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"Thanks, Mom." Two simple words said by a simple guard.

Not so simple when those words are accidentally addressed to Princess Celestia.

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Huh, and now I see one of Celestia's guards as her son by blood. New headcanon achieved!

“How was I to tell you were being completely serious? Unlike you, Celestia, most ponies have different tones when they are trying to make others laugh. How about whenever you finish telling an actual joke, you finish it by adding ‘Funny joke!’ That is what I have started to do and so far it has worked most stupendously. Here, let me demonstrate.”

This was alright. Your work's have been on something on a downward spiral in my opinion, although that may just be because it's more or less the same quality and same type of humour and because I've read your previous works your new stuff appears boring, or some other reason that just has to do with my perception.

I feel like that Funny Joke part was from something familiar.
Edit: Someone else knew what it was lol

Huh interesting can u excuse me 4 a moment so i can laugh my ass off of how funny this fic is?

Jealous Luna is best Lu-


Well, that was very cute. Did your teacher adopted you?

Interesting concept. I've seen the idea before, specifically in reference to 'member when. Ha! the notion is more popular than I'd have thought! Kudos! n.n

Fun story. Oddly surreal, but it made my heart feel fuzzy.

Like a lemur with a rash.

I think there's something in my chest.

Eventually Celestia decides being Momlestia is a mistake and moves to the sun. Luna becomes the crazy cranky aunt with the dozen cats while Cadance us the visiting Milf and Twilight the adorable little sister the guards all spoil.

7298916 A sequel when it's revealed that one of the guards is actually an orphan...plz

I'll assume this is all headcanon that has nothing to do with the show.

Now a sequel with Sunset Shimmer returning and calling her that!

7299053 NOPE!!!!!*COMMITS STARLIGHT GLIMMER, CHANGES REALITY.*NOW, Luna is the aunt who's a bit strict, but loads of fun.:rainbowwild:

So Luna is the annoying aunt who tells horrible jokes?

"Thanks, Mom," said the guard pony.

"You are welcome, Clone number 45," replied Celestia.

"And now you know why all the Royal Guard ponies look alike," said UniqueSKD

7299225 On an entirely off-topic note, I love that avatar.
Also, Google labels it as "8th wonder of the world". Not joking. It's hilarious!
Google Search

Reminds me of a story where Luna's guards were just foals with enchanted armour that made them look like adults.

:pinkiehappy: Awesome story. I really liked it

Hey, uh... listen... I could totally go for another 9 chapters, 2 spinoffs, and 3 more story arcs... just saying, just putting that out there, just mentioning that I'd read that, is all...

So, like... can we have some more?

Yeah... that Aegis Shield one right?

Oh I'm gonna need a link to this one...

Quick, light, somewhat silly.

That was nice. :twilightsmile:

For some reason, I can't download the story. When I click to download it says the webpage isn't working. :/

Momlestia is best Lestia!

Well, she really only has herself to blame.

Remember, that's why you never rule a country without wearing protection.

Now we need one of Luna being called 'Ma' by the night guard.

The feature box today is amusing. The fic titles appear to be responding to each other.

> Flurry Heart Wants a Pony
> "Thanks, Mom."

That's how I got my middle school gym and science teacher to hook up after I called one mom and the other dad on accident .3.

Luna is going to be called dad with all the dad jokes she pulls.

Awww- wait, there's no random or comedy tag!

Celestia has it easy. The Crystal Palace's maids all treat Cadance like that older sister that's hotter than them and totally flirting with their new coltfriend.

Perfect!! I shall up vote when I gain access to mah main account since this is an alt and I cannot up vote...

Part of me wants to join the royal guard now.

I didn't know that. Rainbow approves.

In third grade I accidentally called my homeroom teacher "mom". Obviously, she adopted me right afterwards and has regretted the decision ever since. Sorry, "mom"! Not leaving the house this decade!

I can't tell if that's a joke or if you're serious.

7299744 For some reason I could actually see Luna being completely okay with that...

Although she did have to admit a “BEST MOM” coffee mug sounded rather intriguing.

Soon enough, this is going to be the situation Celestia's in.
Loved the story, short and cute.

“Princess Luna is the embodiment of nice!” Luna loudly decried. “Her love is so bright and warm it would melt the eyes off anyone that would dare get too close to it!”


During my initial training I remember one of the other trainees calling the sergeant 'mum' during roll call...

I'm not sure why this doesn't have a comedy tag, because the whole story definitely has a very humorous tone. It's more grounded than a lot of comedies, but it's still silly and light-hearted.

And yeah, it is kind of cute as well, in its own odd way.

Chucklefest Simulator 2017 confirmed.

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