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I write macro/micro content because no one else in the community is going to do it for me. I greatly prefer gentle, but I always get requests for cruel. IDK

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Living with a BIG Secret

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A Weak Sauce Phrase Everyone Should Avoid · 5:22pm Oct 22nd, 2017

He looked around.

I want to help others improve their writing as much as I want to get better myself. So today I'm going to give all you new writers out there a word of advice. To improve your own work, you need to be reading. Get out there and read anything and everything. And while you're at it, be on the look out for phrases that irritate you. Then make a mental note of them and avoid them in your own work.

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Welcome back.

2434635 Make sense. Please take good care of yourself.

2418788 Sort of. I had some major life decisions to make and something had to give. So I dropped MLP.

did you quit?

2321604 Ugh, I hate to kill the mood, but that was an accidental click. I meant to add it to my Read Later shelf. I haven't read it yet.

Tea or coffee?

1918048 Yeah I'll get back to writing soon. I've just been taking a break cause my brains been fried. I can't seem to get ideas together. Stuff I've been trying to write...just...won't come to me :raritycry:

Hey man, can you write more micro clop fics. I really enjoyed the ones with Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, and Celestia

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