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"Millennium Wake: Part II" can be found here!

Rarity awakes after a thousand years of forced magical slumber. How will she cope with a world where everypony she ever knew and loved is long gone, a world that has moved on without her?

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Wow this is good. One thing I didn't like was that it said 'not even a dragon could live that long'. Greek mythology (which is what the creatures in the show are based on), it's said that dragons don't age, they live until they are killed. I just get annoyed about that sort of thing. But other than that it was really good.

Either Ponyville is a crater, ghost town, or a metropolis. I hope Luna and Celestia are as lively as ever. An interesting story to say the least. Also kudos on the title, I'd have named it something daft like Rip Van Rarity. :fluttershyouch:

I adore this premise! I don't have time for in-depth critique or nitpicking at the moment, but I flew through this first chapter in the blink of an eye. Excellent writing! Very excited to see your vision of a future Equestria (through poor Rarity's eyes.)

(And personally I thought Spike's death was very effective, in terms of story-telling. It was a powerful, moving image. Did bring a bit of a tear to my eye, to think of him waiting for her fruitlessly, then laying down to die at her side.. :fluttercry: And it's a fictional creature, and Your Dragons can be Different. Lord knows the show itself takes liberties with mythology!)

Interesting concept, good job! :heart:

.... :rainbowderp: "read later" this has peaked my interests, leaving for a lecture now. will read upon my return! :moustache:

Picture unrelated?

It's an interesting premise, we are going to have something of a fish out of water situation here I would think.
I'll be watching.

Finally a well written story! :raritywink: I was beginning to lose hope

this story can go in so many directions it should be a map i love it:yay: oh plz update soon:fluttercry:

Unique, powerful, chilling, and vivid. Those are the four words that came to my mind when reading this story.

Very interesting concept. A few grammatical errors, but otherwise a great story so far! The descriptions are strong (especially Spike's death), too. It's also pretty good to see Rarity still gets love in fan fiction. :raritywink:

I feel there are some parts that could be altered a little, but then, I'm honestly no editor, so I can't help you too much on that department. :ajsleepy:

Anyway, keep it up! Tracking~~

- ZS

Well, this should prove interesting :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see how this turns out...especially if Rarity bumps into the descendents of her friends out here.

Oh dear. Rainbow Dash descendent...I can see her/him calling Rarity Grandma :raritycry::trollestia:

Oh no, I'm not worried in the least about Celestia and Luna still being alive, I think the bigger concern is if they even still remember her!

And thats assuming she could get past the security that I think upgraded to U.S. levels.


can't wait for the next chapter is this incredible sad story

Damn, Chaotic! You sure know how to dampen the mood. Great start to a story that I shall follow to the end.

This is a very nice futuristic story, especially since the main character is Rarity, who a lot of people would probably not guess to be in a story like this. I really enjoy it so far, and I look forward to reading more.

Superb, I'm checking every day to see if a new chapter is out!

Very good I say.

Nice, very nice work Chaotic :pinkiehappy:

I enjoy this immensely. Pinkie Mk2 is awesome, I knew she'd find a way to distill her pinkie powers someday. Though... mass marketing them? How does the 4th wall heal!?

Discord would be pleased.


Om nom nom. May I have some moar plz?

Oh my.... sounds like some crazy shit's going down.

This is a great story *breaks the thumbs up button*

Yeah....some crazy shit's been happening for the last millennium.

I'm just....gonna take a nap....

*passes out*

The wait for the third chapter is going to suck


I know that's what everypony was expecting, but I wanted to do something a little different, give a bit of a surprise.

..this.. is... amazing...

hehe i can see where this is going cant wait for more:rainbowkiss:

Dragons live forever, so that's definitely a point of annoyance.

I demand MOAR!!! if thats alright with you:fluttershyouch:

You can never imagine how much I want to see this story continued.

Wait....if this is the Pinkie Ghost...sweet Celestia what are the other's going to be like? In fact...what are Celestia and Luna going to do, assuming they're even still around...:twilightoops:

Gief more plx!

“Let me warn you, though,” the not-Pinkie cautioned. “You may never look at anything the same way ever again. And that’s just the beginning. The really weird and scary stuff starts after that.”

Gah! I hate cliffhangers!

*mental fabrication in the shape of trollestia points out I have a lot of cliffhangers*


She has been dealt with.

Cliffhangers: The art of stopping a story right as it gets good in such a manner as to infer:


Well, this story has officially disturbed me. I am disturbed. The disturbed one is me. Good job!
if you're wondering why: I've always been freaked out by changes. Even little things tend to give me the creeps. The whole "Hai, everything you know is gone and you'll never get it back" idea... *shudder*

A good job you're doing here. I wonder what happened to the Elements of Harmony. Keep up!

Oh my god.

So I'm a new member here at FiMFiction. Or however you guys prefer it to be capitalized, like I said, I'm new. Why did I join? So I could favorite this. That was my only reason towards becoming a member. That is how impressed I am with this fic.

Let me start by saying I'm extremely stoic. I read Rainbow Factory with a deadpan expression on my face and liked the picture of blood-stained RD at the bottom, didn't even get teary-eyed at My Little Dashie, and laughed at Cupcakes. But this fic almost made me cry. Almost. The scene where Rarity bumps into some old dragon bones, regards them with shock and disgust, and then discovers they belonged to her Spikey-Wikey.... oh my god. Of course Spike would spend his entire life waiting for her to wake up. Of course Spike would die with her at his side.

Oh my god. I need to go reread this again. And recommend it everywhere. And pretend I read it stoically to keep up my reputation.


Thank you. That means a lot to me as a writer.

:raritycry:"Eeeeverything you know is wrong! Black is white, up is down, and short is long-and everything that you thought which is so important, doesn't matter!" :raritydespair:

-Everything you know is wrong (Song on youtube tha I think fits this moment for Rarity XD) :pinkiehappy:

Now my explanation: "About 10 years after the mane 6 (minus Rarity) died, in a bout of semi madness, Celestias all "Screw it, let's see what my little ponys do alone for 1000 years" :trollestia:

Wait what? Pinkie was... mudered? WHAAAAA?! Nononononono...

Damnit man, I didn't think you were going to introduce that kind of conflict.

Argh, it's still really good. I'm very interested in how this is going to play out. And, it's kinda cool to see Surprise.

Damn, what got Celesta riled up enough to start a war against Luna I wonder? Also nice use of Surprise. As strange as she'll be to Rarity, having a new friend should anchor her somewhat......her mental anchor is a Pie.....Yeah, they're doomed.

There is no real "correct" biology for dragons...kinda weird to get annoyed at something like that. It's a mythological creature, nobody can really say that one person's interpretation of a dragon is wrong.

If Celestia and Luna are gone, then there might be Princess Cadenza, but I think she was mortal, as she was younger in Twilight's flashbacks. Also, the spell that was put on Rarity, it kept her alive instead of starving her to death, so whoever or whatever did this to her wants her alive. If so, then that might be a little more worrying.

Since there's been atleat 1 major war between the Alicorn sisters I wonder if either of them are even alive? Perhaps they're prisoners forced to do their Royal duties but nothing more... or they could BOTH be banished.

Also poor Pinkie, I bet Twi, AJ and Dash put up some real fights.... Hopefully Fluttershy was able to make them regret killing her... FOREVER :pinkiegasp:

AMAZING I WANT MOAR:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Alright, you have my attention. This has been quite interesting so far, especially with pinkie's factory being another form of Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. I'm quite curious to see how the other imprints deviate from their originals as well, seeing as how Pinkie's imprint appears more subdued and apparently Fluttershy's imprint has gone another route compared to her originals ideals. Then, I'm guessing that maybe Rainbow Dash's company is more towards augmentation of the physical body, at least thats my take considering the story's cover image. I'm also glad that compared to other character out of time formats, this one bolsters the advance of magic rather than technology, considering Pinkieville.

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