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Huh, philosophy... neat.

Very interesting take on Discord.

I love it when a story gets me thinking.

Always thought Discord was too powerful a force to be confined as he seems. I like this.

Hah, this was a very thought provoking read.

Keep up the wicked work.

Very stimulating for the mind... and gave me a better understanding of Discord. :)

Cosmology, philosophy, and the true meaning of chaos. A very engaging read. Thank you for it, and good to see you again.

Very well written sir. I applaud you.

wlam #9 · Mar 23rd, 2016 · · 3 ·

Oh noes, in fifty trillion years, the universe will end! The tragedy.

I really don't know how seriously to take this. If this wasn't dark-tagged, I'd assume it was supposed to be some kind of joke about how immature ponies are, that this kind of thing could seriously depress them or even "drive them mad or worse." It's so very Baby's First Nihilism. None of this is technically wrong, but it's banal. Any adult realizes this as part of growing up and facing their own mortality. It's not some kind of deep insight. Anyone who'd be seriously upset by a fact of life as basic as "nothing lasts forever" needs to go outside more.

Enthropy. What it is? Let's look at, say, your room as a Universe. In it, there are lots of molecules of oxygen and other gasses. And if we write down coordinates of all gas molecules in the room - like there are oxygen molecule there, there and there - it is a state. But, some states of the room(Universe) are much more likely to occur - for example, let's look at a state when all gas molecules are in north part of the room, and there is vacuum at the other side. Physics states, that theoretically this state might occur, but if state is changed once per second randomly, still chances of this one to occur would be almost zero.
So, the more probable a state is, the bigger its enthropy. And that's exactly why enthropy always increases - because system tries to go to the most probable state.

And reflecting Discord's diary - it is just a law of our Universe that makes enthropy to grow. It is defined not by some being's ill will, not even by Physics - if there are differences of any kind possible, there it is. No, Enthropy exists because of Math - a thing so orderly, that it is really ironic.

welp, that certainly blew my mind, nice work there. compliment ^^

This story personifies these immutable, mathematical rules that govern our universe. Because of that personification, the author has added intent to the rules. The argument that this somehow lessens the story is false as the original work has already personified these rules to an extent (vis a vis Celestia and Luna).

As to the story, I'm kinda with 7056603 a bit, though again I don't think this necessarily lessens the lesson Twilight learns. And there are those that have yet to really think about the transitory nature if the universe.

Also, last I read, the Big Crunch is rather unlikely. It's more likely the universe will end in heat death. Still, for what its worth I like this as a 'Twilight faces mortality' thing.

Edit: Spelling on a phone, ugh.

So Twilight - consummate researcher, lifelong learner, and more-than-occasional scientist - has never heard of entropy? Or even thermodynamics?


Also, last I read, the Big Crunch is rather unlikely. It's more likely the universe will end in heat death. Still, for what its worth I like this as a 'Twilight faces mortality' thing.

Basically. The Big Crunch was a bit of speculation that came up at a time when it was unknown how the universe would expand in the future - whether its expansion might be slowing down, could one day stop and eventually possibly even reverse. To the best of my knowledge, measurements these days suggest that the expansion is not only not slowing, it's speeding up. As a consequence, even baryonic matter will eventually decay into radiation and effectively "evaporate."

The timespans involved are so huge that they're practically impossible to comprehend, though. The universe itself will effectively exist indefinitely. There just won't actually be anything in it, after a point.

I know what the Big Crunch is. But there's the theory that matter itself creates space. Once the last neutron evaporates, what then?

Admittedly, I think it's one of those odder quantum theories that haven't been thoroughly tested but still.

I couldn't say. It's not really my field. There's some strong indication that it isn't quite as easy as all that, though. It's where the whole 'dark matter' thing comes from: just from what we can see, the universe actually shouldn't behave the way it does. We can't for the life of us find whatever it is makes it so, though, only infer that it needs to be there. I guess that's a solid "who knows?" right there.

I was very wrong, actually. It's a logical result of general relativity. And according to one source, its been verified.

And then you bring up Dark Matter. That hurts my brain wlam. :ajsleepy:

I don't think there's anyone who doesn't feel that way about it.

I never thought I'd read fanfiction that would actually make me start thinking. Especially not pony fanfiction. So many theories about what will eventually happen to the universe. Though, all of them are kind of sad when they are thought about too deeply, as nothing we do will ever really amount to anything. It will either be destroyed along with the rest of the world, only for a new universe to take its place, or it will just end. But, those who have belief in a higher power(for me, the Judeo-Christian God) have hope. That's getting into a whole nother topic, so I'm just going to end before I get to deep into it.

And now, we need the Sequel, where Twilight snaps and decides that if destruction creates better things, then surely destroying Discord, Celestia, or the universe herself will be for the best as it will let something better be created afterwords!

Now I'm reading about M-branes and string theory. I hope you're happy, I've been rendered ineffective at work now. :trollestia:

Hey man I reviewed this fic, you can check out what I said about it all up in here.

This was pretty cool. I'm thinking about stuff now, curse you, you made me think.

Deep, but not dark. At all.

I don't even had to read the fic to know if it's good or not.:twistnerd:


Very good. I love the whole "Chaos has to exist for Order to exist and vice versa" thing. The Balance. I wonder who is the embodiment of Order? Celestia and Luna are the sun and moon, so maybe their mother? Or some other cosmic horror thing like Discord? Or maybe Order sent itself (or a small part of itself) into the Elements of Harmony.

I'm just reminded of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, here. :derpyderp2:

Absolutely sublime story! :pinkiehappy:

It could be a concept that Celestia has forbidden ponies from learning.

There's nothing anypony can do about entropy, it only causes discomfort once discovered. So it might be in Celestia's interest to get rid of needless worry.

Maybe capital "E" Entropy as a personified concept, but Twilight would at least be familiar with the second law of thermodynamics.

Or maybe not, Equestria is a bit plagued by Schizo Tech levels.

7056948 Oh don't worry, there are always universes popping up here and there!

Most of them are actually like ours!

Need some evidence? The Higgs Field is at a value researchers call 'barely on', meaning it's just at the level where structure can exist.

There's a simple reason for that: it's akin to an energy threshold in a chemical reaction. Where ever in the 'Outerverse', so to speak, the Higgs value exceeds the threshold, BOOM! Instant inflation into a universe with nearly identical properties since they arise from the same fundamental values!

People are always too dour with all their hopelessness about the universe and whatnot.

7056763 Of course, all such hypotheses are moot given no one is even sure how the universe got started. I find it rather disingenuous for anyone to declare the ending of something for which they have not yet settled the matter of its beginning.

Plus, no one has any real idea of what dark matter is or what it does to the universe beyond exerting a gravitational influence.

There's still far too little known to many any firm pronouncements, really.

And too, we have absolutely no concept of what lies 'outside' our universe. Or even what the 'outside' of all that we know as reality even means!

This story is an eloquent and intriguing way to articulate "You can't know the beauty of the rose without the prick of the thorn". Wonderful job!

There is no need for foals if the parents live forever.

This sentence reminded me of the story "Childhood's End."
There are many ways in which this story can be analyzed all of which take interesting routes. Discord speaks of dichotomies such as light and dark so it would be interesting to hear from the "Diary of Order." This would then lead to other issues because harmony is the balance of order and chaos. This would imply that the creation of the universe was sparked by disharmony (a lack of balance between construction and destruction between order and chaos.) the obvious follow up is to question the motives of harmony. Harmony emerges from its opposite yet it works tirelessly to end its existence. This makes chaos and harmony in a certain respect equal. Celestia then becomes nothing more than a self righteous Discord despite if she decides to favor order over chaos (ending the world prematurely) or chaos over order in which case the connection is obvious. If order implied that energy was not released as heat or any other "unusable source" then there would be other problems.

True. It's why I said "measurements suggest." We're not really in any position to definitely know what happened or will happen, but for the observable evidence, the math holds. Chances are pretty good that we are missing out on more than a few things, though.

I'm not sure if I would call this "dark", but a good story nonetheless.


I do consider it Dark. Then again, I'm one of those that don't see 'Dark' as being automatically evil. Night is dark for instance, and there's an inherent peace in a quiet evening.

All too often, we humans are influenced by society's version of Good and Evil, and don't see that the universe as a whole isn't that simple. This story is 'Dark' because it gazes unflinching at that part of the universe that destroys.

Nice explanation for the concept of the cycle of metaphysical creation and death of existence.

Interesting. I'd give you a :moustache: if it wasn't futile in the end. Also, in the author's note was:

life, the universe, and everything

And the answer is... 42. :trollestia:

Yea, not that dark. Sort of glosssed over the trillion year long twilight struggle to survive in a universe without stars, growing ever colder and dimmer where only sacrificing matter to the slowly evaporating black holes provides energy to live. An increasingly bleak and hopeless and doomed existence.


As i see it order and entropy are opposites. Harmony is the music of change point and counterpoint working together to move change forward. Havoc would be its opposite. Senseless destruction and change without regards for consequences or synchronous acknowledgement of the organization of the universe and those within it. The difference between the seasons changing and a world killing asteroid impact.

....just fuck

me mind is blown

Pretty neat story, though not dark at all in my opinion. Life and death, change, it just goes on. We are of no significance, and we never will be compared to the grand scale of the universe. I've already gotten over blowing my mind. Still, great story.

Delightful. Been too long since I've read some work. This satiated me, and I may recycle this concept in another story of mine.

The physicist in me looks at this story and says, "Hell yes." :)

7058398 And that is far beyond my area of expertise.

but life is chaos, doesn't that mean in some small way he's furthering his own death?

ironically enough, doesn't that mean that Life is inevitable? Life comes from Death and Death from Life. Therefore wouldn't Entropy a;ways be playing? If he "won" or destroyed everything, it would actually be a form of Order, thus nullifying his existense, which as he said can't happen...

This is what happens when you choose the Cheshire Cat as a spirit guide people. Don't do it.

But equally everyone knows that the universe is gonna crunch itself somehow in whatever silly amount of billions of years down the line. All Discord's diary is saying is 'yeah entropy exists brah' but with way, way more words. I actually found the story somewhat uninspiring because of that; it's difficult to really invest yourself into a tale of a book giving an incredibly long-winded description something you learned about in a physics lesson to a purple pony.

I wouldn't describe actual physics as 'cosmic horror' either. That's just plain weird.

See the difference is between knowing and realizing the world and the universe is going to end and truly acknowledging that fact.

Once some people actually acknowledge it, it can lead into some really dark or despairing thoughts in them. They translate that into "no matter what I do it will all have no meaning because everything will eventually end" or "my life is worthless". I can't speak for everyone but I don't think a majority of people would like those thoughts in their head.

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