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After tiring of Twilight's hostile attitude, Discord decides to "help" the Elements of Harmony by bringing in an alternate version of each of them. These duplicates from various worlds aren't told anything about each other, which is good. The last thing Equestria needs is these monsters working together.

***Not too dark!***

Elements of Disharmony
Pinkie Pie from Cupcakes by Sergeant Sprinkles

Rainbow Dash from Rainbow Factory by AuroraDawn

Rarity from The Secret Life of Rarity by BronyWriter

Fluttershy from Pattycakes by Pegacorn Ondacob

Twilight Sparkle from Death Note: Equestria by Nonagon

Applejack from Bad Apples by... Bisque? It's hard to find an evil Applejack story.

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Oh-HO, this could be fun. Yes, very fun indeed!

Don't have the time to read at the moment, but definitely an interesting premise. Will read later >:)

Oh boy! :derpytongue2:

I bet knives are hidden in Second Pinkie's luggage!!! :pinkiehappy:

Ooooooh, this is going to be GREAT!


Also, :twilightangry2: 'DAMIT DISCORD!'

i came just from reading the summary

You have my attention.

~Skeeter The Lurker

On a separate note, I think that your making them a little too much alike. I mean, would cupcakes pinkie be bouncing around? And rainbow factory dash wouldn't be doing flips or making faces??

how has this idea for a story not been used but this will be one heck of a story

2823065 Would Cupcakes Pinkie not bounce around? When I read these stories, a common element I noticed is that these characters seem to be the same as normal when in public. It's in their private time that they go a little... off. :pinkiecrazy:

Shouldn't Second Pinkie and Second Fluttershy be completely flipping at the Dashes? At least them. I know the stories, haven't read some of them. I can't wait until they start talking about things like hobbies, occupations, and differences :pinkiecrazy:

Also, what's Bad Apples about? Couldn't find a good description, and I'm not just jumping into reading it.

2823251 basically applejack killed ponies that were "bad apples" and used there bodies to grow plants

umm can you put in an explanation for people to scared to watch deathnote

2823347 I am going to try to write this in a way where no one has to read the original stories to know what's going on. Just bear with the lack of knowledge of Byuk and it will be explained next chapter.

Discord really should be more careful with his choices. Death Note Twilight can write Discord in her little book.

Although I will say that is a good choice for Rarity. It will be interesting to see when ponies start disappearing. Of course she would be very put off by the tactics of one pinkamena cupcakes pie. Rainbow without the factory might not as disharmonous as Discord would like.

2823346 I can't trust, you changeling! Haha, thanks. :pinkiehappy: I wonder what Second Pinkie'll say when she sees Apple Bloom.

Little black book. Write someone's name in it while thinking about their face. They die in any way you choose.

Guy finds one and plays God with it.

Really dark anime, involves lots of murder, some mutilation and delusions of grandeur.

DN:E was Twilight found the Death Note and killed all the ponies she deemed to be "unfit", including Celestia.

I assure you, Death Note is not horror, it is more drama and suspense. Though Ryuk and other Shinigami look a bit frightening.

Can't wait till second Rarity takes a pony and puts them In her 'Basement':pinkiecrazy:

AmazingBluie, if you'll manage to write it all well and in a convincing way... You'll be my hero :-D.

This looks promising!!

That is if Discord is his real name. It could just be a moniker he goes by.

Oh man... Well sucks to be smite right about now so KISS YOUR ASS GOOD BYE KIDDO!

2825537 Excuse me? When did Twilight kill Celestia?

Y'know, I read most of the fics where the killer Elements star, except the Death Note one, but from what I can tell, it actually looks like Serial Killer Rarity is the most morally upright one. After all, she's the closest one to a repentant killer out of all of them, not to mention the whole, 'never killing her friends' thing. Maybe I'm totally off, and the focus will be pretty far away from her, but I kinda expect her to be the one to spill the beans about who they all are, whenever that may occur.
Either way, great premise. I will definitely be following this.


The other thing about this is the non-local mane 6 think that they are perfectly normal. They might even expect similar behavior in their local counterparts.

Again the only one who doesn't fit is Rainbow Dash. I would think being in a world without the machine would be a huge relief to her. Depending upon where in the story she is snatched from, seeing Scootaloo alive and well could be a mental breakdown moment.

I am glad you chose Death Note Twilight over some of the other alternatives (and there have been a lot of them). The only other one that might have worked was Researcher Twilight.

Of course the story of the ones you placed that I haven't read is fluttershy's. (That I will have to look up).

2825537 i was wondering if she could kill celestia

I was kind of hoping for Twilight from Pages of Harmony, but this "Death Note" Twilight has lead me to another unhealthily long story that I absolutely have to read! :raritydespair:

That last sentence... just got me hooked good

2826747 Don't think I've heard of Equinox, what is it?

2826776 2827185 I am aware of Killer Rarity's conflicts, and they may or may not factor in at some point. I'm going to try not to spoil anything in my own story. :twilightsheepish:

2826790 There were indeed a lot of alternatives for Twilight. However, this one comes with a special Death Note accessory. :trollestia:

Again the only one who doesn't fit is Rainbow Dash. I would think being in a world without the machine would be a huge relief to her. Depending upon where in the story she is snatched from, seeing Scootaloo alive and well could be a mental breakdown moment.

You make a good point. Evil Rainbow encountering Scoots in the presence of normal Dash is likely the part I look forward too the most.

These alternate versions definitely fit the title of the Elements of Disharmony.
Twilight Sparkle- Abandoned friendship for her own selfish desires
Pinkie Pie- Brings laughter only to herself
Rarity- Takes lives for her own selfish pleasure
Rainbow Dash- Betrayed the one that looked up to her the most
Fluttershy - False kindness
Applejack - ? I..uh...lies a lot? I don't know...

I have never this strongly wanted to read a story based on things I hate.

As for AJ, "evil" AJ isn't so much a thing in fics. The closest you get are AJ raping Dash to "tame" her or incest redneck AJ.

i havent read it yet but it sounds cool... one thing that bugs me though, how can evil pinkie/RD be in this without "mature gore and dark" tags?


One at a time the other mane6 are scary.

All six together?


I want a scene where evil Rarity and Pinkie are competing against each other on who's the better torturer.

Lies to get false needs, like her little sister on the verge of death for a surgery.

Unless the rules of the death note in that fic are different, she SHOULDN'T be able to kill Celestia period.

One of the Death Notes rules is that it doesn't effect beings over a certain age, that age is 124. How to Use segment XXIX, Rule 1.

Celestia, Luna and Discord are all over a thousand. They can just ignore it. Most Dragons likewise.

Sombra and the crystal ponies frozen with him should also be immune.

"I mean, would cupcakes pinkie be bouncing around?"
Cupcakes was written before party of one, it has happy smiling, pun making Pinkie doing the 'cupcake making'.

2828239 You got it! The next chapter is actually called The Representatives of Irony for this reason.

2828434 We're going to explore how! :pinkiehappy: Although I may add a dark tag towards the end of the story for safety.

2828518 Have you read Death Note: Equestria?

2828554 Sorry, I'm thinking that probably won't fit in the story.

2828845 ...You may be disappointed.

I have to say Pattycakes Fluttershy is not a very intimidating choice. I would have gone with Fluttershy from fLuTtEr or Psychoshy from Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons.
But then again Psychoshy did settle down... :fluttershysad:
Flutter it is then! :yay:

2827918 Sweet Faust mother of the princesses! They are the exact opposites of every single main character

Dimmed Star: A very, VERY, sadistic version of Twilight who cares only for experimentation

Dull Sloth: A cannibalized Rainbow Dash with artificial wings

Stone: The Gorgony hybrid version of Rarity

Rotten bunch: Plant zombie Applejack

and Spider Loch: Fluttershy to the extreme via fusing with a parasprite.

2828518 read the story then you will understand

I'm so confused. I would expect Cupcakes Pinkie shocked that RD is alive..twice.. but then again, THE FUN WILL BE DOUBLED!:pinkiehappy: Same with Patty Cakes Fluttershy. When were they taken? Cupcakes Pinkie wouldn't have acted like that if she killed Rainbow already...

Oh god, Rainbow Factory Dash....that's not going to end well....poor Scootaloo. She loves her big sister, but ONE would want her dead and the OTHER wouldn't always be around...so...I feel like she is screwed.....a lot....Scootaloo will be in a better place...surly...that or I wouldn't mind seeing the COUNTERPARTS of her. The "Ask Sadistic Scootaloo" or the one in Rainbow Factory itself...that and it would be awfully funny to say the least if ALL the mane 6 said they went to the Rainbow Division and everything was made by spices...

I would have expected the Twilight from The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle, or even the one from "Ask Researcher Twilight." She would have been curious about the Pinkies, Fluttershys, etc.

Wasn't Apple Bloom Pinkie's assistant? I'm assuming something bad will happen...or perhaps it'll be more like "Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie" and have Scootaloo be her assistant. I'm very excited. If you disappoint you'll be sorry!!!

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