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Sometimes, I ask myself why I do the things I do. And then, I tell myself to shut up and do what I say. Follow me on my Twitter, @ChucklesDonovan.

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The Big Move · 3:35am Jan 6th, 2018

I didn't plan on making this transition until Gilchrist had been fully written, three books and all. However, with what has happened, I decided it's better to just make the transition now. Gilchrist is no longer taking place in the 'My Little Pony' universe. I am currently drafting and building a new universe for him to have his adventures in. The main reason for this is, I want to make money off of this book some day. I can't do that if it's a fanfiction. I haven't decided how I'm going to be

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I thought I'd let you know- you spelled Decadent wrong in your username.

Idea : Rainbow's pubic hair is the only place colored indigo.

Humans live in tartarus
Story with episodic chapters, each with a quote theme

Note to self, rewrite TMJ prologue.

2245205 The group's doing well again actually. But thanks for wanting to help though its kind of too late...

1933231 I've restumbled upon your cry, I'll see if I can do something, though you probably don't care anymore.

Gilchrist Fionghuine (Servant of Christ, the kin-slayer)

I need to write a story to share this beautiful happiness! It's not for me, it's for all of them. Including you, random guy reading this for no explicable reason.

Fight scene, write the scenes from each timeline.

IDEA : Spike disliked Twilight growing up, but Celestia advised him that they both had something to gain from eachother.

Do something with the library of babel.

Thoughts thoughts thoughts. Getting back to the topic of government, how about a successful union of government and religion? Make them codependent on one another's success.

1933316 Either one!

1933231 Write a new story with The World of Illogic in mind, or dedicate one of my current stories to it?

This is the weirdest thing I've ever done and perhaps I regret nothing, but... The group the World of Illogic is dying! Won't you help bring it back?

Princess centered story. One of the celestia bodies is threatened, and they must travel to the end of the world to fix the shit.

Gonna put all of the ponies in the school house to death, but gives them all one last request.
Snails says "Suck my dick"

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