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A lot can change between friends in a span of ten years. Applejack and Rainbow Dash know this better than anypony. And here they are now, exchanging marks and reciting vows before the princesses and half of Equestria. It feels like a dream, but a nightmare too.

But after today, from that fateful aisle to their wedding bed, their hearts will beat as one, forevermore, until the end of their days.

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What are you doing, maaaan? :ajsleepy:

4264528 Whoops! How'd I not see that!?:derpytongue2:


:rainbowlaugh: It's all good. Now to read this... Should I be concerned that you're apologizing already? :pinkiecrazy:

4264542 No, just a warning that this is out of my comfort zone. :fluttershyouch:



But in all seriousness, this was a pretty good appledash story, I'm just kinda baffled that you of all people wrote it... You don't exactly seem like a fan of the sappy shippy stuff...

4264554 Noooooo

Because romance.


Ooooooh. This is gonna be fun. :rainbowkiss:

I'll leave you a real review later. :twilightsmile:

Now, to make this even more awkward, take your shirt off... :rainbowwild:

So, you just jumping out of your comfort zone with F/F shipping? I did a double take upon seeing that it was written by you.

Whoa. Rainbow Dash in the wedding dress in an AppleDash pic? How is this possible?

I love it. :rainbowkiss:

5.5k words you say? I suppose it's been a while since I've actually read something. Let's do this. :rainbowdetermined2:

Silly Apex. Y u no use proofreaders? :rainbowlaugh:

4266978 Well I thought you hated AppleDash a while back and I honestly was too embarrassed to ask anyone else. :twilightblush:


Pff, if it's shipping, I love it. While I admit I go on and off AppleDash, I can still proofread stuff I don't like, fool!

Regardless, I'll complain more once I've finished reading. :moustache:

Well that was a fun read. It would have been quicker had I not been distracted by the Polka is Magic loop and Harry Partridge. Have some of my favorite screwups:

those laxed eyes of her’s have yet to betray her.

Lax eyes, unnecessary apostrophe and wrong tense.

looking at the strange mottley-haired pegasus wearing an ivory silk gown staring back.

Motley is misspelled, and you've listed way too many participles, so this reads badly.

a pony that knows you better than you your own name.

Missing word.

So in conclusion, you're a bumpkin for not getting a proofreader. :rainbowlaugh:

Onwards to actual story, it was sweet. Like eating lots and lots of honey straight from the jar. Yeah, that much honey is potentially dangerous, but it was worth it. It's been a while since I've read anything, let alone an AppleDash. I think the biggest issue this story will run into is that you've got a predisposed relationship. Rather than justifying it yourself, you're relying on the reader to justify it themselves. While this is fine for most AppleDash readers, I suspect that many of your followers probably aren't AppleDash shippers. As such, it's difficult for them to get into your story.

Other than that, my only real beef was with Rainbow Dash: perhaps I misjudge her character, but I don't feel that she did enough to hide her emotions. Of course I love what you did with her—you conveyed the severity of the pressure very well—and I can understand that there are examples in the show of Rainbow Dash cracking under lesser pressure. However, I still feel that ten years on from the season two finale Rainbow Dash would hide her emotions more. She is a wonderful actor: on the outside she is calm and normal, but she is screaming underneath.

That's just my personal interpretation, of course.

As a side note, I can't seem to find the source for your cover art. You don't happen to have a link for that, do you? I'd like to find the artist, but most uses of the image have cropped out the artists name in the corner... which kind of says it all. :rainbowlaugh:

This was one of the best AppleDash fanfictions that I have read over the past three-four years of supporting this awesome pairing, and that is truly saying something. The essence of which you captured the moments were a perfect mixture between the love that the two characters feel for one another, the comedy added in nicely for several affects during the story and complimented the plot of the wedding beautifully. The small potential love connection between Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry is also a very small tease thrown out there. In general, the story is beautiful and well-crafted, and a definate "must read". I don't understand most of the hate on AppleDash, commonly because I believe the two mold together quite well.

Aside from that one of my only complaints is that Luna's part seemed a bit grim and morbid, something that I believe that while Princess Luna is still learning how to cooperate with her subjects, she has almost out grown in the past few seasons of the show. The writing is still, however, well thought out and beautiful, adding several dynamics to the characters and capturing their seperate personalities through different points of view. A wonderful piece of work!:yay:

4267135 I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile: Looking back, I COULD have and should have done a better job with R.D.

Unfortunately, I could not find the artist of this nice cover :fluttershyouch: If he/she had a DA account, they've likely deleted it.

4267378 If you thought Luna's part was morbid, then that means it did its job! :rainbowlaugh: During my planning for the actual wedding, I wanted to do something unique. So I thought, "Hey, why not make the four princesses have the couple swear vows depending on what they represent." Luna's was dark, but the night has always a place of evil, and it made sense that at least one of them involved defending your other from such evil. :scootangel:


I really would like to see more of the romantic-comedy branch from you in the future. :twilightsmile:

That was so sweet I have diabetes now. I almost teared up during Dash's Exchange. Great world-building here with the whole ceremony. AppleDash was my first ship, and though I really don't ship it much anymore, this was still beautiful. Awesome job! :rainbowkiss: :ajsmug:

I dont understand why there is always so much hate on the Appledash pairing. (Not saying you were hating on it) I think they are perfect for each other. :pinkiehappy: I loved this fic!! Cant wait to read more.:twilightblush:

I just died. Cause of death; fangirling too hard. This was absolutely amazing and deserves every like it gets, has gotten and will get, including mine.

4271087 I'm a big AppleDash writer as well, and everyone who hates on it just gets a funny look from me that says "the fuck's wrong with you?"

4323551 I completely agree! :twilightsheepish: I dont hate on their favorite pairings, so why should they hate on ours? :rainbowhuh:

4324293 the only ship I really hate on is RariJack, but I don't go looking or fights, I just silently disagree with their decision.

4324309 I severly dislike the RariJack ship also. I could never wrap my head around that ship. :rainbowhuh: But ehh, some people are into it I guess.:unsuresweetie:

Sorry it took me so long to review this, I died half way through because of love overdose and you would not believe how hard it is to get human organs this time of year. Anyway, this story is absolutely amazing and defiantly one of the best AppleDash stories i've read in a long time.

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