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A Day in the Life


In the spirit of a similar episode from Ed, Edd, n Eddy, a boomerang with mystical properties seeks to twist Canterlot High's most antagonistic personalities into reversed parodies.

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What Readers Are Saying...

"You make the waterworks happen," -Stardust_Scratch

"It has been like watching a gruesome car crash. You cannot look away from it, and it tears you apart, you are sure you are gonna have nightmares about it, but you just keep reading." -llDenkerll

"Have any of you ever accidentally’ed your way into a horror story, that was way darker than you thought it was going to be? ...I’m going to go scrub my brain down with a few hours of mindless pony fluff... I am enjoying the story I swear," -fargo11

"The ending of the last chapter left me with hope, with expectations, while the end of this chapter leaves me with sorrow, with emptiness, with hopelessness. I need more," -Anshlun

"I lack any words to describe how fucked this whole situation is. It hurts so much. Good job," -Hermaeus xerxes

"This story has some painful feels to it... I need time to think now," -Destiny Chaser

"Every time I read the witches' dialogue I feel genuinely scared... I don't have a clue of what's going to happen," -TheFaceofMercy

Starlight Glimmer had always been a difficult pony.

She's getting better, though! Really! Three years of living with the Princess of Friendship, one of the most beloved ponies in Equestria, is bound to rub off on a mare. Though Starlight continues to grapple with her insecurities and past mistakes, she never would have presumed she'd be free of the guilt - as it should be.

Yet over the years, she's come into her own as a devoted, passionate, and empathetic friend (despite a few bumps here and there).

But one day, like any other, a strange illness befalls Princess Twilight Sparkle. Starlight is driven to a foal's storybook for answers. Armed with her magic and faith, the ex-student follows a crumb trail leading to one reclusive group dwelling in the heart of an otherworldly bog. If there was any salvation for the pony who'd saved Starlight, it lay solely with them. Except when the time comes for payment to be collected, what's left behind is picked up by Twilight and her friends.

And Starlight doesn't want them to. For how can something so broken be put back together? She'd much rather save them all the trouble...

Canon divergence one year after 'The Movie,' post-season seven

Rated-T for some disturbing imagery and heavy themes concerning depression

Artwork of the Witches by Hermaeus Xerxes: https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2019/9/22/2150483.png

Starlight's Theme: Above and Beyond by Paul Dinletir
Twilight's Theme: Homecoming by Jeff Marsh
The Broken Bond Theme: The Birth of a Soul by Fran Soto

Pre-reader/Editor: JD McGregor
Cover Artist: Calenita

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In an alternate ending to ‘Rainbow Rocks’, the Dazzlings still suffer failure, but their powers remain.

However fortunate, the repercussions are far worse than they can imagine, as Princess Twilight wishes to ensure the safety of both worlds by taking one of the Dazzlings back to Equestria to try and reform her. A “ward” if you will, which to the Dazzlings is just a fancy word for “hostage,” for if the other two act up, the ward will be sent to Tartarus, or worse.

Follow the Dazzlings as each copes with this situation.

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A lot can change between friends in a span of ten years. Applejack and Rainbow Dash know this better than anypony. And here they are now, exchanging marks and reciting vows before the princesses and half of Equestria. It feels like a dream, but a nightmare too.

But after today, from that fateful aisle to their wedding bed, their hearts will beat as one, forevermore, until the end of their days.

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He's a smart ass. He's untouchable. He's four feet tall. It's Tyrion Lannister. He drops in to say "hello" to the peaceful ponies from across the sea and share a drink with Princess Celestia.

Spanish Translation, courtesy of SPANIARD KIWI

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Ten years after Twilight is crowned an alicorn princess, she is now the rightful ruler of Equestria. History repeats itself when she tasks her newly appointed student, Sunset Shimmer, to study the magic of friendship. But the road to redemption is a long and arduous one, and shutting yourself from others only makes it worse once they manage to break through. On top of that, something about all this appears to be bothering Sunset, and she herself cannot understand why.

But before Sunset confronts her inner demons and takes the first step towards the rest of her life, she must get to Ponyville first. On the train ride there, she meets an old friend.

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'Dark Souls' crossover. You do NOT need to play the game to enjoy the story.

Scales hold a lot of meaning to dragons: protection, life, social status, breeding, normality; all are qualities that any living being with a conscience thrives upon.

Seath the Scaleless is deemed an abomination by his entire race. Out of jealousy and hate, he betrays them in a war that wipes them out. And after centuries of trying to replicate scales through means of crystal, he is finally slain. But this wasn't the end for Seath the Scaleless, for in a land where time is convoluted, with heroes centuries old phasing in and out, he is given the chance to begin again.

He's reincarnated, near-death and mortally wounded, in the backyard of a timid little equestrian named Fluttershy. Seeing as he has nowhere else to go, she takes the abomination under her wing. As time passes, she quickly warms up to the dragon and embraces him with the alien concept of "kindness." But after centuries of the world and himself seeing only a monster, will it be enough?

Reviewed and Proofread by Skeeter the Lurker, Crack Javelin, and my good friend, James1081

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After Spike (begrudgingly) helps out Apple Bloom on the farm, she misinterprets his act of friendliness as an act of love. Apple Bloom quickly develops feelings for Spike, much to his chagrin, and begins going to great lengths to win his heart. How long will it be until Spike finally snaps?

Told in an episodic format. Meaning, it will be following an intro and three "acts."

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The magic of friendship flows through every creature, big and small. They just need a little push in the right direction. Tired of living under their masters' neglect, insanity or just plain monotony, the pets all desire (in one way or another) to take life in a new, more exciting direction.

When a mysterious curse is laid on the Elements of Harmony, turning the bearers into pets and their pets into ponies, the misfits embark on a dangerous trek to break it. What was originally meant to be a quick trip around Equestria turns into a harrowing journey that expands from the comfy suburbs of Ponyville to the forgotten ruins of an underground kingdom to the biting tundra of the north, all filled with odd characters, laughter and an evil that has lasted for generations as the pets each embrace their inner hero. Because as we all know: the greatest of legends always start with the smallest beginnings.

Story Theme: Matthew Perryman Jones - Swallow the Sea (Pt. 2)

*Guys, I appreciate every bit of feedback I get, but can you do your best to be constructive? I'd like to know what I did right, what I did wrong, and where I can improve so that this story could be at its best.
Thanks go to the beautiful MrJoshy, Rainbow Bob, Vexy, Astrocity, Skeeter the Lurker, and funkyferret for editing and reviewing.

Credit for image and title go to Shawnyall and Equestria-Prevails

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Ever notice how all these death fics look exactly the same? I should know, I wrote some. This is basically how each character's death usually plays out, only completely and utterly exaggerated.
A trollfic written by someone who really likes sadfics. Don't get offended, and if you do, come on man. Really?

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