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Also known as Best Leader. I have her charisma, her creativity, and her passion. Now if only I could have her drive so that I actually finish my stories...


Ten years after Twilight is crowned an alicorn princess, she is now the rightful ruler of Equestria. History repeats itself when she tasks her newly appointed student, Sunset Shimmer, to study the magic of friendship. But the road to redemption is a long and arduous one, and shutting yourself from others only makes it worse once they manage to break through. On top of that, something about all this appears to be bothering Sunset, and she herself cannot understand why.

But before Sunset confronts her inner demons and takes the first step towards the rest of her life, she must get to Ponyville first. On the train ride there, she meets an old friend.

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Comments ( 9 )

Sorry for the stupid formatting on some of the paragraphs; dumb GDocs is broke sometimes.

This is a short and very sweet fic. I really liked how you made Shimmer a bit more soft spoken and meek, it contrasts her nicely with the more bombastic tone of Donut Joe. (Beware the coming fics, Marc. You just may have sent a new ship sailing the infinite seas of the Brony Fandom.)

Some formatting errors here and there, but certainly not enough to ruin the experience, which I'll repeat myself, was really good. And for whatever reason, seeing Sunset Shimmer depicted like this, her thoughts and her newfound tone, just struck a chord with me... in a good way.:twilightblush:

I cried a bit. It just tugged on my heart strings. Something about the little piece of romance and growing old...

The feels, man. The feels! :raritydespair:

Nice. Not my favorite thing ever, but nice.

Short simple, and to the point.

How the hell did I miss this?

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was some nice, cute fluff.

i haven't read this, but the title suggests pony joe is in this. In which case, why haven't you put his tag on the fic?

This actually had me yelling at my screen, "just tell him! Them him everything and he'd understand!"

I love how it gave me that reaction and now I'm in my way to get a dozen donuts.

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