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This story is a sequel to To Be Loved II

After a few months of spending time with her new friend James, Fizzlepop has been invited to a Hearthwarming get-together with the human and all of his Ponyville friends.

Hesitant to accept the invitation due to her reputation, Fizzlepop eventually accepts, only to find that this Hearthswarming might just be the most magical one she's ever experienced.

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I'm a little curious which Fizzlepop is happier for: the hugs or the social acceptance.

Either way, I'm glad she gets to have these things.

And when the world need it most, it returned.

Always happy to answer the call <3

Always a good time when I see another of these. Far too few stories with her like this. It's nice.

I'm happy to fix that, one story at a time 🙂

The ending was so fricking sweet :heart:

loved this, amazing work man

I would have probably written it as Hearth's Warming. Hearthswarming makes it seem like something is swarming a hearth.

I LOVE good Fizzle stories, whether long and dramatic, or short and sweet; this is a good one, and I thank you for putting it together!

a good short story i like it.

And then they became official, had lots of sex, and had cross bred babies. The end.

Now now, we're not there yet...

James smiled wide as he gently cupped her cheek with his hand, "Best kiss I've ever had."

Cutest thing ever

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