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Hello all! And welcome to the official group centered on Rainbow Dash's Dad!

In this group you will be able to find and submit stories centered on Rainbow Dash's father. There aren't any rules as far as what can and cannot be posted here, so stories of all kinds are welcome!

As with other groups centered on underrated ponies or background ponies (such as with the Thunderlane group), the main goal of this is not only to collectively organize all stories based on Dash's father, but also try to get more attention to him as a character and see what people can come up with for him as far as relationship with RD or his wife go, his personality, etc.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Banner Image by pyrestorm (source to image here)

Thanks to Rethkir for alerting me to it!

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Got it, thanks again! :pinkiesmile:

I had scaled it down and cropped it to the proper dimensions for FIMFiction (1,000px × 250px), so if you use the version I posted instead of the original (which is 1,630px × 489px), then it will appear exactly as I posted it, and Rainbow Dash will be in it, and Rainbow Dad won't be cropped.

Use this link instead:


Used. Thanks for pointing it out (it cut out RD unfortunately, but we got her dad and I think it looks good :pinkiehappy:)

I found a really awesome piece of artwork that's almost the perfect dimensions for a banner. Unfortunately, after I reduced it, I had to trim the height from 300 to 250, but WOW is it amazing! Here's a link to where I found it.

Ok this took the piss joining, apparently I wasted banned from this group when I have o ly just heard of this group five minutes ago :ajbemused:

I'm writing a SoarinDash fic that has him in it and I'm planning on doing something like that.


306771 Rainbow Mom

Someone should make story about how Dash's dad fell in love with the mom. I would love to see that happen.:pinkiehappy:

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