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There’s a place for everything. Sometimes that place is harder to find than others. However, for dusty old stories that are incomplete, discontinued, or just looking to get out of the rain until it clears, I heard there’s a dusty old mare that may just have a place for them.

This group is mainly intended for discarded stories hoping that some inspiring author might draw inspiration from the creativity of others' perceived shortcomings. You can also promote stories that you think don’t get as much recognition as you believe it deserves.

(ugh!:raritydespair: Yes, they exist for a reason. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a stickler for them.:ajbemused:)

1. Add one story to one folder that the author is no longer working on or haven’t been updated in a year+. Only exemption is the newest Folder Crafting Corner. If it has been updated by the author before that time, then you’ll have to wait one year from the date posted. Or if you’re the author then please move the story to the Crafting Corner. This rule won’t get anyone suspended or banned.

2. How the hay is it really that bucking hard to leave your vulgarity at the door? If you can’t live without saying one foul word in every online post you make, please do the very least of canonizing it. It’s not going anywhere. You can take it with you when you go. Repeated failure to follow this rule will first be a warning, second a temporary suspension, third, a permanent ban from the group if it persists.

3. Do not make posts designed specifically to attack another user group of people or organize hatred against a user’s story. No matter how funny you might think it is, it’s called bullying. Repeated failure to follow this rule will first be a warning, second, a permanent ban from the group if it persists.

4. I ask you to keep your designated stories in their respective categories. Your Incomplete/hiatus stories go in Incomplete/Hiatus and your discontinued stories go in Discontinued. As for Lost but not forgotten stories, it is not considered a self promotion folder. They are stories that you have found and are not your own that you want to promote here because it’s been neglected for however long by the author who wrote it. And finally the Crafting Corner, this newest folder will be meant for stories that are in the works. Repeated deliberate failure to follow this rule will first be a warning, second a temporary suspension.

(The rule above is more of a petty rule, so if the red section is repeatedly misunderstood I will update to meet accommodations)

5. I don’t support such content, but I suppose that there are neglected stories rated Mature. If your story or post requires the use of mature-rated subject matter, be sure to identify it accordingly and kept in the proper folder. Failure to follow this rule after one warning will first be a temporary suspension, second, a permanent ban from the group. Even if the content is marked accordingly, NSFW images in this group are not allowed, resulting in an immediate ban.

(:twilightblush: may or may not have this group properly set for the fifth rule. If I need to provide adjustments please notify me to fix.:rainbowdetermined2:)

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