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"Them: Part 2" can be found here

‘They’ are the shadowy figures lurking just beyond the corners of your eyes, pulling the strings of reality and shaping it to better suit their intentions. They are the celestial bureaucracy, ensuring that everything works together orderly, smoothly, and harmoniously. And, in order to do that, They sometimes have to change a few things.
Things like changing a stallion named Cloud Buster into a lithe cyan mare with a multicolored mane and tail, renaming her Rainbow Dash, giving her a new set of friends, and changing just about everything about her life. However, Cloud—Rainbow—whoever he or she is now—isn’t willing to give up her old life, or her choice in her own destiny, without a fight.

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why did you not use Firefly this is unforgivable
Fuck this fucking cloud buster character
I want my fucking god damn firefly god damn
:rainbowkiss: i wach u storie anywae babie

Is this inspired by misfile?

Wow so far so good ^^ can't wait for more. Definitely faving this

2594656 I don't know but I see why you'd say that. One big difference I can tell you though is that Misfile was an in-universe accident. Whoever caused Cloud Buster's transformation into Rainbow Dash clearly wasn't doing it on accident. Now as for why they didn't just use some mare instead? I'm sure the answer will be revealed in time.

Also, this story is going on my favorites list.

It begins... :rainbowkiss:

Hope my input was helpful earlier. I look forward to more.

Wow, God Patrol's a bunch of douches, aren't they?

I see "romance" tag and BigMac instead of Shy in 'characters', so is it mean that it will be DashXMac, or will you be going with DashXShy (please be the first one!)?

2595344 It could also be DashieXVinyl

2595669 I'm not to fond of F/F shipping, so my mind ruled that out. I would prefer DashXMac because of that, as well it would bring some interesting scenes of Cloud battling between his male mind and 'past', and his new female body.

True, but remember, it's too early to rule anything out yet.

congrats on the Feature.

as for the story... it was good.

So it's kind of like a far more drastic version of The Adjustment Bureau?
How far back does this go? Was the Sonic Rainboom a fabrication everypony believes to explain the Elements of Harmony? Or is this a major AU with no EoH?
Not sure I'm down with the entire canon being a manipulated lie. Seems very depressing.

Holy crap.
I cannot favorite this story hard enough.

'They' seem to be reusing and repurposing ponies for filling whatever reasons they have. Mightly interesting concept you have here. It's like wow...


Needs to be abouuuut 20% cooler

Nahh I kid I kid. This looks legit, I'll be keeping an eye on this. :3

Breathtaking. Seriously I just started breathing again after scrolling through the comments to write this one.

Not bad, concept to posting within a week, and it seems to be a nice success. Well done~

Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Good sir, you now officially have captured my interest. :moustache: Please, do continue. :twilightsmile:

with the description you had my curiosity, but with the story you have my attention...and my favorite. I do hope this will be satisfactory

Uh... who, and what, are They? Are They creatures with reality-bending powers, like Discord, but to a much higher degree? Or is this change brought on by pure and unrelenting science? The questions, the questions...

"It's not me, it's you!" :rainbowderp:
"Yet... you're rubbing my pancreas." :eeyup:
"Oh, horseapples - I'm a tease." :raritydespair:

Technically, I guess this would make Rainbow Buster bi. When she becomes a stallion again, he'll be gay for Big Mac, Mac will be creeped out, their friendship ruined, and Firefly will save the day with a musical number.

2601206 I doubt it. Once he's back to normal (assuming he does), he'll be able to go back to being in love with Fluttershy. Now given how them's changing things works though, it might result in the restored timeline having him ditch his date with her. That would become...complicated, to say the least.

Oh my... wonder if Scoots is still... her... sister, or if VS still said yes, or if she's still besties with BM?


New chapter! Awesome!

I read it. I read all of it. Very nicely done. :twilightsmile:

I really like how you worked out all that switcharound stuff...dating your best friend...and...ENJOYING IT when things begin to get intimate...I can't even... :applecry:

That was nice. I'm happy it turned out into DashXMac, because DashXMac FTW! :eeyup::rainbowkiss:

Lol... well damn, guess I didn't have to wait long to get the answers to my questions.



2601202 Eheh... s/he'll probably feel like a bad pony about that later. On the bright side, :eeyup: Will probably see this as a "we just can't do this right now but I still want you." Paving the way for shenanigans in the form of :eeyup: leaving RD romantic gifts.


:eeyup: "Ah'll win yer heart yet."
:rainbowderp: "Oh, Celestia, save me." *tha-thump* :heart:
:trollestia: "Nope, I'm supporting this."

2601563 Heh, I was thinking something more along the lines of

:eeyup: "Hello my love. I know you can't date me right now, but how ' bout we go get a completely platonic dinner at this absolutely un-romantic restaurant" *wink-wink*

:rainbowhuh: "..."

Ah... A fast updating story! And of good word count too; I can't wait to read this! :pinkiehappy:

:trollestia: Just as planned.

The mind is a plaything of the body.
The endocrine system is a bitch.
Good luck, Buster Dash. You're going to need it.

Awesome story is awesome.

Awesome twist on MacDash is awesome!

I must say this tale looks to be most intriguing, and it has sparked within me an exquisite feeling of righteous indignation.:moustache:

I can only hope, that at the conclusion of this fable, that there shall be a vengeful smiting of such gargantuan proportion and unbridled fury,that of these blackguards naught shall remain but the ash of Their bones and the echoes of Their death rattle!!!!!!:flutterrage:

:heart: The story, looking forward to more!:pinkiehappy:

All I can say at this point is that this story is seeming more and more like an amalgamation of the Web-comic Misfile and the Movie Dark City.
Still worth a fav and follow.

'They’ are the shadowy figures lurking just beyond the corners of your eyes, pulling the strings of reality and shaping it to better suit their intentions.

...Oh, crap.

it was laughs all the way :rainbowwild: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: :rainbowwild:

Nice chapter. Now what will poor CB/RD do in this situation. "Them"'s a bunch of meanies.

Cloud Buster and Bass Blaster: Super Lesbians.

I saw the Scootaloo issue coming from a mile away, but it was still heartrending. :fluttercry:

At first I thought that the requirements for adoption were too odd (if a mare is too young to be a responsible guardian, how is assuming that she's getting married at such a young age any indicator of responsibility) until I remembered that 1) Real World adoption agencies often feature such strange requirements and 2) They are probably manipulating reality to keep the two of them separated.

And poor Bass Blaster. After being saved by Buster, she (oh gosh, even I'm referring to Bass with the wrong pronoun) swung by Sugar Cube Corner with a stallion anyway...

They will rewrite your gender, separate you from your family, ruin your personal relationships, even change who you're attracted to. Eesh!

Over all, pretty good chapter. If I have one major complaint, it's that it all goes by so fast. I like a little more meat to chew on!

One minor complaint, Applejack's accent could use a little smoothing and there were a couple typos here and there.

I dare someone in the US to call that number and see what you get.

I'm with Samaru here. When we hear of Them directly it deceases their mystique. I'd like to see more signs and portents than outright words if we're going to have them appearing this often~!

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