don't have explicit sex...

If sex can be discussed as long as it's not directly shown, I think nudity in a non-sexual context should be fine in Teen rating. I probably don't even need sex tag on the story since the closest I come to that is the mention of potential oglers I made in this first chapter - I basically put it on just to play it safe and show that the story could fall toward the mature end of the teen spectrum.

Additionally, I set the rating by looking at other nude-themed stories to see what they tend to fall under. It's Just Anatomy was the big one. It came far closer to the edge of mature than this is going to get, but still seems fine under a Teen rating.

Glad to hear you all like what there is so far. Just keep in mind that the heart of the story is going to be more focused on dialog than action. This story is something of a prequel/set-up for a follow-up story or two I have an idea for that will have a bit more going on. Will need a little time to flesh that out after this is done though.

Out of curiosity as it wasn't exactly clear is this a pure humanization fic or is it set in the EQ Girls universe?

EG-verse. I'll note it in the description.

Guess Sunset misses her pony life more than I thought...

No matter how happy a person may be with their current life, there's always something they can look back on with nostalgia. And many times, it nostalgia for what might-have-been even more than what was.

So Applejack knows that Sunset Shimmer enjoys going nude? That's bound to be an interesting conversation I'd like to see.


So Applejack knows that Sunset Shimmer enjoys going nude?

I'd say more that Sunset enjoys moments when she doesn't have to wear clothes rather than that she enjoys going nude. That is, she gets nude because it means she doesn't have to deal with clothes for a while - not that she takes off the clothes so that she can have fun being nude for a while. May seem a minor thing, but actually is a big difference.

That's bound to be an interesting conversation I'd like to see.

Given Applejack being who she is (and based on my own experience having grown up on a farm), I figure it wasn't that crazy. Probably something like:

Sunset: "Know anyplace I could take off my clothes for a while without anyone around to see? Like outdoors I mean."
Applejack: "Huh. Well, s'pose ya could use our back acres." *points* "There's a pond yonder Ah skinny-dip in now and again."
Sunset: "Thanks!"
Applejack: "No worries." *waves*
(Well...a little more involved than that, but I think that sums it up for the most part.)

Now, some of the others in the crew would have made some interesting interactions (and you may see some in follow-ups I'm planning).

Very sweet chapter, nice interactions.

This is now my new favorite nudist combo. The story get's 5 yay's out of 5. :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Really enjoyed the mood, and flow of the story.

Glad you continue to enjoy. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks I suppose. :derpytongue2:
Out of curiosity, what was your old favorite nudist combo?

Thank you. I worry a lot about how well I portray dialog, interaction, and portraying characters true to personality. Comments like this help reassure that I'm not too far off base. :twilightsmile:

Definitely needs a follow-up!

I like your prompt work better than my own. It's far simpler, and much calmer in terms of feel. Nothing overly complicated, no loads of characters to balance. Its reading, much like the setting, is simple, and even relaxing.

In time. :derpytongue2:

That's mostly by necessity. I know I'd have trouble with too many interactions going on at once, so I tend to simpler set-ups I feel I can do justice to.

I think casual nudity requires a simple setup at times.

Excellent story, if a bit short. I liked how you kept a casual atmosphere of mutual understanding between Sunset and Shy. It all felt very natural and well paced. In retrospect though, the reason why Sunset would be more inclined towards a clothes free lifestyle makes a certain amount of sense, considering how ponies view clothing and nudity in general.

*sigh*:fluttershysad: I only wish we had more Nudist themed romance stories. Most of the ones I've read are a bit too Slice of Life-ish and Platonic for my taste.


It used to be Rainbow and Flutters, since RD's "I do whatever i want" attitude goes great for this situation (I'm using her in the prompt I'll complete someday). Now the best characters I like in these stories are them, Pinkie and sometimes AJ. They all seem they'd approach nudity differently.

Well, nudity can be just as chaotic as anything else in life, but for setting up the framework for a larger story it usually helps to start slowly so people don't get lost.


Glad you liked it. Yeah, it was short, but it's more of a set-up for some stuff I want to do in the future than a full saga in its own right.

As to nudist stories being more slice of life or platonic: I think that's mostly because the theme hasn't really kicked off to a major extent yet and people are making the focus of those stories the nudity more than anything else. I'll probably try out something nudity + relationship at some point, but I'd want some time to really think it out first.

In the follow-ups to this I intend to eventually get the entire crew in the mix with, as you mentioned, each having different reasons or degrees of interest when it comes to the experience. I've encountered a lot of different views and approaches to nudity in my life and it'll be fun to share about them in this medium.

Fixed up everything from your comments other than "before starting her way" since that was correct - they started heading Rainbow's (her) direction. Thanks for all the catches.

Glad you enjoyed it. If everything goes to plan, I'll be putting out a sequel (or at least the start of one) over winter break from classes.

I think for a follow up, they should get the rest of the group in on the nude meets. I don't care if there's romance, but I feel like they should at least meet like that

I planned this to be a four-part series with the entire crew eventually chilling in the nude together. Still plan the series, but life hasn't given me much opportunity to make it a reality yet. It'll happen eventually though. (And apologies for the long delay responding...)

Glad you enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

7103290 don't worry, I know the feeling. My Mechanical engineering major isn't very compatible with a writing hobby. Been going through a lot of tests over the last few weeks :pinkiecrazy::raritydespair:

Environmental Engineering here. In my final year and everyone wants research papers and presentations. :raritycry:

7104320 ouch. I'm only halfway through. The only time I get to write goes to my creative writing minor classes. I'm only crawling along with my fanfics.

7104320 if you ever want writers to help colab, just ring up the group im sure allot of us will help you.

6674378 no they meant started swimming around and it works perfectly fine jackass

Be nice please. I had mixed tenses in the sentence that did need corrected. I didn't do so their way, but it did point out the issue to me.

I really liked this Fanfic alot and it feels so relaxing

She'd thought about finding a nudist beach or resort. Very briefly thought about it. But she couldn't possibly see uncovering and opening up herself to so many people like that when she didn't know anything about them. Besides, she'd heard stories of the people that will go to those places just to ogle the others there. Just the thought of that was enough to make her want to hide away in her house for a week...or more.

I'll never understand why those even exist? :applejackconfused:

Despite the curiosity as to why in the world Sunset Shimmer would be here now, she was also relieved that it was just one of her friends and not some stranger...or Big Macintosh. She started to blush at that thought, then registered something else: Sunset was completely naked, standing with only her guitar held in front of her to provide at least a little cover.

:pinkiegasp: Wow, I was not expecting Sunset to be naked as well!!

Picking up the bag and her guitar, she headed toward the mountain landmark Applejack had pointed out for her. There was supposed to be a nice little pond in that direction that she occasionally used for a bit of skinny-dipping away from the rest of the family in the summer.

I'm not even gonna question that one. 🙄

"What?" Sunset responded and looked in the direction Fluttershy was facing to see the half-submerged bag. "Oh... Don't worry, I'll get it for you."

Uh oh! 😨

Sunset suppressed a sigh and rested a comforting hand on Fluttershy's shoulder. "Fluttershy... It's perfectly normal. Even if the majority doesn't do it, there are still plenty of people who do. There wouldn't be nude beaches and resorts if it was abnormal. I mean, even Applejack admitted that she does her share of skinny dipping in the summer."

See Fluttershy, Sunset understands. :twilightsmile:

"Well, I'd have the animals. For most of the year at least." Fluttershy sighed. "You're right though. I couldn't imagine life now without my friends."

So do I. :twilightsmile:

"Oh that..." Sunset straightened up and looked over at her directly. "That’s not about the nudity itself. I honestly believe that it’s perfectly fine to do what makes you happy if it doesn't hurt someone. It's just that I got teased rather harshly about some of the mistakes I made trying to learn human customs when I first came to this world...including ones concerning clothing norms in public. I understand the reactions now , but it did leave a bit of an impact. I wouldn't have any trouble going to some public place where nudity is allowed if I didn't have to go alone though. I'd want to have someone else there that I know at very least. I may not be entirely comfortable with it all the time, but clothing in this world is sort of like armor and I'd like to know I have friends around when I take it off around strangers."

Understandable. :applejackunsure:

Finally, they turned as one and started to head back, hand-in-hand: a silent reassurance to each other that they weren't moving into winter alone. And when they came to their split in the path they parted with a hug.

Aww. :twilightsmile:

Some might think it weird to plan for a spring napping place this far in advance. And they might especially think it weird that that place was going to be a tree, but it wasn't just meant for napping after all. It was also for scouting (not spying mind you!).

There's the same thing of you ask me. :ajbemused:

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