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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


It's Flurry Heart's seventh birthday, and her parents have told her she can have anything she asks for (so long as she eats all of her crystal veggies, which she did). They expected something extravagant, but obvious - a fancy dress, a room full of candy, maybe even her own little throne between theirs. What they did not expect was the one thing she wants more than anything for her special day. Princess Flurry Heart... wants a pony of her very own.

[EDIT]: Wow, on the front page in less than a day! This is amazing!

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Poor Princess Flurry Heart! She is not going to like what her parents are going to do to her. This kids is why you have an adult around when you are talking to strangers.

Why? Why doesn't this have more views, likes, or favorites?

You monster. How could you do this? You gave it a 'complete' tag.

How in hell could human Shining and Cadence afford the money to buy and feed a pony?

By having a good job or two? Horses aren't that expensive.

Poor Sombra, always getting the blame even when innocent.



Okay, that was fun. I would love to see more, but this will most certainly do. Sometimes the best stories are born from those, strange random thoughts we never expect.

As soon as she said her friend was named Flurry Heart, I called that it would be the EG version. I feel special :derpytongue2:

This fic has so much sequel potential. :pinkiecrazy:

7294869 Poor guy gets no respect.

I love it. I didn't expect it to be EG Flurry Heart was the one behind it. So when she said she owns a pony, she means by human standards.

This is amazing XD

Sometime later.....

Shining opens the door to welcome the summoned Main 6
Shining:....Uh what are you guys wearing?
Pinkie: We are here to exorcise the child that is all you need to know!
Shining: Uh...
Twilight: Sigh she says she saw it in a movie called the Exorcist or something.
Pinkie: The power of Harmony compels you! The power of Harmony compels you! The power of Harmony compels you!
Cadance: Ack! Twlight why is Pinkie Pie splashing me with punch?


Twi: Rarity?
Rarity: Yes Twilight?
Twi: I don't think it's a good idea to let you watch Flurry anymore when she visits me.
Rarity: WHAT? Why?
Twi: Seems she has gotten some.... questionable advise about being a princess and ruler.
Rarity: I have no idea what you're talking about and even if I did that is hardly a rea-
Twi: And it seems she did see you with Fluttershy that night last time she was here.
Rarity:..... Uh..... fine.
Twi: Good now if you'll excuse me I have to deal with mess without making it worst. See you later Rarity, Fluttershy.
Fluttershy: Meow?
Rarity: I'll be fine my dear pet, now let's get you some milk!
Fluttershy: Meow!
Pinkie: Oh oh! I can play?

I kind of want you to continue this and see the ponies' continued panicked flailing, especially given the implied time discrepancy. Still, even as is, it was a lot of fun. Thank you for it.

I don't get it. Can I have a short version of the story?

Could've been longer. I would love to see this continued.
So... Parallel Flurry Heart is a Human and somehow made contact with herself? Okay.

Beat one-shot Ive read in weeks:rainbowlaugh:

This was a very funny story, I hope you write a sequel where Shinning and Cadence sort out what's really going on. :pinkiehappy:


Equestria Girls Friendship Games.

Sci Twi is a Twi, but not MLP pony Twi.

SciFlurry is a flurry, but not MLP ponu Flurry.

Loved "The Prince" reference.
Not exactly something that a seven-years old should read but maybe Flurry got it from her aunt.

Sequel? Pretty please?

The whole thing smelled like Diamond Tiara to me, but the truth makes sense, too.

Why is there a human tag?

7295823 That last part was the human version of the royal couple and their daughter.

The title makes me think that princess Flurry Heart wants to own a slave...
(I can just picture a hormonal teen princess wanting a live sex toy. :twilightoops::trollestia:)

Would love to see this turned into a larger story.

Very nice little story. I like the use of the old radio as a means of communicating between the worlds. Did you get that idea from that movie were the guy talks with his dead father in the past on his father's old HAM radio?

I got curious and looked it up, the movie is Frequency.

7295936 God damn it, this isn't a clopfic! Please don't speak like that! Let me...let me enjoy this moment where a story about Flurry Heart ISN'T a porno. Can you let me have this moment!?!

:facehoof: I think the two Flurrys are having a bit of a misunderstanding between cultures :rainbowlaugh:

The fic has a lot of potential for an expanded world though, human!Flurry somehow connecting to pony!Flurry's horn with an old radio... Her clubhouse in the attic is awesome XD


Can you let me have this moment!?!


Sequel would be awesome but I don't know if it'll top this.

The Princess

OMG no wonder her advice is so horrible she is using Machiavelli's The Prince.

7296021 There sure are a lot of those, aren't there?

I'm really glad at least a few people caught that little reference. The thing is, if you google 'books on how to be an effective ruler' almost the entire first page is Machiavelli. Human Flurry just wanted to help and decided the internet probably knew best. It is the first result, after all.

You didn't say she'd get a real one...

7296002 No, but I am definitely watching that movie now. It's tricky enough to trace my thoughts back, but I think I half-remembered an old book or episode of something where guy 1 puts (or hacks) a microchip in guy 2's head, then he can look through guy 2's eyes and talk into his brain. Then I think guy 1 claims to be the voice of God or something. Like I said, I only half-remembered it before twisting it to suit my purposes.

Oh, ok then. It's amazing how many variations of a similar idea are out there in different media. As for the movie it was alright, I remember watching it when it was on TV one day years ago. Again, thanks for the story; I'm going to give your other one a read later.

That situation could have easily been diffused by telling her that she already had a pony, her father Shining is a pony

Rocinante would be Don Quixote's horse. Very nice. (I originally found that out from the Lunaverse)

"No, mama." She called back, swallowing her current mouthful of cake. "I have lots of friends from school. I want a pony just for me. I promise I'll take really good care of her! I'll feed her, and walk her, and name her 'Antoinette', and give her lots and lots of love!”

First thing that comes to mine: :twilightsheepish:

Flurry paused, slightly miffed to have her cake interrupted once again for yet another question, but also glad that she finally had a chance to tell her parents about her new best friend. "Her name is Flurry Heart, just like me!" She declared happily.

Ohhhh. That explains a lot, actually...

So human Flurry teach pony Flurry basics about being efficient machiavelian ruler? Not so bad thing, especially parts about trust. Speaking about this, I wish to know princesses and ponys reaction to "The Prince" book of sayed author.

You'd think Human Twilight would've known better than to keep screwing around with technology that interfaces with magic.


That was an episode of the outer limits that aired within the last month on comet. Frequency was the movie where the guy was able to talk to his father (or an alternate reality double) before the old man died through the magic of the northern lights.


Good thing she didn´t choose the "Dark Side Compendium" of Emperor Palpatine. :rainbowlaugh:

P.E: She could have asked Princess Flurry if ponies can eat pizzas with meat. I´m sure her parents would have found the topic fascinating. :pinkiehappy:

7297083 Human Flurry Heart was talking to pony Flurry Heart using some device.

I liked this story. The synopsis gave a sense of a possible sex theme story but with the the story tags and how the story played out. I would have to say I was quite entertained by the clever writing.

The device that human Flurry Heart used makes sense putting into account Sci-Twi

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