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A sociopath, psychopath and regular person all in one. Somewhat mentally unstable. ADHD hyped and quite intelligent. Though very lazy, painstakingly lazy.

Okay, I have no Idea why people are following me...

But thank you those that do it anyway, I'll probably start writing stories if it weren't for me having too many ideas and when I finally decide to write something, everything collapses because I can't come up with either a name for the story or a description for it and thus gives up writing and instead focuses on reading.

Diffrent Heights For Species/Races/Genders/Characters/Mechs/Robots In Story.

Atryxio's Nano Mech/Robot Body: 70nm
Atryxio's Mikro Mech/Robot Body: 25µm
Atryxio's Milli Mech/Robot Body: 15mm
Atryxio's Tiny Mech/Robot Body: 45cm
Young DAGX: 1.5m
Atryxio's Smaller Mech/Robot Body: 1.3m
Average human female: 1.70m
Average human male: 1.80m
Atryxio's Small Mech/Robot Body: 2.1m
Average "teen" Equain, Pageis: 2.62m
Average "teen" Equain, Anikru: 2.73m
Average "teen" Equain, Aerdth: 2.81m
Average Adult Equain: 4.05m
Teen DAGX: 4.3m
Chrysalis Changeling drone: 4.25m
Chrysalis Changeling "Guard": 4.85m
Average Alicorn Equain: 6.075m
Luna, Embodiment of Lüün: 6.12m
Celestia, Embodiment of Sain: 6.43m
Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings: 6.5m
Discord: 8.01m
"Death": 9.03m
Adult DAGX: 9.1125m
Atryxio's Light Mech/Robot Body: 15m
Atryxio's Medium Mech/Robot Body: 25m

To be added:
Saddle Arabians, Gryphons, Crystal Equains, Cadence, Mane 6, Trixie, Derpy/Ditzy, Big Mac, Spike, CMC, Thestrals, Breezies, Minotaurs, Goats, Flim & Flam, Windigos, The entirety of the Changeling Species, dragons, Shark Ponies, Sea Ponies, Kelpies, Reavers, Twisted Pumpkin and more...

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Thank you for adding An Overlord Apart to your Favorites!

Your mind is the better for it.

2328964 I actively try not to read things that I'd end up disliking.

So would any of the rest of the crap I've written fall into your other categories? ha ha ha. :twilightsmile:
If you think the stuff you've got in your BAD lists is rough, read literally anything written by Bendy.

Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

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