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Twilight Sparkle awakens one morning to find all of Ponyville wholly consumed by a spreading cloud of white.

Hopefully The Stranger inside her castle can help her understand what this all means.

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This is odd and sad and delicate and yet...a sweet ending. A sad but sweet ending. Thanks.

It kinds of reminds me of The Neverending Story but not the movie, the book. The movie is shit.

Awesome 1-shot

Very nicely done. :pinkiesmile: In a way, it's sort of what the fans go through in times when they wonder if there will be another season of the show or not. Fanfiction will always be there to ensure that the memory endures.

This story is great and reminds me a bit of that movie: The Langoliers


This is both sad and heartwarming, a combination that works well when used right. As it has been done here, good work!

Oh thank gods you saved it. I was worried this was going to be all depressing and ruin my night :fluttercry:

But I actually really liked it!

"They look like big, good, strong wings, don't they?"

This was quite powerful man, quite powerful indeed. :pinkiesad2:

Damn. That's pretty powerful, and hit home pretty hard:fluttercry:

But...I like to believe that the stories live on long after we finish them. That we're just peering into a world for a short time, and while we're done reading or writing, it continues on. Besides, they can live on in our hearts and memories.

A bit sentimental, I know, but it's what I believe.

Personally, I think it would have had a bigger impact if everyone was erased, but regardless, this was a good story.

Honestly I don't think any story can ever truly end, it's kind of like multiverse theory, how there is an infinite number of possible universes, with every nanonsecond that passes creating millions of other possibilities for realities.

The same with a story, every new episode, piece of fan art, every meme, every song, heck every story that is published inadvertently leads to thousands more to be created. There is always the potential for new stories and as long as we stay creative, whether good or bad, there are always stories to be written.

Though like you said the only way for that to not be the case is if the story is forgotten, though I like to believe if a story is truly amazing, then it will never be forgotten. Look at a Christmas Carol, it was written centuries ago yet people still read about it today. And given how much fanfiction there is about this show, I doubt it will ever truly end, so long as there is atleast one person to read and to write.

Very profound story my friend, like Cabin in the Woods but with fanfiction.

7252934 Might you mean The Neverending Story? Cause I can't remember any movies called the endless story.

Even if this were a simulated Equestria, it's still one of the best simulation stories i've ever seen.

INB4 Twilight becomes/self-inserts Faust to keep writing Equestria's story.

I'm guessing a lot of people will read this story again once the tv series ends, (not actually looking forward to it). :fluttershyouch:

Hm. I'd say there's a different solution: The story never ends. Only a point where the storytellers stop talking.

This is peculiar.

This shouldn't have the Slice of Life tag. Never in ordinary life does one's town gradually disappear, a Stranger presents one with a means to save it, and then one starts writing stories in a book to continue existence.

Aw this is sweet in a weird way.

7253077 ... But I couldn't hold onto him.

The End.

I sort of felt like this was a last tip of the hat to the MLP fandom, because it's dying. We can all see it, and there's no denying it.

7253811 People have been saying this for years.

my friend. you've put into existence what i've been expounding for years to all authors of all fandoms on the internet.

you wont be forgotten as long as people read, remember, and continue to do so till they move on. continue to pass the torch. you might not know you're doing it.

but you kinda gave me a micro stomach drop. this felt like you were writing a goodbye to MLP.


It reminds me of a quote from red vs blue: "Never say goodbye. If you don't say goodbye then you aren't really gone, you just aren't here right now."

7253497 It does if your name is Bastian Balthasar Bux.

In my eyes, the fact that FIM has a fanfiction site dedicated to it is testament to just how fertile a ground the setting is for stories. I have hundreds of completed stories favorited that I still go back to read ('who we are' being a particular favorite) as well as a few that are still ongoing.

I have noticed however, that enthusiasm (and therefore updates to those stories) appears to have died down somewhat recently, but I still believe that that the FIM story-mine is by no means tapped out yet, just that it takes a more dedicated miner than it used to.

I don't think i've ever said goodbye unless i knew i would never see the person again in my life, and that is the exact reason why.

Comment posted by cpl_scipio deleted May 28th, 2016

This is beautiful and emotional at the same time.

7253116 I couldn't have said it better myself. I would be also very saddened if this all here came to an end. I met some very nice and friendly people out there and enjoyed dozens of awesome written stories (and this one is no exception).

Now I want to pass on that story to you—to do with as you wish

I literally can't think of anything that could be considered a better/more valuable gift for Twilight in this situation.

1. This is obviously a love letter to fanfiction in general.

And what a beautiful love letter it was, lovely! :heart:


Stories never truly end...but if a world is forgotten, no more stories appear.

So many stories I had before this fandom...left behind...I miss them.

...I should return to them someday...put keyboard to document and make the world come alive again...


So many worlds...so many stories...

...thank you for this story.

And anyone says "She couldn't write a decent story indefinitely" I refer you to Short Skirts and Explosions :pinkiesmile:

Really!? I was reminded more of InkHeart. I'm not sure why.

No story ever truly ends so long as we cherish it within our hearts and minds.


That was almost depressing, then it ended nicely.

Kudos to you! :pinkiehappy:

also, found an error.

Some may be longer than others and same may be shorter and some may be more interesting than others,

7254232 In the book the world fantasia requires a person to survive, whom sucks into a story which is written by the actions of the reader. If the reader doesn't appear, the whole worlds will be consumed by the Nothing. Those who have been consumed by the Nothing are brought to the real world.

This consept is very similiar to this story.

However, there is a big twist about the Neverendingstory: Each action the reader takes slowly erases their memory and they become a prisoner in the story. There were a town full of readers who lost their memories and that would be Sebastian's fate.

In the movie the this whole prisoner concept and the philosophy is missing. The book is a children's book but contains very heavy stuff.

Interesting idea, but I'm surprised you didn't touch on the concept that as Twilight herself forgot stuff, start would start disappearing. I mean, how is it that you'd be able to remember everything in the world perfectly. And once she forgets, anything that would remind her fades away as well. Eventually it could be that nothing except Ponyville is made up, a substitute for what once was.



This could serve as a powerful message:

To All Authors:

Never Leave a story unfinished or cancelled

Sustained ontology is a tricky matter with fictional universes. Ours keeps going even when no one's looking. Indeed, that's when some of the most interesting things happen. But the ones we create? It's nice to think that they go on without us, but the truth is closer to this story. They only live until they're forgotten, but that means they live so long as we remember. There is few greater tributes to a beloved work than perpetuating it.

Sorry, metafiction makes me philosophical. Suffice to say, I quite enjoyed this story. Thank you for it.

This reminds me of a song...

And when he swore to bring back his love by stories he'd create
Nightmares shifted in their sleep in the darkness of the lake...

I like this a lot.

Twilight Sparkle awakens one morning to find all of Ponyville wholly consumed by a spreading cloud of white.

Hopefully The Stranger inside her castle can help her understand what this all means.

Twilight: What is all this white stuff? Is it the end of the world? Is the world ending!?

Stranger: It's called "winter", Twilight. You should know that.

Twilight: Who are you? What are you? How did you get into my castle?

Stranger: It's me, Spike.

Twilight: ???

Stranger: Did you experiment with memory spells again?

Twilight: Um... Maybe? I don't remember.

Wow, this is really good. Philosophical and emotional and hopeful at the same time. Makes you value your own existence, and makes authors value the work they're doing.

Am I about to feel?

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