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Rick and Morty? More like Rick and Microphone. If you can't tell, I'm a Call Me Kevin fan.


While Jim Pickens was serving terrible food with Grade F ingredients to the customers of his restaurant, he suddenly gets zapped by an unknown force and sent to a whole new world. This world, in particular, inhabits several creatures which look like horses. When Jim discovers these horses (who prefer to be called "ponies" even though Jim doesn't know the difference) understand English and are actually a society of their own in the land of Equestria, he decides to take it upon himself to integrate into their society, while trying to find ways to kill them. Don't worry though, that's completely normal behavior for him. It's not going to be a big problem for the ponies... probably.

Jim Pickens is a character in Call Me Kevin's Sims 4 gameplay series. The playlist can be found here. It's recomended that you watch some of the series before you read this, but I don't really care what you do.

It takes place before Jim moves to StrangeVille and I don't know where in the My Little Pony series this takes place in.

I guess this takes place in the earlier seasons, but I never watched the show. Equestria Girls never happened and is considered just a dream that Twilight had.

EDIT: This is the point of no return. Reddit user ShanePd00 on r/CallMeKevin found this fanfiction. I'm impressed he found it within 24 hours, let alone 2. He earned that silver award. I applaud you, good sir. Here's the reddit post.

EDIT #2: I was told that this is the first crossover fanfiction with the Sims 4. I should've realized that when I started writing a few months ago, but I didn't for some dumb reason.

EDIT #3: This used to have 9 chapters, but I took a break from this meme fanfiction and then reread it only to dislike the way the story was going. It didn't have that "Kevin" style of comedy. I redid part of chapter 4 and am continuing the story in a different direction from what it originally was. Don't ask, because the new direction is way better and ignorance of the original direction is bliss.

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I see your a man of culture. Call Me Kevin shows great intelligence within you. Although I like Jog Manson more than Jim.

The subreddit r/CallMeKevin found this. I think it's only fair that I tweet him this... I don't know what to call it.
However, I personally am going to wait until I have enough chapters or until I finished this story.

Dear Pickens, I love Kevin's vids. They're actually funny and the jokes are weird. just like me.

The Dear Leader, in Equestria. Good lord this is going to be hilarious, hopefully Kevin will say something about this in his Sims series.

*sees this* YESSSSS AND DAMIT STOP AUTO correcting me device! Now to support my fellow Irishman Kevin and ignore the fact that my name is actually Kevin...I am not dear leader I'm a member of dear leader's army well actually Navy wherever that exist.

Chapter three? MORE LIKE BORE RAGNAROK!!!!

Regarding your portrayal of Luna, I'd say it's fine, I've certainly read worse interpretations.

Two Kevins? Impossible!

More like Lordvessel. Thanks for the feedback about Luna.

Just saw the cover art and this is immediately the best story. All hail Dear Leader.


I see you two are simple men (or women. We don't discriminate. Everyone dies in the hands of Jim equally).
See Jim Pickens somewhere and it's automatically the best thing ever.
I like you guys.

I can only read this in Call Me Kevin's voice which makes everything 100% better

Of course, both Spike and a purple pony behind him were crying at this beautiful rendition of a classic Johnny Cash song even minutes after he was finished.

I love this story even more

I think the biggest shock of all for the guy is when he sees one of the ponies climb out of a pool without needing a ladder. :pinkiegasp:

I am sorely disappointed in myself for not finding this until now. This is blursed at most, and I love it!

I'm going to read this entire fic in CallMeKevin's voice. Voices and all.

I'm finishing writing Chapter 6, which I started a year ago... and stopped working on a year ago... and started working on again today...

I wasn't on hiatus, but I kind of forgot about this. However, I'm somewhat motivated to complete this now. Anyways, I can't really answer your question with certainty, but I might finish this chapter in a few days.

Your plans aren't necessarily ruined. Narrator Kevin voicing every character + Fictional Plumbob Kevin = 2 Kevins for the price of 1! I'd say you made a great deal.

You finished this chapter because of the CallMeKevin video about Episode, didn't you?

Either I missed something on the channel or you're talking about one of the Episode videos from 9 months ago because the answer is no. I just remembered I had this incomplete fanfiction rotting for a year and just decided to continue writing it. Strangely, no Kevin video motivated me to finish this.

Then it must've been as coincidence that YouTube recommended that video to me yesterday

love this story so i got one thing to say "Rick and Morty? More like Rick and Microphone"

edit did not read your profile description so I have something else to say
"Thor Ragnarok? More like Bore Ragnarok"

Glad you liked it. Also, I believe there is a typo in your comment. You clearly meant to say The Pacifier instead of Thor: Ragnarok.

u are right i forgot it was the other guy in the video i heard it but it was still a quote from the video i just forgot about that one

Your concerned teacher, Princess Celestia

I read that as “concerned father, Princess Celestia”

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