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With a name like that, you aren't expecting anything groundbreaking from a guy who has some sort of weird obsession with three certain fillies. That came out wrong!



After Sweetie Belle admits that she has a crush on a specific creature, her friends try to think of a way to get them together.

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Give more information in your description. Right now there are many stories that match your description so it's not unique in people's eyes.

Sweetie wants to be noticed by her sugar dragon.

It's a bit rough and a bit dry, but it IS your first effort. There are some grammar problems--I'd recommend hanging out in one of the groups for new writers, and possibly the "Looking for Prereaders/Editors" groups. Also, read a lot. You can learn more about writing by reading than you can by people trying to tell you how to write.

6926108 Be nice. It's the dude's first try. For a first attempt, it's not that bad.

Thanks everyone for the support. I may not be the best writer in the fandom (not even close!), but I will try to entertain as best I can. Like I said, I'm open to criticism.

Like this story, hope you'll continue it, favorited and followed it.

Love it... a few minor mistakes but I hope you continue. :twilightsmile:

This may not end well for him.

Downvote for SpikeBelle. I was expecting something more shipable, like PipBelle or RumBelle. :twilightangry2:

7116070 Alright that just dumb. Sorry but dowvoting something because it not your ship is well dumb it not a good reason. At less say you gave it a try, before disliking it because there other reasons to not like something besides you don't have my ship, worst story ever!

7116615 In my notifications I saw ''A Simple Crusader Crush Sweetie Belle / Romance''. I clicked it and when I found out it's another SpikeBelle story I just felt disappointed and kinda pissed off. And the reason I posted that comment is because I wanted to express my anger.

That's all. I'm not even going to read this story.

A gem? So common gift.
She needs to give him something other than gems.

:moustache: Hello Rarity are you ready to go?
:raritywink: Yes we are Spikey wikey lets go!
:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel: Yea date night with Spike and Rarity!:raritystarry:
:moustache: Alright you too Twilight come on out:twilightsheepish:
:duck: Twilight what are you doing?
:twilightsmile: studing....
:duck: what are you studying?
:twilightsheepish:Dragon mating habits???
:moustache: awkward

Hearts will break.

Will the rest of the Main 6 make an appearance or is it just Twilight and Rarity?

7155083 Just Twilight and Rarity. I can't think of a place to put the rest of the Main 6 in.

Oh, Ok. This story's good by the way, hope it continues.

:moustache: Ah nice gift Sweetie Belle . I think I'll be going now....Ah bye....Oh . . .ah.....
:unsuresweetie: But I gave him the stuff you told me to...The stuff in the bag . . . bag!
:raritystarry: That was Opals fur ball and litter box bag!:facehoof:
:moustache: I've tasted better. . .:pinkiesick:

The gift thing won't work unless it's goes perfect.

Comment posted by Vupsi deleted Jan 4th, 2017

Very sweet, a nice little read :)

He turned to see his owner, Twilight Sparkle,

I just want to add that Twilight is his guardian, not his owner. He's not really a pet...

nice story

Nice and sweet, but quite honestly it's a little too generic for my tastes. As in I can't really tell from the story how the characters themselves are feeling, as far as I know they're not being very emotional. A little more descriptive writing would improve it.

He turned to see his owner, Twilight Sparkle

ok look. I'm a freaking Trump guy, and even i hate that part!

It's a nice, sweet story. I didn't have a problem with any of the characters. My only real problem is that I couldn't pick this one out in a line up of spikebelle stories. There's nothing in it that really sets it aside from so many others.

I figured rarity knew about our little drake’s crush

I didn’t even notice that :(

He turned to see his owner, Twilight Sparkle.


“Yeah, well there's a lot you don't know about me. Sweetie Belle said, causing them both to let out a small chuckle.

U forgot the end "

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