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This story is a sequel to Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

(Based in the Dadonequus Discord universe) And there are spoilers as this takes place after the story Anon arrives in Canterlot while it is under siege by the Storm King's army. Mistaking it as a certain video game villain's interdimensional crossing, he heads into the castle expecting an easy fight only to run into Tempest Shadow. Will Anon be able to defeat her and end the movie prematurely? Or will he once again screw up?

You already know the answer

Chapters (25)
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is this cannon to the dadonequus

Finally some good fucking food.

Comment posted by Soviet Pone deleted Feb 16th, 2018

it won't be as updated as the main story. But yes, it will be continued on my off time since this story is new and being handled by me.

Will Anon be able to defeat her and end the movie prematurely? Or will he once again screw up?

You already know the answer


I was listening to Touhou music when I read that "bullet hell" part. What are the odds?

The constant updates make up for the short chapters...
The story is pretty good too, has a nice "flow" to it...
Keep it up!!! Cuz im hooked and i love it!


Thank you, I'd recommend the main story as well as that gets updates every day. This is more of a side project that i write during my free time. i have it outlined right now. Expect it to split off from the movie's path come the pirates

This is the same guy... Redcon and stuff lol...


Falling back into those greentext habits i see.:moustache:


you have no idea how many times I typed ">"

Im a sucker for Anon fics so i love this story

Twilight tried a democratic approach at first

Seeing as Mane6 didn't try to outvote Tempest, I assume you meant "diplomatic approach".

Comment posted by beefkebab deleted Feb 23rd, 2018

I'm ready for some hot Anon action.

In this chapter it's really noticeable how much Anon has changed since the coming to Equestria. I think he used to have violent thoughts more often in the past.

Bismillah! Friendship will dominate the world!☝
Anon should've conjured a suicide vest, but Equestrian wouldn't probably get it.

Rather morbid don't you think?

Planning to blow up both ships with everyone on them if they can't come to an agreement is already morbid, if you look beyond the cartoony logic. But I agree that this joke wouldn't really fit this particular moment because it's too serious (the moment, not the joke).

Next chapter please!!!:pinkiehappy:

“You have caught my attention..now....*sips coffee*........Entertain me...”.
~~Silver Quill

Noooo the Dadconequues discord was spoiled... well I should have seen the fact that they were eventually gonna get reformed... but still:fluttercry:

Btw amazing Story you've written.


Thank you. Sorry about the spoiler, but it was important to Tempest's early reformation. And, really, thanks for enjoying both stories thus far

Ugh! I'm such a monster! ;P
What!? You're comparing me to that monster Chrysalis!?

D-Did Tempest unconsciously just try to do villainous version of this picture? :rainbowlaugh:i.warosu.org/data/cgl/img/0085/36/1439158761279.png

Anyway, this reminds me of the ending of the main story and how misguided Anon was in thinking that reforming Chrysalis would fix everything and let him feel at peace with himself. Nice little touch there.


It'll be a few days. My focus is on getting my main project up


Anon was ruined by his own obsession. He learned, and waz able to help Tempest through her own obsession. This is why I enjoy writing for Anon in this sense. I can apply what he learned in the main story without it seeming like an asspull victory. He learned from his loss.

Wait. Are they still in the hold? (Mane 6)

No, it's presumed they still made their escape.

Though, thinking about it. Perhaps I should make a blurb on the next chapter anyway. Just in case there's any confusion



Since the shipmaster isn't here, I'm going to have to say this for him.

"Did I hear someone say Ship Anon and Tempest?"

This is a definite ship. All hands on deck! Hoist the sails!

That cliffhanger comes off as rather ominous, somehow. What if Tempest doesn't like creepy inter-dimensional dudes in bodies of cute children?

I ship it. I give it maximum ship.

its her real name isnt it? the bonding Friendship thing

Which chapter of the main "Dad-onequus Discord" did Twilight's brawl with Tirek happen in?


It never did. Anon knows what happened at the end of Season 4 because...well...it's obvious. Of course he'd have to come up with an explanation if Twilight gets asked about it. But he can just say "Discord"

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