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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


In an abandoned castle deep within the Everfree forest, the battle of Everlasting Night is almost to a close. Nightmare Moon is weakened and nearly defeated and Twilight has awakened the five Elements that her friends embody.

But there's just one problem. She can't find the sixth!

In a last-ditch effort, Twilight casts a powerful and ancient spell (from a library she technically wasn't allowed in) to summon the final Element from the next universe over. (They won't miss it, right?)

Unfortunately, her spell works a little too well and now she's swimming in Elements. Can she find the true Element of Harmony, or will she go mad trying to sift through so many that are just slightly 'not right'?

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I am most amused. The fact ol' NMM just accepted her fate and went along with the nonsense instead of simply leaving is a bit OOC (would've made more sense for Discord), but who cares.

She was just got hit by the elemen of normally

Thank goodness they got this sorted out before they activated the Element of Polyamory.

Or debauchery. Unless that was the sock one.

I think the socks and make-up one was "The Elements of Whore-money."

Close. It was the Element of Harlotry.

"Found 'em!" Applejack returned carrying two Element tiaras. "Okay, you want the Element of Hegemony or the Element of Octarchy?"

You might have to explain this one to me. I don't get it. Great story anyway. Upvoted and faved.

Far away in another world, a moderately successful animator and internet personality yelped in pain.

And this one I don't get either.

To answer in order: hegemony is a kingdom ruled by a small group of people, while an octarchy is a kingdom ruled by specifically eight. 'Oney' is the screen name of a youtube personality who does animations and sometimes let's plays. I don't really follow him, but 'Harm Oney' fit the joke pattern.

This is amazing. I would be very happy if you wrote a sequel. Heck, let's make a whole AU out of this!

At least they won't have to go through tidying up the Castle of the Two Sisters after the Element of Sanitary was through with it.

There NEEDS to be a sequel for this!

(Also, I'm imagining Sunset trying to steal the element of Alicornity) XD

"Pardon me, Twilight, but isn't Miss Fluttershy talking quite a bit -- for her?" asked Celestia.

Twilight frowned. "Oh. I think she accidentally took the brunt of the blast from the Element of Blarney."

"Aaaaand, the purple felt-covered -- thing -- over there, singing a song which makes my ears want to bleed?"

"I have no idea, but it appeared after I used something called the Element of Barney."

Dang, I could go on and on. :rainbowlaugh:

And now I want to see a sequel chapter where Discord's plan to deal with Twilight and the others is just burying the Tiara in the pile again and making them go through it one by one to find it, just for the insanity that comes out of it. (And actually has the right one hidden somewhere else, but they can't tell that.)

Yeah, this definitely calls for a sequel.

At least they didn't find the Elements of Taxidermy.

Twilight set down her broadsword and lifted her helmet-tiara combo. "Huh. Element of Armory. How convenient."

Huh... a pony.mov reference...

9731983 The Elements of R. Lee Ermey.


NMM doesn't stand a chance against such a crushing verbal barrage.

NMM, "I HAVE NO EGO LEFT!!" Goes off to die pathetically in a corner somewhere.


Well, this is basically Season 1.

You can imagine what would happen in Season 2. :)


Given Equestria, I herd that'd be nothing too outrageous.

Okay this may be funny and all but what about the element of hempany i mean come on that one woulda been funny imagine nightmare moon in full snoopdog attire with a white object and the smell of skunk in the air

Comment posted by FictionalNightmare deleted Aug 7th, 2019

If only they’d activated the element of pepperoni...

*giggles madly*

Evidently, this whole problem was caused by one of these knockoffs in the first place - when Twilight summoned them, she inadvertantly used the Element of How Many?!

I am intrigued. If we have this much varieties just for the Element of Magic (tiera), what could possibly be their matching sets?

Comment posted by DarkPinkie deleted Jul 16th, 2019

Haha. I found this one a silly read while I waited for when I had to take my meds so I could go to sleep afterwards.


Thought it might be the element of whore-moany

Great story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But why no Element of Imorality?

That was much, much better than I had anticipated. Mostly due to keeping the characterization fairly consistent and entertaining. Good job on making a proper oneshot out of a silly crack idea. Now, a full on story would be going for the bonus points. :pinkiehappy:

Lovely madness all around, giving everyone involved a taste of the insanity that friendship with Twilight Sparkle entails. Thank you for it.

"This. This fretting little pile of madness that calls itself a mare is what thwarted all my schemes. Denied me my vengeance. I deserve this humiliation."
:pinkiehappy: "Parmaroni while you wait?"

They might have been wearing rogue

I think you mean rouge.

One of the first ones must surely have been the Element of Malarkey

I could use a dose of the Element of Memory, because.. uhm… I forget why. :derpytongue2:

At least she didn't use the Element of Destrucity.

Did you use the Elements of Comedy on me? Because I burst out laughing while reading the story. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

All she will find is the element of cringe

That was a thing. It was quite amusing, that's for sure...
Bonus points for the ascension one. :P

Now if any nobles are being difficult, she can delegate if she feels nice...
Or give them a headache by explaining the whole thing! :pinkiehappy:

Alright, this was more fun than I expected. Love everypony getting bored and just doing there own thing while Twilight keeps trying.

Very silly and cute! :twilightsmile:

What, was the Element of Apathy around when Twi was rambling through the tiaras?

I thought it was the Element of Amory.

OMG this is awesome!

Alright, you got me. Well done, truly a delightful read

This was such a stupid read but I mean that with all the respect I can muster because it had me just cackling throughout.

Across the room, Nightmare Moon sported a fetching jet black tuxedo with matching top hat and tails.

This speaks to me. For obvious reasons.

Reading this for the current EU contest, but I really like the word play and totally ridiculous humor here, Drider. Great job!

Oh this was absolutely hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I like how the other five elements go with everything.

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