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You must be truly desperate to come to me for entertainment. Well, I do hope that you find to enjoy the stories I write. So yeah: Thanks for dropping by, kiddo! :)

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  • TThe return of Disharmony
    All hope seems lost when Tirek roams free in Equestria thanks to the help of Discord. What he doesn't know is that he is not the only one playing a two-faced game.
    Dracu98 · 1.8k words · 309 views
  • TThe solitary cell
    Deep down under the Castle of Friendship, a building that stands for peace and harmony, lies one single cell, containing one single inhabitant, buried under the castle and under the personal supervision of Twilight Sparkle herself.
    Dracu98 · 3.7k words  ·  13  3 · 522 views
  • EThe Crystal War
    In this alternate timeline, the Crystal Empire returned successfully, and now it's up to Celestia to stop it from rampaging all over Equestria. Since it's a short story, there isn't much to say. Enjoy!
    Dracu98 · 1.7k words  ·  8  3 · 529 views

Looking for a pre-reader for grammatical correction · 3:03pm Oct 16th, 2016

As the sequel to "The solitary cell" slowly takes form (yes, I know I haven't updated in months, I'm not happy with that either), I need someone with proper english-skills to pre-read my stories and correct the mistakes I make. While my english-skills are quite acceptable, I'm far from being fluent, especially when it comes to writing. Therefore, I wanted to ask if someone is bored enough to pre-read and correct my story "The abomination celebrates" (well...you know, the part of the story I've

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2190521 good luck on that ^^

2190519 I was being sarcastic. But I do hate SoarinDash for a great many reasons. Can't go into it right now writing a college paper

2190467 well. I can respect that! even though I'm not really into shipping. it's funny to see the characters act in such an adorable way (I always screech like little schoolgirl on a justin bieber-concert when I see twilight blushing in the first "Equestria Girls"-movie), but it's not the ship itself I'm focusing on. coming to think of it, why do you hate soardash (is it called that?) so much?

2190457 Passionate, insane shipper who hates SoarinDash so much he filtered those images out of his derpibooru... eh.

2190446 wow. now that's what I call a passionate shipper! I salute to you!

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