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It was vexing. Discord could do anything he wanted with his absolute limitless power, literally anything. How he could achieve all that with a snap of his talons had been beyond Twilight's vast comprehension.

That is, until he explained the secret, the infinite source of his abilities. It had been the single most greatest mistake of her life, to cast open Pandora's Box and see what sights were held within, never to be buried again in blissful ignorance. This was what she had chosen for herself.


A spin-off to the the story Rot by Mister E. I suggest reading his story for context.
I appreciate the story being shared around, commented on, liked, enjoyed, all that jazz. :ajsmug:

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Good so far. I would love to see where you go with this.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


A spin-off to the the story Rot by Mister E, but is in no way 'canon' to his work.

Oh my god, you absolute fucking tease. I’ll be pissed if this isn’t finished.

i will literally kill him if he does not continue this.

(get it literally)

What's up with the 's around canon?

I mean I just finished this chapter, but aye there's gonna be more.

What i want to see is Discord. He knew she'd go a bit mad, but i doubt he would expect mutilation. i think the others would try and have him help as well.
It's either he helps or Twilight hangs around with him because he knows what she senses on a grander scale. or something like that.
all in all, great story.

Very well done, especially the reveal at the end. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
I’m looking forward to what you have in mind for Twilight. Will she eventually embrace the Rot fully, and become as Discord? Will she continue to reject it? Becoming thinner, and thinner, but unable to die, eventually becoming flesh and bone and magic?
Whatever direction you go in, you have my blessings. Great job!
Mister E.

Nice to see you back again.

All things considering I’m surprised Twilight doesn’t just permanently damage her olfactory nerve.

Like this story a lot! Cant wait to see how insane you make Twilight go.

Also love the song that you are naming the chapters after, corn is an important part of my breakfast after all :twilightsheepish:

Well this is definitely become one of my new favorite fanfics. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next

this is an OUTSTANDING and just fantastic continuation of Rot and i LOVE IT! So bizzare and obscure!
Youre doing amazing and i really hope youre gonna continue this story :D i CANNOT WAIT to see interaction between Twi and Discord! Love the fact that they became close friends throughout this terrible proccess.
keep up the stunning work!


The Rot would find a way to fuck with her.

Ive had this song in my head the whole time i read this. it just seems so fitting

Likely, but as far as solutions go I’d think she would have been desperate enough to try.

God I love this story so much, glad to see it's still alive and kicking since it is one of the most well written stories I've read in a LONG time.

Pfft, she's only seeing what I have from birth.

I got over it.

She's weak. Too weak to survive... *ALONDRO KILLS TWILIGHT!!* :pinkiegasp:

Also, this kinda reminds me of a darker version of the South Park episode where Stan kept seeing everything turning into poop. :trollestia:

Thank you! I hadn't realized that was there

Captivating, can't wait for more

Umm, where's starlight in all of this? She was there in the original story so why isn't she here? Or was it mentioned and i just missed it.

I'm not too fond of Commiepone.

Surprisingly uplifting even with the tinge of hope at the end of the last chapter.

I remember reading the first chapter way back when it came out. Glad I caught it again, the story was fascinating to me.

I was expecting tragedy. And I got triumph instead.

Well played sir.

The best Tragedy comes disguised as something else, only to strike when we least expect it.

Oh.. I can see the paths that this can take, and I am excited to see which it will be.

Omg finally I'm so happy to see the end to this!
This story has always been my favorite for, well, as long as I could remember. It is the perfect combination of insanity, horror, and artful hope. Not cheesy, but perfect.
I also like how you showed tiny glimpses of Twilight's broken mind. Because really, it's broken. Such as 'not willing to let her friends go'. Like, that line sent chills up my spine
All in all, utterly fantastic, and perfect. Thank you so much. So, so so much.

To this day I have never understood the words 'sent a chill up my spine' from reading or watching anything.
You and many others are quite strange, but I thank you nonetheless for your support to my stories.

...hmm... True... Ok rephrase. It caused my heart to plummet caused I was like Ah Shite... Here it goes.

Not really. Same energy tho.

So this was a very interesting work, and I quite enjoyed it. I am, however, confused on one matter specifically. Is the Rot a natural part of the Universe, or not? Because in our universe, all matter and energy gets broken down and decays into its barest and basest form before being recycled into new forms of matter and energy. I thought that this was what the Rot was doing already. But Twilight's last paragraph there says that she wants to stop the Rot so that energy and matter can be recycled instead of consumed, so I'm assuming that the Rot is therefore not doing that. Is it just some malevolent entity then, endlessly consuming everything?

It's explained in the original story.
But essentially it's just how Equestria works in this universe, nothing is recycled and simply just rots away into nothing.

Well, that just sounds incredibly unpleasant. Yeesh.

This was very lovely. I'm saddened by its short length but adore the emotion in it. Excellent work!

Actually, that's not true. The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy cannot decrease. In other words, energy is constantly degenerating into less and less valuable forms. Consider how much energy you burn simply to move your body. All that chemical energy, which you consumed in the form of food, is wasted, turned into heat through friction with the ground, with your clothes, with yourself, with the air. That heat cannot be turned back into food, or at least not without massive expenditures of energy, which entirely defeats the point. Eventually, all energy will decay to the most worthless form, heat, and the universe will be a vast empty space filled with individual atoms, as even the bonds between atoms decays into heat (the motion of atoms).

This is pretty decent. There's a number of typos and some of the sentences are very awkward, not to mention the random f-word (???) at the beginning of the fourth chapter, but you told a good story. Thumbs up ne.


Ever played SOMA? When "everyone will live" turns into "you are not allowed to die no matter the cost".

Really happy to see this sequel come up! Somehow simultaneously hopeful and foreboding. Good stuff.

Fascinating stuff. The text gets a little sloppy at the end, but overall, a fantastic tale of an arduous quest on the other side of sanity. Thank you for it.

I liked it, at last is a good ending

He’d feel a flicker of hope when she started talking animatedly, colour would return to her pale face, her eyes would dance with energy, she’d smile and notice him there.

Uh. No they don't.

to be fair, SOMA's specific horror comes from the existential idea that things are still deteriorating regardless of life and death, and it just removes the 'death' part.

Removing Rot, on the other hand, would mean no deterioration, ever. It is not the same - but I will admit Twilight/Discord's plans are similar at least in function.

I’m glad that twilight is going to work with discord

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