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You must be truly desperate to come to me for entertainment. Well, I do hope that you find to enjoy the stories I write. So yeah: Thanks for dropping by, kiddo! :)


Deep down under the Castle of Friendship, a building that stands for peace and harmony, lies one single cell, containing one single inhabitant, buried under the castle and under the personal supervision of Twilight Sparkle herself. It is up to the Princess to deal with one of the sickest and most brutal ponies in all of Equestria - who seems to have developed a strange interest in his keeper.

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Please tell me there's going to be a sequel to this, I'd love to read the sequel to this. This story has a, sherlock holmes vs moriarty feel to it imo.(I sadly dont' know how to spell the name of Sherlock Holmes's antagonist.)

Keep up the good work.

Poor Twilight....
Regardless of its dark undertone, a good read.

You'll need to get this edited. May I help?

Could use a sequel. A nice story.

7152017 if you are talking about the grammatical errors, SciWriter already helps we with that. I just didn't get to finish my corrections yet ^^

@Flutternight @Lavabubble thank you very much :3

@GroxD wow. I...do not know how to respond to this. I'm serious, I'm out of words here, and I feel like "thank you" is just not enough. thank you²? about the sequel: I have an idea for a sequel, but it will take half of an eternity for me to write it. and before I do it, there is another story I want to get done. but: I didn't say no ;)

@i_am_the_jam Dah!

Welp, time to shelf this one and hope to see a sequel.:moustache:

7160157 oh stop it, you. you're making me blush :3 but as I said: while I already have an idea for a sequel, there is another story I want to write first. and it will probably take months for me to get this done, so you better put on your patience-pants :D is that even a thing? well, now it is.

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