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Writer of Macro/Micro porn, rampages, and adventure. I take... some requests. Within reason. I try to be a good man.


Thank You · 5:08am February 13th

So my latest short, "More Than An Alicorn", got featured for like 2 whole days. I'm not sure I've ever been featured before so BIG thank you to everyone who enjoyed the story. I honestly did not expect it to do so well. Not that I didn't put any care into the short, it's just that I had originally intended it to be another flash fic for my current anthology collection. Which, if you're not familiar with the term "flash fic", simply refers to stories that are about 1000 words or less. But some

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About Me

I call myself Blobskin. Where the name came from I don't even remember. I've had it for a long time. The reason I started writing was due to a lack of anything I wanted to read. No one was writing the type of stories I wanted so I decided to just do it myself. I am a macrophile, a lover of giants. Gentle giants preferably. I am a porn author, I'm not going to pretend otherwise, but I do regularly write cutesy or action based stories too. The majority of my work is set in the MLP universe, in a variant of it, or otherwise uses ponies and humans as the primary species. Though I have really wanted to branch out and write more generic furry fiction.

I love the macro/micro community. I love gentle. I like cruel. I love most of the fetishes. I like crushes and cuddles. I like boobs and butts. I like kisses and farts. I know there are others in the community who were/are like me, that feel like no one is writing the kinds of stories they want to read. So with my love of so many themes I have decided I want to fill the void. To write the stories no one else seems interested in writing. A bold declaration and I know I am only one author. I could never totally fill the demand. Yet I still choose to try.

I don't RP and I don't officially do requests. My history with both over the years has not been enjoyable so I've lost interest in them. Though I still wish to write stories that myself and others can enjoy. I shall work hard and write much. Stick around and let's have some fun.

Warning: Most of my work is of an adult nature and I have little interest in non macro/micro content. Don't follow me expecting content outside those two qualifications. You'll just be disappointed. Sorry and thank you for understanding.

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My handle's Johnny2.

Could I ask what kind of "Micro/Macro" stories you prefer to write?

You think you can do an Isekai of a pegasister/brony becoming midnight in the eqg universe

I don't think so. I'm thinking I'm going to officially cancel that story and move on.

B_25 #54 · Jun 18th, 2021 · · 2 ·

Welcome back again.

I was wondering if you will finish 7 days of macro dreams

B_25 #52 · Jun 18th, 2017 · · 2 ·

Welcome back.

B_25 #51 · Apr 28th, 2017 · · 2 ·

2434635 Make sense. Please take good care of yourself.

2418788 Sort of. I had some major life decisions to make and something had to give. So I dropped MLP.

B_25 #49 · Mar 21st, 2017 · · 3 ·

did you quit?

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