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A group dedicated to Firefly, the awesome blue-maned pink pegasus pony from G1 who Lauren Faust based Rainbow Dash on. Not to be confused with the show by Joss Wheadon, or the insect. If your story features Firefly, it belongs here.

"Danger is my life, Medley!"

The artwork used for the banner was found here.

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Found a new group to love!


I think of her as Dash's older sister.

I imagine her as Rainbow Dash's mother xD

I has been a wile since i have seen any chat it this group so, I will add more picks!

Anyone notice General Firefly?


I've been studying that picture for months now- is that a unicorn horn on her head? It seems like some pictures of Firefly have her as an alicorn.

I find Firefly cooler than Dashie actually, her color scheme is easier on the eyes, plus she seems girly, but she's actually pretty cool (for G1 anyway.....)

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Firefly is my favorite G1 pony!:twilightsmile:

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