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You must be truly desperate to come to me for entertainment. Well, I do hope that you find to enjoy the stories I write. So yeah: Thanks for dropping by, kiddo! :)


Tirek reigns supreme. Three of the four princesses are trapped in Tartarus while the fourth one is hiding, not even able to control her immense powers. Tirek has brought Discord, the second most powerful magical instance of the world, to work for him, claiming that they would rule together. He thinks that he has already won. That he knows the outcome of the game, and that no one could possibly stop him anymore. In his arrogance, he doesn't even think of the possibility that he could be the one who is being manipulated.

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"And now I have become Chaos; destroyer of worlds".

I like it is always thought that discord had something up his sleeve but they made him seem like a fool for trusting tirek just to make the last key

When will the next chapter be out?

7478515 I'm not gonna lie: the next chapter will take a long while. I already know where I want to go with the story and what the next chapter will be about (I even wrote a few sentences already), but the thing is that I'm usually short on time. therefore, it'll take me quite a long time to get this finished. sorry to disappoint you :/

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