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This story is a sequel to Babe, Why Is She Saying That Word?

Cadance was curious as to why a kirin was sitting at her family's dining room table. Shining Armor was too.

What they find out may make Cadance reconsider her approach to family matters, while Shining Armor wonders if he'll survive the remainder of the day. After all, it was all his fault...


Written as a Judge Submission for the Shining Armor Is A Terrible Dad competition.

A spiritual, but not a direct sequel to my story, Babe, Why Is She Saying That Word? Now marked as a sequel because I'm small brained. Vittu.

Sex tag present due to how many sex jokes there are.

Edited by: Muggonny.

He didn't, but he's there in spirit!

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:rainbowlaugh:nice. Was cute how much she liked rooftops

spiritual succesor my ass, this one is the direct sequel to the word one and you better mark it so pronto

We need more wacky family conversations on this site xD this was aamazinnggggg

I had to when I saw that there was a kirin on the wiki that was into roofs. It was just a no brainer! :rainbowlaugh:

Just looked at the original...

Shit, you might be onto something. I felt like it wasn't direct enough but reading it back, the interactions are like, nearly the same style and I did include enough references to them in this fic so...

Hold up.

We are so back with the metal albums that might summon Eldorado.

If the interest is there, I am willing to provide.

Oh who am I kidding, I'd still provide it regardless lmao. Happy you enjoyed the fic, sixdee!

dude when I say that I like the ending of a story and that I like it because of the ending and especially due to the irony of said ending, be sure I know and remember at least over 50% and at best over 80% of said story including small things that might miss to even the author, but I said this was a direct sequel due to the last line in the prequel and the sex jokes and reason of why the kirin is there. still, now that I remember more of it... the relationship between Twily and the Cristal pair also link to it being a sequel, not to mention that this time is not Cadence who did the upsie

Damn, I love Cadence.

Eh, Shining is gonna be okay.
Aqua was kinda adorable.

This is so random that it's adorable. Hah. I had to double check to see if it had the random tag.

Now write a story with the kirin version of Cadance.

Hmm... maybe. I'll save that idea for another fic. :twilightsmile:

Not sure if that's a first for me, but I'm happy you enjoyed the fic, Caladis! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, he will be unless you interpret that Cadance technically already killed him and he is just a clone. I'm happy you enjoyed Aqua and the fic! May save her for future fics as a cameo.

Same. I should write her more.

Good call on your part, Stag. Re-read it back and it aligns so no harm in making this a sequel. I'm happy you enjoyed both fics! :twilightsmile:

Behold, the rising sun, as this glorious story rises and shines on us all.

*adds to read later

🎵 The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire 🎶

((Something that Shining and Cady will discover during the teenage angst phase))

Damn, you can see it too, can't you?
Aqua raging on the roof, with black-choker-clad Flurry head banging beside her.

....good thing crystalline roof shingles are not flammable. Are they?

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