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A Day in the Life


The magic of friendship flows through every creature, big and small. They just need a little push in the right direction. Tired of living under their masters' neglect, insanity or just plain monotony, the pets all desire (in one way or another) to take life in a new, more exciting direction.

When a mysterious curse is laid on the Elements of Harmony, turning the bearers into pets and their pets into ponies, the misfits embark on a dangerous trek to break it. What was originally meant to be a quick trip around Equestria turns into a harrowing journey that expands from the comfy suburbs of Ponyville to the forgotten ruins of an underground kingdom to the biting tundra of the north, all filled with odd characters, laughter and an evil that has lasted for generations as the pets each embrace their inner hero. Because as we all know: the greatest of legends always start with the smallest beginnings.

Story Theme: Matthew Perryman Jones - Swallow the Sea (Pt. 2)

*Guys, I appreciate every bit of feedback I get, but can you do your best to be constructive? I'd like to know what I did right, what I did wrong, and where I can improve so that this story could be at its best.
Thanks go to the beautiful MrJoshy, Rainbow Bob, Vexy, Astrocity, Skeeter the Lurker, and funkyferret for editing and reviewing.

Credit for image and title go to Shawnyall and Equestria-Prevails

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Comment posted by TheApexSovereign deleted Jun 23rd, 2013

The pets have some really interesting characters and I really liked Opal's tale of how she became Rarity's pet

Interested in next chapter

This is:

Also in Soviet Equestria pets pet sit you.

This is definitely a new take on the pets(at least to me). Very creative of you. Can't wait until next chapter.

its reasons like that angel that no one feels bad when they kill you off

This is a genre that has too few stories in it. Yours looks to be one of the better ones. Keep it up.

Angel is such an unbelievable bag of douche. I love it.

Oh goodness gracious what a DELIGHTFUL idea! Can't wait to see where this goes! I thought you did a really good job with the pets' personalities and woes. I loved reading each and every one of their segments. Bravo, good sir. Bravo indeed.

Adorable cover art too.

This has piqued my interests. Let's see how it does...

Sadly, I am utterly useless during the day, not because I’m a nocturnal mammal,

Owls aren't mammals, at least in my experience.

Yes! This is the pet fic I've been waiting for!
Noticed an error though at Owlowicious's part:

not because I’m a nocturnal mammal,

should be bird instead of mammal.
Instant fave want to see more!

the pets journey across Equestria to find a way to reverse the spell and (hopefully) learn the magic of friendship before they destroy each other.

Slice of Life


I will continue reading this in the hopes that the mighty hand of justice takes a moment to give Angel bunny a solid backhand.

.............and it does very well. Interesting ideas you have there. Makes the pets have more depth.

Except Angel. Still going to drop kick that little bas.....Luna, let me go! He deserves it!!! Lifted by magic and taken away from Fluttershy's cottage. Fine, you win! I leave the little rodent alone....for now.

I totally read Angel's voice as Bender from Futurerama. :rainbowlaugh:

All of my yes to this. Just... My fave and upvote? Take it.

And don't disappoint! This story can GO places!

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is a brilliant idea, and I love how you gave each pet a distinct personality. From Owlowiscious being regal to Angel being a rude, lovable jackass. The way you write each character, from the accents to the monologues, really makes their characters and behaviors believable. Also, the italic lines before the first-person monologues really sets the mood.

Very enjoyable work. I can't wait to see more! :twilightsmile:

I have no idea, but Angel bunny only reminded me of one person... Our lord and Saviour...




That said, I would have like to have heard if Owloicious had anything to say about PeeWee

Doesn't "Keep Calm and Flutter On" prove that Fluttershy is incredibly NOT oblivious?

Great story so far!

Oh Angel your such a delightful prick.

Looks good, one thing I dislike from the pic though is "old Tank". He is not very old IMO. Just a regular adult tortoise. If he was that old he would be much much bigger. After all, reptiles don't age. They grow.

2786902 Slice of Life and Adventure stories are "conflicting genres." More of a SoL anyway :twilightsmile:

Man, that was really good. Your unique voices for the characters were very well done. I can't wait to see the voices and the characters develop as you refine your skills as a writer.

One thing that I struggled with is that I visualize the things that I read very well. Yet, in this story, so little information was given regarding where the pets were, what they looked like, where they were, ect. that I couldn't put together a mental picture of anything I was reading. It felt like I was wearing a blindfold and all I could do was rely on my sense of hearing. Very peculiar. It didn't help that we didn't learn about the pet sitting thing until the end of the chapter. For the majority of the fic I was sure that I was reading a strange series of letters from one pet to another.

Anyway, great first chapter. Excited to see more.

I am utterly useless during the day, not because I’m a nocturnal mammal

not because I’m a nocturnal mammal


I thought Owls were Avian?

2787157 Angel wasn't there to hear that. :raritywink:

2787391 ...Tank's... I... He...

It's a cartoon! SHUDDUP! (pouts)

2787562 Only the prologue will be like this, no worries. :ajsmug: And the petsitting? Don't you mean the playdate?

2786752 You remind me of me.... Theres this guy called StormTrooperKev who i kept seeing on here and i kept saying "YOU AGAIN!?"
and he would sometimes reply sometimes wouldnt... Aaaaah the memories... havnt seen him in 3 months...

...We need Philomena in this...

Woah, this is amazing!!!:pinkiehappy::yay::pinkiehappy::yay: I'm now super excited! The concept is excellent and has a ton of potential. Honestly I'm surprised nobody else thought of it. And you nailed it with how the pets would most likely think of their owners.:raritywink: Keep it up!

Just looking at the cover art makes me want a spin-off based around this :rainbowlaugh:

new had cannon found, but lets see who else would voice who

Angel: John DiMaggio (totally had to google who it was)
Gummy: Steve Buscemi

some one else's turn to fill one in

2788054 Steve Buscemi as Gummy is fantastic. :pinkiehappy:

Winona: Kellie Pickler
Tank: Ian Mckellen
Opalescence: Joanna Lumley
Owlowiscious: Peter Davison


There will be peewee? I really love that little bird D:

It seems whenever I come up with an awesome idea, I look around here and find close to the same idea after a few days!! Confound these ponies, they drive us to write the same ideas!!!


I will!

Angel: John DiMaggio
Gummy: Steve Buscemi
Winona: Kath Soucie
Tank: Jim Cummings
Opal: Grey Delisle
Owlowiscious: David Ogden Stiers

i read angels bit in scout's voice

This first chapter would've made a good one shot. Nevertheless I'm interested in seeing how you will build on this. Good job :)

Alright, Angel's a bit of an ass, but he's friggin' funny while he does it.


Interesting premise. Added to my list!

2786344 Not ENTIRELY original. There's another fic that pretty much got abandoned, can't remember the name, admittedly, where Twilight turns every animal in Ponyville into a pony. Original part is the mane six turning into pets. SO looking forward to the next chapter, so long as this fic isn't abandoned, anyhoof.

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