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The ponies of Equestria are always ready to cheer up somepony… or some-human… who’s feeling down. Written for anyone and everyone who needs it.

Was initially going to be a series of one-shots, but life.

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I like this.

Woah...a story where ponies comfort "me." This is a dream come true.

Unfortunately, I have more than just depression to contend with. I should seriously consider writing a story with myself in the Equestrian world just so I can interact with the beings I wish so much were real. It might be therapeutic.

Colgate. She's cute as a button, cheerful, and probably has a very distinct outlook given she probably had to deal with Twilight leaving and Moondancer shutting herself in. She also probably found some variety of close friend in Berry Punch, who I can imagine would need encouragements every once in a while. I'd peg Colgate as experienced in cheering ponies up.

Edit: But only after the mane six. We'd have to leave Ponyville, after all.

I'll be honest, I'd kill for a Flutterhug. No seriously, who do I gotta murderize for some Fluttersnuggle? No, wait, that would give her the sad. Aw man. *kicks conveniently placed tin can*

Aren't you excited?
Aren't you happy?

6565595 If you're talking about "you" as in the character, not really. As I implied in several places, you've been going to Equestria and hanging out with ponies for a while, so the novelty has worn off. Just being in Equestria isn't enough to overcome a bad day... I could write a story where the main character gets transported to Equestria for the first time and gets super excited, but that's a little cliche at this point. Although I'm considering adding a chapter that explains, outright or by implication, how you ended up spending your weekends in Equestria...

And while I'm on the spoiler train,
I'm currently working on a new chapter -- next weekend, it's Dash's turn.

Next chapter may be a little later than planned because of college. Apologies. :fluttershyouch:

I liked it. too many of thees turn in to clop but thsi is just the ponies being the nice people ( well in this case ponies) we have come to know and love.

If you need/want ideas for future chapters Pinkie Pie's could be about not being invited to a party,,, or something Im not really a writer I doubt I would be any good at it.

Anyway I look forward to reading more

Please do one with Fluttershy or Vinyl scratch

i think celestia ......i.....think of her as a 2nd mother figure i guess id like to see her because i worry about my moms health and that she lives with a drunk who verbally abuses her ......one time physically ......and like a coward i ran so id like to see her or rainbow dash since shes tye element of loyality same thing applies maybe you could do both at the same time ?

This was a really good idea. Any plant to continue it?

Oh for the love of all that is good! Dont cancel this man! Please, continue it! Khajiit is begging on his paws!

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