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Department Memo:

Starting on Monday the 26th, our office company will be offering an optional "Pony Break" available daily to all employees for stress-related purposes. If interested, please leave your availability with new company employee Fluttershy at your earliest convenience.

Twenty-two to forty-four minute meetings available upon request.

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Comments ( 114 )

This is destined for greatness.

Man. After the week I've had, I could really use a Pony Break. :fluttershysad:

Freeow! That was a great story NBD. :pinkiehappy:

I am both surprised and impressed to see something from you that wasn't either funny, or dark, or darkly funny. (And no, I hadn't forgotten the other guy).

You may or may not be surprised to learn that 'Pony Time' was an actual thing, at least during the Federal State Assembly in Berlin.

Personally I agree with you on all counts. My job could definitely use some 'Pony Time' each day, and coffee is far superior to tea. Especially Jamaican Blue Mountain. :raritywink:

P.S. Thx for the reminder...

Nice. A few spacing and grammatical errors, but a nice read.

you could probably tell that moral morale around this place has changed a bit.

Flutterhshy as a shrink? Okay, why not?

I even took two steps passed reception


I pitched the bridge of my nose


cooping with stress


moral around this place


Or a few kinds words.


Also, this was fun.

This is a great story! Thank you. believe me, I know how you feel. I wish we did have Pony Break here!

7108475 Looks like someone was using an iPhone.

Continue this story please? We need a Stevequel.

I want a pony therapist, please :3

Naturalbornderpy, are you okay dude?

7108936 What does an iPhone have to do with grammar?

Definitely would not mind therapy cuddles. Definitely something I could use right now.

This was sweet.

I was going to comment about the repeat use of Steve but then read your note.

1. Is your name Steve?

2. Are you okay? Is this a subtle plea for someone to talk to? You can PM me if you want. We could chat on Skype.

OMG the nostalgia. When i read the guy's name was Steve I was instantly reminded of Sombra the Highly Unmotivated (If you haven't read it, stop what you're doing and read it. Now.) about how Steve originally is annoyed by Sombra and then warms up to him, and it's like this in here too. if I said anymore then I'd be entering spoiler territory, so go read it.

7109478 Because DamnYouAutoCorrect.com

1. The running joke is that all my human characters are named Steve. Or I'm just lazy.

5. Coffee is better than tea.

No my friend, both have equal standing.

Awesome story, as always!

I dunno about any pony break but thinking that it might be possible for Fluttershy to reach a point where she'd be comfortable reaching out to helping others in such a way, that would be the nicest thing! :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

This is a nice little story :twilightsmile:

7109587 You're Steven, he's Steven, he's Steven, are there any other 'Stevens' I should know about?

Steven: Meow.

7108192 We all can, man. We all can.

(The only reason I don't like you're fic is because you have 66 likes)

CEO: Execute Order 66...

every single person with a pony plushie gets cuddled by it

... while every Jedi with a clone trooper gets killed... sorry...

The story reminded me of this. :twilightsmile:

Described depression quite well there. I'd like a pony break in my life =(

Flutters is most cute pony :yay:

I’ve never felt so darn swell than after meeting with Fluttershy.

Did somebody say...



...I need a pony break. :applecry:

7109577 So, it's impossible for me to just be this good at spotting errors?

7109566 Name's not Steve. I'll give you a hint. I'm a guy, but it's a girl's name.

Secondly, not a plea for help. I'm just rather interested in psychology and signs of depression. Also, just things I've noticed in life. I'll get back to silly comedies soon enough. :twilightsmile:

7109437 I'm good. I have a great family and friends. Just felt like writing about someone unable to ask for help. Trying something different for a change.

7108243 Felt like trying something outside of the box. Can't play it safe all the time. :twistnerd:

7108153 Featured. So... pretty good. :pinkiehappy:

Tank is a tortoise. Fluttershy corrects others when they call him a turtle.

I'm surprised Initech would do something as progressive as hire a pony. Isn't this the mythical Initech that's a mirror of the drudgery of all generic office work?

Great story!:pinkiehappy:
But now I want a Pony Break...:pinkiesad2:

If colorful talking magical ponies ever came to earth...this right here is how they would conquer us. not with weapons, war and death, but with F*(&^%$ cuteness. they would just cute their way into every level of our society and make themselves a major if not irreplaceable part of it and then one day would simply threaten to take it all away if we did not live by their standards. Of course this would not be a bad thing as i would be one of the people gladly hailing our adorable overlords into power

I am at work currently doing my second of two double shifts in a row. I sure do need a pony break right about now. I of course welcome our new pony overlords.

Like when she had to say goodbye to her pet turtle for a while


5. Coffee is better than tea.

Do you have a David's Teas near you? If so, try the Jumpy Monkey. It's got coffee in it and it's surprisingly tasty.

7110333 No, I meant it as it was used to write the story, seeing as it miscorrects simple words like that all the time.


Me too. Although working in Retail, down in the trenches, I'm surprised I haven't had a psychotic break yet after twenty-plus years. (Sarcasm is my coping mechanism; cheaper than drugs, smokes, or booze)


I momentarily choked on air. “Mr. Wentworth Lumberg!
"Hey, Steve, what's happenin. Hey, if you could just go down to Fluttershy's office and hug the pretty pony, that would be great..."

Not really sure I agree with this being in the "Sad" category. At most, it's bittersweet with emphasis on the bitter at first and sweet at the end. With that said, I love this story! It's similar to the sessions I have with some of my friends whenever one of us is down; somehow, just having someone to talk to and getting it off your chest, out of your mind, and into the open makes you realize life isn't as bad as it looked.

Congratulations on another well-written fic, and another one for my favorites!

You never cease to please me naturalbornderpy. You and your fantastically awesome stories. My job needs a Pony time, and a NaturalBornDerpy Time.

I wonder where everyone else (Mane 6 wise) is at. Best guesses:
-Twilight's in either a library or research facility.
-Applejack's at a farm or similar.
-Rainbow Dash at Hollywood with the stuntmen
-Rarity's mobile with famous stars. (Beware of Mel Gibson)
Pinkie Pie... She's behind you

My company having a pony break is probably a bigger fantasy now than visiting Equestria. Is this set in the Highly Unmotivated-verse? It could be.

Please, PLEASE let this be like Princess Celestia's Newest Archenemy, and spin off into an epic length tale of Fluttershy getting cuddled by every employee in the office!

I really liked it, short and sweet.

Reading this made me realize, they really need to add a pony break in universities and professional schools. My life is so stressful in law school, what I wouldn't give for a 20 minute pony break haha. It'd be the greatest thing ever.

Your first reason why everyone is named 'Steve' is because of how much you love minecraft.

This is pretty darn cute. Now I want a pony break... :yay:

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