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I don’t question the “life” bar floating over my head, or my “EXP” gauge, or the little phantasmal boxes that appear whenever I look at an “equippable” object that show its “statistics.” It’s normal for small messages to appear in the sky every now and then, such as [System update in 2 hours.] My kind worships the Developers, higher beings that direct, create, and control everything we see. It’s all normal. This is how things have always been, since I was born. My father, my grandfather, my ancestors have all accepted and coped with these elements.

So why does everything feel so... fake?

My name is Twilight_Sparkle, and I know there’s something wrong here.

Co-Written by GaruuSpike and Chaotic Dreams.

(EDIT: This story is cancelled forever because someone sabotaged all of our attempts to write. You know who you are, and so do I, and I hope you're happy for killing it.)

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This is pretty interesting. I will def follow this story.

Interesting premise, definitely following this.

Oh, and I vote for Twilight.

Great to see you posting a new story, CD. Surprise, surprise: I vote Rarity. :raritystarry:

The Sword Art Online is strong with this one. Pick a leader, huh?
<Fluttershy, eh?>

Rarity. It is always best to put the charisma character as the leader of a group.

Count one more vote for Ms. Sparkle.

I choose Twilight. Magic is always my choice in any game, and identifying with magic characters is always an entertaining experience.

*studies the interface in front of him*
*slams the Fluttershy button, then the Vote For button*

This kinda reminds me of Alicization Turning from SAO. Also I vote for Twilight :twilightsmile:

The fact that Twilight is doubting reality sounds like it is going interesting places... so if that is what is going to happen more if Twilight is chosen, then I want to vote for her.

If the story is going to go in the same direction regardless of who it follows... then disregard this post completely.

Wait a second. Is Twilight an artificial intelligence program, or is she an actual player?:rainbowhuh:
Please answer my question.

One vote for Twilight.

Classes will center around “Ninja”-themed attacks, weather manipulation and dark magic.

What? Dark magic? Okay, I can understand the ninja-y DPS route, but dark magic? On Dash? Ugh, what were the devs thinking?

Oh well. This looks like it's going to be a fun Questline. Still, I can't believe the party got this level-unbalanced. Ugh. Gotta make Twilight the Party Leader, if only so she can be made a bit less of a glass cannon.

Still, there was that weird lag just before the Timberwolf fight. Almost like she was hesitating. Like she was thinking about something that PCs were not meant to know. I'm sure it's nothing...
Unless Pinkie isn't the only Metamancer in the party. Oh, this will be fun.

This... this seems like it could be interesting. I will read it later.

Harr..: Vote for Twilight! Maybe she'll even level up a little that way.

Rarity. love dis story:raritystarry:


I vote for Fluttershy!

And I think I found an error, the line:

“I reckon all we gotta do now is find Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.”

Shouldn't that say "...Fluttershy and Rarity."?

I see that everyone is voting for twilight so just for the bandwagon effect I'm going to vote for her too :3

I vote for Miss Rarity. Her face is more sightly inside a dialog box, I think.

TWILIGHT SPARKLE! She's my favorite of the mane 6.


Thank you!


Twilight, as well as everypony else in this alternate universe, is an intelligent being. They are not players. However, to call them 'artificial intelligence' isn't quite what we were going for. You see, in this world, reality itself is structured like an Eastern RPG.

Fluttershy, because I prefer a support [magic] character.

yeah! Chaotic and Garuu story, well for my vote I'll put Applejack :ajsmug:


If this is the game, I can't wait for the DLC.

Could be fun, and vote for Twilight :twilightsmile:


this is genius.
1 vote Twilight Spahkle.

" An amaranthine mane and the large red..."

Either way, like the chapter.

Twilight, just because she already seems like the Kirito of the party. XD
Dash is the Asuna, Flutters is Silica, Ajack is Agil, Rares is Leafa/Kirigaya, and Pinks is Klein!


> Twilight
Confirm? O Cancel? X

(I know this isn't a SAO crossover, but I just like the similarities is all. X3 I would join the team, but I don't have much time, sadly, so I'll jsut have to hope other great writers/editors join the team. Keep up the great work!)

derpy! :rainbowlaugh: if she gets selected, this story will be even more fun!

Sounds promising, will track.


Definitely Twilight, I love hearing that oh so satisfying 'ding'.

Another vote for Twilight

Wizard class is best class after all

Twilight because... she's Twilight.

Penny for twilight. She is the most character devolment.

why i am thinking of Ragnarok now....255 SPD and all you see are the numbers of the damage rapadly changing over the screen ^^

vote for Twilight :twilightblush:

I like Fluttershy and I've always had a fondness for Summoning, but Twilight already has a few plot hooks in her, and she's pretty much the leader of the group anyway (not to mention the summary is from her perspective) so I guess I'll pick her. Fluttershy can be sidekick.

twilight. needs those levels.

Indeed, it's always best to have your party leader be able to talk your party out of any dangerous/sticky situations.

Alright. I just wanted to make sure cause it seemed like this story was similar to Equestrian Earth.:duck:
Anyway, I guess I'll take a peek at your story since I'm here.

My vote goes to Twilight

I like how you're doing this. I'll be looking forward to the next update :twilightsmile:

You're going to miss out on that EXP though. You're going to regret it when the boss comes.

Based on how well you write her as a leader in Millennium Wake, I have to vote for Rarity.

So, is twilight the only AI with an int high enough to start wondering about their existence?
Did her int break the limit, or reach a preprogrammed point where she is able to realize the weirdness?
Or is it just some other reason, due to the nature of her programming?

2476938So sort of like OOTS, but with a computer game? Cool!
(in-universe for fic): wave1:flash2:B Sale!!!!!1!1!!11!11!!!!!! phr33 stuff pl0x!

I want Pinkie, but it seems the Twilight train has already taken off.

Rainbow Dash. She's got the EXP-focused attitude and enthusiasm you need for an RPG main character. :rainbowdetermined2:

Interesting so far and I vote for... Twilight.

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