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Deleting FoE HFoB · 1:19am May 9th

Hello everypony, I'm here to discuss why My FoE story hasn't gotten any updates. You see I have lost interest in that story, and I no longer enjoy trying to write a chapter for it. I know I should just finish it but I can't do it any more I hope you enjoyed what I had and if you want to hate me for doing it be my guest. I'm not done with FoE though, I am currently planning on writing another one, but this one has just lost me. I'm not saying I won't rewrite it at some point but things have changed. I started this story back when I was 14 years old and now I'm 17. I haven't tried to do anything with this story in so long simply because I lost interest in it. I promise I will make it up but give me some time. This is Silvermoon signing off...peace out.

P.S. The third chapter for Everfree Files will be out soon and the first chapter to my new FoE will be out hopefully tonight or tomorrow I don't really know. Until then though every story but those 2 are on hiatus.

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1581430 no prob I'm enjoying ur fallout equestria memories story it's fantastic

Thanks for the watch!

1578319 The most important part is to keep going no matter what hate and/or downvotes you get. Concentrate on getting better at what you do

Thx for the tip but I have tht part down. I'm doing what I can and I know how much hate I'm going to get if I fail miserably. I have had experience with both fallout and mlp and I am prepared my friend for every obstacle ahead but once again thx for the tip

Noticed that you made a Fallout: Equestria fic,

I would suggest that you get some experience writing before you tackle one of those. The first things to work on would be Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization.

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