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You must be truly desperate to come to me for entertainment. Well, I do hope that you find to enjoy the stories I write. So yeah: Thanks for dropping by, kiddo! :)


In this alternate timeline, King Sombra was able to return to the Crystal Empire. It is now at Celestia to face the consequences and carry the burden that comes with it (it's kinda hard to write a long description to a short story).

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Whelp, Sombra is screwed. Don't piss off a sun goddess, as if that needed to be spelled out.

Nice short fic, although you've got something weird going down with your quotation marks.

6994270 sorry, that's a common thing in germany, which is why my writing-program is doing this automatically :D I'm going to fix it ^^ thanks for reading, pal :P

I think King Sombra dun goofed.

This is sad, but at least righteous vengeance will be had...

Like I said before, great story. Did you disable ratings? I think it might help if you turned them back on. This is pretty good, it should get good ratings.

7076429 not that I'd know. how do I do that?

Hello, my name is Jacob M. Keene, and I'm a voice actor. I just wanted to inform you that I just uploaded a reading of this very fanfiction on my YouTube channel! I narrate in my impression of Tony Jay, TrueSailorComet voices Princess Celestia, and SkyPaw122 voices Princess Luna, I hope you enjoy it!: https://youtu.be/VMxuDYjsJH8

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