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The Patriotic Pony

I am a brony from the north living in the south. My writing and art may be amateurish, but I don't care as long as you guys enjoy it! I'm working with a fellow novice and a good friend, Swift Ebony.


Revamp at: 100% Completion! · 6:22am Aug 17th, 2016

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD EVENING, FILLIES AND GENTLECOLTS! Patriotic Pony here, with phenomenal news!

It's done. The revamp is finally, FINALLY done! It took 1,307 more words, over two years of struggle, two existential crises, one college transfer, several arguments, and an untold number of emotional breakdowns, but it's finally, FINALLY finished!


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2031427 Thank YOU for writing it!

Your character reminded me of an old stallion who will appear in my own fic soon, a jaded fellow who just wants to let go of his past, but the past isn't ready to let go of him. I was unsure of how to portray him in a few scenes, and your work has given me inspiration not only for what I had, but for some things I never considered before.

Such a simple story, yet it holds so much meaning and depth... just like our characters, eh? :twilightsmile: Well done, you most certainly earned that feature!

Thanks for adding The Candy Maker to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

1247800 Please don't pull on my hair...

Hallo, I'm Chase. :pinkiecrazy:

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