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During the time Twilight and Spike visit alternate versions of Equestria whilst trying to stop Starlight, one of the worlds had an anomaly of the extreme, diverted so far from the original that an entirely new world had been created.

The only remaining resident of this world decides that he won't just disappear.

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good story so far i like how its going and is done ^^

jup the world did totally got screw'd sideways

Oh absolutely you can't just swap worlds without any consequences

the tidbid of alicorn years reminds me of another rather rounchy story with luna, still she's an adult mare is she not:trollestia:.

well she was fillysised i think after when she got blastet :rainbowhuh:

So I take it the Tantabus has been avoided?


Although I'm not sure at which point of the story I'm going to end it on, I can definitely say that the Tantabus isn't going to appear.

hope that Blaze gets a hug from Lulu

would'd surprise me if degra stole that bottle from sunbutt somehow :rainbowlaugh:

celestia is useless :facehoof:

jezz, ripp'd sunbutt a new one there. nice :pinkiecrazy:

I was building up this betrayal of trust thing from somewhere around chapter 3, so I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Blaze clearly has his demons, as if you haven't pointed that out in previous chapters. Torment and ridicule, forced to be a pony he is not, yet is. Shoot, I'm damned hooked on this now.

A curious thought: would Blaze and Twilight have to face off at some further point? :twilightoops:

Thanks for reading:twilightsmile:

As for your question, I did take time to think about it and the only thing I could think was 'can Twilight even fight if she wasn't an alicorn?' So it's a maybe:rainbowwild:

Thank you for your input and response. Yours is among many stories that I am currently following while I work on my next tale...

blaze is annoyed :ajbemused:

why do i have a feeling this went too well :pinkiecrazy:

I'd say that Blaze needs to get his sh*t together soon, if he has any intention of dealing with Discord.

The thing about the dome over Ponyville was too obvious, being about Trixie pulling off her "Alicorn Amulet" thing.

I have to mention how ridiculous of an image of any four-legged pony exercising with an 800-pound barbell. Of course, ponies do have the advantage of being cartoonish, thus, cartoon-logic.

Quite honestly, I've been concerned about how Blaze's actions could interfere with Twilight's actions that she requires to ascend to alicornhood. So far, he has only interacted with those threats which are from his world, I believe, or at least their doppelgängers.

Been with this story since the beginning and have found it interesting so far. :moustache:

I've been trying to avoid interfering with the lessons and stuff Twilight is involved with.:raritywink:

I pretty much skipped season 3 entirely.:duck:

i can see some "banging his head in the wall" coming xD

well ... shit:rainbowderp:

he need's a therapist :fluttershysad:

lesson learnt i guess, don't fuck around with chaos magic ore YOU will be the villain of the week :pinkiecrazy:

I'd say more than just a therapist, but I get your drift. Blaze needs help in the worst way, trying to carry so much guilt and the entire world at the same time

One Discord is too much already. Having a second Discord would be universe-shattering, and the end of all things, mostly the laws of nature!

I'm surprised that Celestia does not react more to Blaze being a colt, who went toe hoof-to-hoof with NMM. She may have been overwhelmed to see Luna, but I would imagine she would be very interested in a colt who could battle an Alicorn.

I wonder if this is a time travel moment, rather than a splitting of the soul. I also am curious to know why this alternative/future self was so annoyed by his younger self. I am however, a big fan of time travel shenanigans.

"Well it's hardly my fault, I got turned into a weeping angel and I could barely move because the guards ended up finding me and had me paralyzed until Twilight and her friends defeated Discord"

Huh, while this is a fun reference, I think this embodies Celestia perfectly, as Discord twists what already is. Celestia wants to be seen by her ponies, always making actions to protect them. Yet in this curse, she becomes stone, only witnessed, but never moving. A great way for a villain to take a pony's worst nightmare and twist it into reality.

nice chapter, did blaze just connect with his true alicorn magic :rainbowhuh:

Blaze, although forced, has been an alicorn for most of his life, his previous life I mean, and has been fighting for a long time.

If anything, he should have been ascended already, but the reason why it was so late should be quite obvious.

After Tirek stole Blaze's magic, therefore the cutie mark that told his destiny, the only thing that remained would fill what's empty.

Think of what a fire symbolizes, not just something destructive or something divine, but something that could guide you in times of need, something that gives you hope.

It's not a soul split, I can tell you that:duck:

But why he's annoyed is simple, you wouldn't want your now peaceful life to be ruined by your other self now would you?:moustache:

the guard readyness is no surprise :rainbowlaugh:

but dam wtf xD

Yeah, I can't remember a single instance where the guards were actually useful for when villains attack, EXCEPT, when the villains were ALREADY BEATEN:twilightangry2:

i wonder while :twilightangry2: is chasing after him, did she meet flash already ore did that not happen yet ? :raritywink:

You know, this comment actually had me stumped because I pondered, for like 5 hours, on whether I should bring in romance to the story, at least to some of the side characters other than Sweetie Belle and Button Mash, and I still can't figure out which Flash you meant.

Is it Barry Allen, or Flash Sentry:trixieshiftright:

well that was something :pinkiehappy::twilightoops::applejackconfused:

blaze need's to get out of this habit of passing out :rainbowlaugh:

True, for a war veteran he did pass out quite a bit:duck:

Whilst this story is coming to an end PLEASE do more stories with this character.

PS love this story

I'll definitely make different stories where Celestia may be super goofy, or maybe it focuses on Nightmare Moon or something, but I am thinking about making some kind side story, or something like that at some point.:moustache:

Probably after like 2 stories max.:pinkiecrazy:

I'm glad you liked it:twilightsmile:

Can't remember but was the situation with Blaze's mother resolved or not?

Honestly, I cannot recall either. I kind of feel that that particular thread just got lost somewhere.

This has been a curious tale, and I will miss it. I'm sure much more could be written regarding Blaze, but for now we will just have to be satisfied with what was told with him. :pinkiehappy:

I probably could, and honestly should have wrote more on that topic, but the conclusion was that Blaze had to get over it.:moustache:

I tried to make it so that he didn't have to rely on some kind of intervention but rather through simpler means, like just living through ordinary life and focusing on the better parts of it.

There was also supposed to be a bit somewhere about Luna giving Blaze nightly therapy in his dreams, bit I just couldn't find a good time I guess, so in the end, I had to forget about it.:pinkiesad2:

Who knows, maybe I'll make a mention of it in the side story thing.:twilightsmile:

This chapter needs to be edited urgently.... Too bad I’m not right for the job

nice story, if you want to take on another story just ceep at it ^^

He’s from the future, but he doesn’t really know about the past of the ponies he met/work, he thinks they’re just differences by the timeline... If only I knew that’s the way things were in the past, that’s how some of the bravest fighters ever behaved...

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